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9/15/2021 3:04:34 PM

New Stealthier ZLoader Variant Spreading Via Fake TeamViewer Download Ads

The Hacker News Daily Updates Newsletter cover Secure, Open and Intelligent SAP Solutions from SUSE and Google Cloud Few applications are as mission critical for organizations as those from SAP. By
11/21/2022 1:24:28 AM

Weekend Reading — 👋 Rolling with the boilerplate

This week we use AI to find bugs and generate security holes, flex with cats, design for Teletext, and defeat a chicken. 😎 Labnotes (by Assaf Arkin) Weekend Reading — 👋 Rolling with the boilerplate By
11/2/2021 4:34:27 PM

Why Are There So Many Zero-Day Security Holes?

Did You Know?: Throughout England, you'll find numerous hills named “beacon hill”, the name is a holdover from an earlier time in English history when those hills were part of a fire beacon warning
9/30/2021 2:34:27 PM Newsletter: Issue 153

Hi, this week, we have an article on how API proliferation is opening up security holes, another vulnerability in WordPress REST API, again through a third-party plugin. In addition, we look into the
1/4/2021 2:44:40 PM

Marty's Ƀent - December 21st, 2020 - Issue #892

Monday, December 21st 2020 - Issue #892 REMINDER: Trusted Third Parties are Security Holes A couple of weeks ago, we warned you freaks of the fact that Ledger, the company behind the Ledger hardware