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GameStop NFT Marketplace, Casual Mode for Gods Unchained, Astrafite Rush Update, and more... | Play to Earn #148

This week in web3 gaming news brings us the official GameStop NFT marketplace on IMX, and the long awaited Casual Mode for Gods Unchained. Phantom Galaxies announced their play and earn Astrafite Rush
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Spider Tanks, Aurory, Battlestar Galactica and more... | Play to Earn #147

This week, Gala Games brought us quite a few interesting announcements. They finally released more information about the Battlestar Galactica Eternity project. The team is also getting resay for the
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Alien Worlds Governance, Legends Reborn Alpha and Halloween Events | Play to Earn #146

The long-awaited Alien Worlds Syndicates are finally here. This update introduces a DAO-based governance for each of the six planets, sending Alien Worlds in a new era. This week also saw the launch of
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Axie Infinity Raylights, Guild of Guardians, Champions Ascension and more... | Play to Earn #145

We hope you had a great week and that you had fun playing all the recently released games that we help you discover! This week brought the release of Raylights, the first mini-game for Axie Infinity
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SEGA enters Web3, Cross The Ages Beta, Lost Fuzzles and more... | Play to Earn #144

Another news-rich week just went by, let's look at the top web3 gaming announcement of the week. The first one to be excited about is the announcement by SEGA that they will launch their first
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Games to watch in October, illuvium Beta 2, Voxie Tactics Season 0 and more... | Play to Earn #143

Here we are, the first 3 quarters of the year just went by. While the whole crypto ecosystem is still in a downtrend, we, gamers, are still treated with new releases. Lots of quality projects released
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Metal Core Alpha, Hash Rush Open Beta, Everseed Demo and more... | Play to Earn #142

This week and the coming ones are bringing us even more games to test and play! We are super excited to get to play MetalCore's open world Alpha which is scheduled for October. We also tried and
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Blankos Season 1, Hash Rush Beta and Superior Alpha | Play to Earn #141

It really looks like developers did not take any summer holidays this year. Despite the difficult economic environment, teams keep delivering new releases and more and more quality games are becoming
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Axie Origins Season 1, Splinterlands Tower Defense and More... | Play to Earn #140

Another week rich in announcements and releases in the blockchain gaming space. The first is the announcement of Axie Infinity Origins Season One which will start on September 14. Splinterlands also
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Games to Watch in September, Undead Blocks Tournaments and more... | Play to Earn #139

September is here, and its time for our monthly Games to Watch post. Check out all the upcoming releases, tournaments and other special events! The other big news of the week is the announcement of
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Phantom Galaxies Ep 4, Myria Layer 2 Launch, Froyo Games Beta and more... | Play to Earn #138

August is not yet over, and the announcements keep dropping. It feels like all the teams from our favorite projects decided not to take holidays and to keep building and delivering despite the horrible
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Sandbox Season 3, 2022 GameFi Report, Mobland Weed Farms, and More... | Play to Earn #137

The news of the week is the announcement of the Alpha Season 3 of The Sandbox. Like the previous season, this new episode will be free-to-play but will include more experiences and more rewards for the
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Axie Origin Season 0, Life Beyond Alpha, Genopets Habitat and More | Play to Earn #136

The summer of blockchain gaming is not over and this week marks the launch of a major update for Axie Infinity, one of the most popular games in the space. Let's see if season 0 (or phase 3) of
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Games to Watch in August, Infinite Seed Alpha, Phantom Galaxies Ep.4 | Play to Earn #135

And here goes another week full of releases and announcements. The blockchain gaming space is taking a summer break and news keep dropping. We start with our monthly games to watch list. Many releases
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Heroes Chained Beta, World Eternal Online Alpha and more... | Play to Earn #134

This week is heavy on releases announcements, with the Heroes Chained beta, the World Eternal Online and Everseed alpha just around the corner. We also found for you a few opportunities to earn more
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Minecraft NFT Ban, Blankos on Epic Games Store and Legends of Venari Beta | Play-to-Earn #133

The news of the week that shocked the whole space is the NFT ban within Minecraft. Read our post analyzing the announcement and the follow-up announcement by the NFT Worlds team, a project that was
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Axie Breeding, New Gods Unchained Roadmap and Splinterlands Leagues | Play to Earn #132

The top news of the week are coming from the most popular projects out there: Gods Unchained, Splinterlands, and Axie Infinity. After announcing land staking last week, the Sky Mavis team announced a
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Axie Land Staking, Free Blocklords Hero NFT and The Harvest Video Review | Play to Earn #131

This week we finally have some good news for Axie land owners. The Sky Mavis team announced land staking alongside the launch of Axie Origin Phase 2. Gods Unchained players can also earn more with the
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Games to Watch in July, Life Beyond Giveaway, The Harvest and More... | Play to Earn #130

The summer of blockchain gaming continues with alphas, betas, and new economies! It feels like blockchain gaming has really taken a turn this year. We're seeing a lot more alpha and beta releases.
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Life Beyond, Outer Ring, Civitas and more... | Play-to-Earn #129

While the global economy and the crypto market are still suffering, game development teams keep building, and this week, we took a look at a few promising upcoming projects. Life Beyond, a space MMO