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FTI #337: Be careful.

​ ​ ​ If you look for a reason why it can't work, you'll find it. If you look for a reason not to trust someone, you'll find it. If you look for reason you're not ready, you'll find
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FTI #336: Tomorrow

​ ​ ​ A quick reminder: Tomorrow's the LAST day you can get my Product-In-A-Day Creator Skill Session for just $25. Price doubles after that. Now, on to this week's ideas... *** The Starting
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FTI #335: You can do it in a day

​ ​ ​ Want to create, launch, and sell a simple product to your audience in a day? In my newest Skill Session video, I show you how to do it. You can get it here for just $25 if you purchase this week
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FTI #334: I dare you

​ ​ ​ I dare you to ask anyone who creates something one simple question: "Do you wish you would have waited longer to start?" I guarantee you they say no. So what are YOU waiting for? Now,
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FTI #333: This isn't the best newsletter

​ ​ ​ Ever use the words better or best? Then you need to take 37 seconds and watch this. Now, on to this week's ideas... *** The Starting Five 1. Podcast Promotion Strategies You Haven't Heard
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FTI #332: What would I do?

​ ​ ​ What would I do if I had... No audience. No network. No newsletter. ...and had to get 10000 newsletter subscribers as quickly as possible? ​I'd do this. Now, on to this week's ideas... **
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FTI #331: 45 questions answered

​ ​ ​ I've now published 15 episodes of my I Want To Know podcast and answered 45 questions about audience and business growth in them. ​Here's a list of all the questions I've answered on
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FTI #330: Once upon a time...

​ ​ ​ Once upon a time something happened. But it's what the person did after that thing happened which determined whether it led to happily ever after. Now, on to this week's ideas... *** The
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FTI #329: The only part that matters

​ ​ ​ This might be the best description I've ever given of my core philosophy when it comes to what it takes for creative entrepreneurs to succeed. Now, on to this week's ideas... *** The
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FTI #328: My new boss

​ ​ ​ I work for myself. ​But I just got a new boss. And she's pretty awesome. Now, on to this week's ideas... *** The Starting Five 1. How I'd Build A $100000 Business From Scratch​ In
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FTI #327: Even the losers get lucky sometimes

​ ​ ​ Tom Petty refused to sell seats in the first two rows of his shows. Instead, before the show he'd go find the people sitting in the back two rows and move them to the front. "I figure if
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Here's what you missed...

​ ​ ​ Looks like you may have missed last week's FOR THE INTERESTED newsletter so I wanted to send it to you again in case it got lost in your inbox. Have a great weekend! Josh *** You know that
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FTI #326: Tell them again

​ ​ ​ You know that thing you keep telling your audience about? The thing you're sure people are tired of hearing you talk about? You better tell them again. Because a lot of them still have no
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FTI #325: Give the people what they want

​ ​ ​ The more your content is rooted in a concept people want to be true, the more likely it is to resonate. ​Exhibit A. Now, on to this week's ideas... *** The Starting Five 1. How I Sell My
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FTI #324: They're not all popular

​ ​ ​ I've got a lot of opinions about what it takes to succeed as a creative entrepreneur. ​They're not all popular. Now, on to this week's ideas... *** The Starting Five 1. The 3
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FTI #323: Bad vs. Better

​ ​ ​ Bad Advice: Fake it 'til you make it. Better Advice: Make it 'til you make it. Now, on to this week's ideas... *** The Starting Five 1. How To Boost Your Business With A Newsletter
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FTI #322: This is your chance

​ ​ ​ If you want to introduce your product or service to the 19000 creative entrepreneurs who read my newsletter, now's the time to do it! Any ad you purchase before August 24th (even if it runs
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FTI #321: Everyone and no one

​ ​ ​ Everyone likes simple. No one likes complicated. Keep that in mind with everything you create. Now, on to this week's ideas... *** The Starting Five 1. What Amanda Natividad Knows About
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FTI #320: Mo' problems, less money

​ ​ ​ Most creative entrepreneurs (myself included) try to solve too many problems for too many people. All you need to do is identify one specific problem people REALLY want to solve and figure out
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FTI #319: 10 sentences

​ ​ ​ An exercise to try: Write 10 sentences that start with "I want..." Write 10 related sentences that start with "I don't want..." You'll learn a lot. ​Here are the