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The Soundtrack To Planet Money Summer School

It's a summer of macro at Planet Money. Celebrate hot econ summer with our playlist. View this email online Planet Money Hot Econ Summer by Greg Morton School is not out for summer. Planet Money
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Why the American Dream is more attainable in some cities than others

A blockbuster new study reveals a key factor explaining rates of upward mobility. View this email online Planet Money Friend Request by Greg Rosalsky Like most gyms, InnerCity Weightlifting in Boston
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Want To Lay Off Workers More Smoothly? There’s A Startup For That

The tech industry is in turmoil. But there's at least one startup that is thriving these days, and it's one that's helping other startups lay off workers. View this email online Planet
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Meet The New GDP Prototype That Tracks Inequality

A team of economists offers America a new way to look at economic growth. It's a sort of GDP prototype that tracks the well-being of different income groups. View this email online Planet Money GDP
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Lean Out: Employees Are Accepting Lower Pay In Order To Work Remotely

A new study finds American companies are using remote work as a way to avoid giving workers raises; so much so that it's helping to moderate inflation. View this email online Planet Money Lean Out
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The Fight To Fund Abortions In Post-Roe America

In post-Roe America, money is even more determinative of who can get an abortion and who can't. Abortion funds are trying to close the gap, but they are now forced to navigate a murky legal
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The Strange Underground Economy Of Tree Poaching

A new book dives deep into the fascinating criminal world of tree theft and the efforts to combat it. View this email online Planet Money Tree Thieves by Greg Rosalsky NOTE: This is Part Two of a two-
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The tale of a distressed American town on the doorstep of a natural paradise

Orick, California, is just steps away from Redwood National and State Parks. It has prime real estate for recreation and tourism, so why are Orick's motels and restaurants shuttered and its
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Why The Racial Wealth Gap Is So Hard To Close

A new study shows the simple math of why — absent radical measures — America's racial wealth gap won't be closing anytime soon. View this email online Planet Money Wealth of Two Nations by Greg
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As the baby formula crisis worsens, it's also magnifying disparities in the U.S.

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