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A Nobel Prize-Winning Immigrant’s View On American Inequality

In a new book, Nobel Prize-winning economist Angus Deaton offers a scathing critique of American politics and economic policy. View this email online Planet Money Economics in America by Greg Rosalsky
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I'm a new dad. Here's why I'm taking more parental leave than my wife.

More than 70 percent of American fathers return to work less than two weeks after having a baby. Here is why I'm not one of them. View this email online Planet Money Stay-At-Home Dad (For Six
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Sales are way down at a Florida flea market. A new immigration law could be to blame.

Florida's new immigration law is creating economic blowback. View this email online Planet Money Blowback From Florida's New Immigration Law by Claudia Grisales MIAMI — On a steamy summer day
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What my $30 hamburger reveals about fees and how companies use them to jack up prices

Hidden fees or "junk fees" are on the rise, as companies work to bring in more money while keeping prices looking low. US consumers pay more than $65 billion in fees each year. View this
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In ‘The Vegan,' a refreshing hedge-fund protagonist

A new book by Andrew Lipstein offers a fresh and inventive look at a hedge fund manager. View this email online Planet Money The Vegan by Mary Childs It's a widely accepted truth that hedge-fund
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Affirmative Action for Rich Kids: It’s More Than Just Legacy Admissions

A blockbuster new study finds that America's elite private colleges are systematically giving huge advantages to rich kids over their equally bright, yet less privileged peers. View this email
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Earn a (Fake) MBA with Planet Money

Planet Money Summer School is back. View this email online Planet Money Planet Money Summer School, Business School edition Forget firing up a BBQ and jumping in a pool this summer. Fire up your
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Should we invest more in weather forecasting? It may save your life.

Over the last century, we've seen a huge improvement in the accuracy of weather forecasts. A new study suggests these better forecasts have tremendous value for our lives and our economy. View this
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The Explosive Growth Of Fireworks

Over the last few decades, states and counties across America have liberalized the use of fireworks. It's just one reason why sales of fireworks have exploded. View this email online Planet Money
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The Second Biggest Disaster at Mount Vesuvius

Like an increasing number of national parks in the United States, Mount Vesuvius has begun rationing access with a quota system. The system has had some problems. View this email online Planet Money An
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Planet Money’s Summer Reads

Want some good book recommendations? We got you covered. View this email online Planet Money Summer Books It's almost summertime, the time of year when you can hopefully find some time to lounge at
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The Consequences of Financial Stress

It feels personal, but financial stress has big implications for the economy. View this email online Planet Money The Perils of Financial Stress by Paddy Hirsch Americans are pretty stressed out. In
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Chimp Empire and the Economics of Chimpanzees

A new Netflix docuseries provides a fascinating picture of humanity's closest living relatives. View this email online Planet Money Chimponomics by Greg Rosalsky Watching Netflix's new
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AI Takes Our Jobs :-(

Planet Money tries to automate the production of a podcast episode. View this email online Planet Money iPodcast More than two centuries ago, the Luddites rose up against the textile machines that were
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Companies are shedding office space — and it may be killing small businesses

Remote work — long assumed to be a temporary phase of the pandemic for many white-collar workers — is dragging on with no real end in sight. View this email online Planet Money Collateral Damage From
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The Case For Financial Literacy Education

Financial Literacy Programs have been called useless in the past. But a new study suggests that's due to the way the subject is taught, rather than the subject itself. View this email online Planet
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What if AI could rebuild the middle class?

We spoke with MIT's David Autor, one of the top labor economists in the world, about how AI could revolutionize the labor market. View this email online Planet Money AI: The Great Equalizer? by
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What happens when a company adopts AI

A group of economists conducted one of the first empirical studies of “generative AI” at a real-world company. They found it had big effects. View this email online Planet Money AI Enters The Workplace
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The Rise of Influencers

In a new series, The Indicator dives into the economics of online influencing. View this email online Planet Money The Age Of Influencing What do you want to be when you grow up? Today, when you ask
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Where Are Interest Rates Going?

The answer could matter for your home value, stock portfolio, and the future of the economy. View this email online Planet Money The Life And Possible Death Of Low Interest Rates by Greg Rosalsky In a