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9/21/2022 11:04:32 AM

Tesla race to finish robot 🤖, the rise of Stable Diffusion 👨‍💻, Nvidia next-gen GPUs 💻

Tesla has set the Optimus humanoid robot project as a priority. Sign Up | View Online | Sponsor Daily Update 2022-09-21 How Notion, Lemonade, and BambooHR simplified their security and compliance (
11/3/2022 11:14:26 AM

Apple hiring freeze 📱, Elon's $56B paycheck 💰, running out of C++ devs 👨‍💻

A report claims that Apple has paused almost all hiring. Sign Up | View Online | Sponsor Daily Update 2022-11-03 Stop fighting fires and start driving reliability (Sponsor) Teams that simply fight