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Perspectives on product design, management and growth

In this letter we will explore ideas and topics on how we can design better products, manage them succefuly and achieving massive growth and success 🧵 Weekly Thread High Agency - by Shreyas Doshi High
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The overlooked reason behind the success of personal computers

Computers and software changed our lives forever. And we are familiar with the famous story of the rise of personal computers, starting from a garage to the creation of the Apple II to Microsft 95...
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Apple M1 and ARM: Deep dive explanations

In this letter, you'll learn how Apple's new silicone transition is changing the industry, similar to what the iPhone did to cellphones. But how did Apple do it? Achieving outstanding
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Richard Feynman: Science & Integrity

The pursuit of truth, maintaining integrity, and passing it along to others are few among the many things one can learn from Richard Feynman. Although he won the Nobel prize in physics, it is said that
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Understanding the painful past to move forward into the future

This letter is different, and it goes deep and cuts straight to the bone. Ok, but why? One of the goals of letters is to provide knowledge on how you can improve your life. Self-help tips on how to
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The art & necessity of negotiating - The Weekly Knowledge Letter

We negotiate everything in our life from our earliest age. While some might not feel comfortable doing so, it is a skill that you can learn, a form of art & a craft that you can master. We picked