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Trigger Data Fetcher runs when your base changes 🚀

Hey folks! We've launched Triggers, which let you automatically run a request when an Airtable record is created/updated/deleted or enters a view. This is simpler and easier than our
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Our biggest feature this year is live 👀

Hey folks! We've added the ability to transform a JSON response using JMESPath. This allows you to import only data that meets certain conditions, query nested data and transform its shape, all
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New in Data Fetcher: ChatGPT integration, request descriptions and more! ✨

Hey folks! Here are the latest no-code tutorials and improvements we've made to Data Fetcher: 🤖 Connect to the ChatGPT API in Airtable with No-Code 📈 How to Track your Website's SEO Performance
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Data Fetcher updates: OpenAI integration, better nested field handling & more!

Hey folks! In the last year OpenAI has become the most popular API used for custom requests, so we've added an integration to let you use GPT3 & DALL·E in Airtable with no-code! We've also
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Data Fetcher launches a 2nd extension: Charts & Reports! ✨

Hey, Data Fetcher have launched a new Airtable extension: Charts & Reports! It lets you visualize your Airtable data using powerful charts & graphs. You can then view these in Airtable, export
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New in Data Fetcher: Instagram integration, import YouTube videos & more 🌟

Hey folks We added an integration with Instagram Page insights API. We'll be adding Facebook soon, too! Here are some no-code tutorials on all of our newest integrations: 🤳 How to Import Instagram
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New integrations! Google Sheets, Google Calendar, Apify & Coinbase 🔥

Hey folks We've added lots of no-code integrations to Data Fetcher over the last few weeks! People seem to be loving the Google Sheets to Airtable integration in particular. 🔢 How to Import Google
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Free trial, sections, GraphQL support & more 🔥

Hey folks, Some really exciting improvements this week. Here's what's new: New Features 🪗 Sections are here! Organise your saved requests & sequences into sections on the Data
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Data Fetcher now has Webhooks ✨

Hey folks, Here's what's new in Data Fetcher! New Features ✨ You can run requests or sequences by calling its webhook URL. This means you can run a request when a record is updated/
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Schedule runs every 5 mins, Google Ads Integration & more! 🔥

Hey folks, Here's what's new in Data Fetcher! New Features ⏱️ You can now schedule requests every 5 minutes (on Pro/Team/Business plans) and scheduling is much more flexible generally. 🔢
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New Data Fetcher tutorials ✨ (Google Places, Xero, OpenSea & more)

Hey folks, Here's what's new in Data Fetcher! New No-code Tutorials ℹ️ Scrape Any Website's Data into Airtable using ParseHub (How to) ❎ Import Xero Invoices to Airtable (How to) ⛵ Import
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Would love your support today

Hi folks, If you enjoy using the app could you do me a quick favour? I'm launching Data Fetcher no-code (2.0) on Product Hunt today. Could you give it a quick upvote/ comment? Thanks so much! Andy
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✨ New features and tutorials! ✨

Here's what's new in Data Fetcher! New No-code Tutorials 🇼Import Webflow CMS items to Airtable (How to) 📈 Import Google Analytics Data to Airtable (How to) 📹 Import YouTube Analytics Data to
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From low-code to no-code 🚀

You no longer need to understand APIs to use Data Fetcher! Simply choose the application you want to import data from and select any options. The following applications are available: Facebook Ads