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Does Your Phone Have MIL-SPEC Drop Protection?

Did You Know?: Speedrunning is the art of completing a video game, or part of it, in the fastest time possible. Speedrunners use careful planning, novel strategies, and often make use of game glitches
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What Are Dead Pixels, and Can You Fix Them?

Did You Know?: Although the term “plaid” is commonly used today in American English to refer to the pattern of criss-crossed bands of color on fabric, the pattern itself is generally referred to as “
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How to Find Your Spotify Wrapped 2021

Did You Know?: American architect, systems theorist, author, designer, inventor, and futurist Buckminster Fuller kept an extremely detailed log of his life from 1920 until his death in 1983. The log,
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The Computer Folder Is 40: How the Xerox Star Created the Desktop

Did You Know?: The popular children's cartoon Arthur is based on the Arthur Adventure book series by Marc Brown, and has been airing since October 1996 (the 25th season, airing in the winter of
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Celebrate Cyber Monday with a New Laptop

Did You Know?: Only four US states allow proxy marriages (a marriage where one party is not physically present)—Colorado, Kansas, Montana, and Texas. Among these, only Montana allows double-proxy
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Smart Lights, Stocking Stuffers, and Spider-Man

Did You Know?: A significant number of original Ghostbusters cast members made cameo appearances in the 2016 reboot, including Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson, Annie Potts, and Sigourney Weaver.
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Awesome PC Accessories, Robot Vacuum Cleaners, and VPNs

Did You Know?: Every 100 years, we skip a leap day to correct for the overcorrection created by the regular routine of adding a leap day to every fourth year—unless the year in question is evenly
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Black Friday Is Here, and So Are the Deals

Did You Know?: The term “smorgasbord”, used to refer to a wide variety of things such as “the carnival was a smorgasbord of oddities and entertainment”, is derived from the Swedish word “smörgåsbord”,
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Happy Thanksgiving! Here's What to Watch Today

Did You Know?: In 2010, Apple sold its 10 billionth song through the iTunes Store. The song was Guess Things Happen That Way by Johnny Cash and the purchaser received a $10000 iTunes gift card. Read in
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The Best Tech Deals for Black Friday

Did You Know?: Sapphires and rubies are both forms of Corundum, a crystalline form of Aluminum Oxide. The difference in color is the result of transition metal impurities being present in the
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12 Basic Excel Functions Everybody Should Know

Did You Know?: Maleos are large birds found on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi and the nearby smaller island of Buton. They're most notable for their clever use of open sandy areas, volcanic
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What Is a System on a Chip (SoC)?

Did You Know?: Actor Michael Keaton's birth name is actually Michael Douglas, but because of the already famous actor Michael Douglas and the daytime host Mike Douglas, he adopted the stage name
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How to Turn On Lights With Your Alarm

Did You Know?: “Outlaw country” is a subgenre of American country music popularized in the 1970s and created in reaction to the overly polished and slick country music of the day. Influenced heavily by
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What Is No-Code, and Is It The Future of Tech?

Did You Know?: “Lampworking” is a form of glasswork where the craftsperson uses a blowtorch instead of the furnaces used in “glassblowing”. The term refers to the original oil lamps used by ancient
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How to Get Faster Streaming Speeds on Your TV

Did You Know?: The crew of Apollo 11 took two tiny pieces of the Wright “Kitty Hawk” Flyer, the first plane successfully flown by the Wright Brothers, to the Moon with them. The two items were a small
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How (and Why) to Enable Wake-on-LAN in Windows

Did You Know?: The quirky tiny car driven by the nerdy Steve Urkel in the 1990s sitcom Family Matters, is the world's best selling single-cylinder microcar, the BMW Isetta, manufactured between
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Why Do Companies Hire Hackers?

Did You Know?: All of the chainmail seen in the Lord of the Rings trilogy was hand crafted by two people, Christopher Smith and Carl Payne. The duo spent two years crafting the suits and, in the
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What's New in Chrome 96, Available Today

Did You Know?: There is a bridge in Costa Rica called “Backstab Bridge” by the locals since it was financed, designed, and primarily built by Taiwan to sweeten relations between Taiwan and Costa Rica,
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X Marks the Spot: Microsoft's Xbox Turns 20

Did You Know?: The slang term “the clink”, used to refer to prison or jail, can be directly traced back to an actual prison, located in Southwark, England, named The Clink, which served the Liberty of
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What Does "OC" Mean, and How Do You Use It?

Did You Know?: Neither Columbus nor his contemporaries thought the Earth was flat; Greek scientists, philosophers, and mathematicians had proven that the Earth was a sphere as early as around 600 BC,