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4/25/2022 1:54:27 PM

[Flash Sale] FBA for Beginners Course at 80% off

Hey Reader, Whether you're completely new to ecommerce or have a background in selling on other online platforms, there's so much to be learned in Amazon FBA. To help you hit the ground running
4/11/2022 1:44:28 PM

You could be selling old-school pantyhose

Over the last 90 days, Amazon search volume for “Retro home decor” is up 150%, per Jungle Scout. Trends Tubular trends are back in style. We love that sh*t. Over the last 90 days, Amazon search volume
3/24/2022 4:24:27 PM

March 24 - Instagram Launches Algorithm-Free Feed Sorting Options to All Users

Google Updates Search Algorithm to Highlight Better Quality Product Reviews; YouTube Will Now Enable Users to Watch Thousands of TV Shows, for Free, in the App; Snapchat Acquires Brain-Reading Tech
8/26/2021 5:14:27 PM

Aug. 26 - Instagram Explains How its Search Algorithms Work | TikTok Tests Even Longer Video Uploads

Facebook Adds New Tools to Mark the 10th Birthday of Messenger; Twitter Publishes New Twitter Ads Checklist to Help Guide Your Approach; 5 Ways to Improve Your Social Media Branding and Sales Efforts
3/26/2021 1:54:27 PM

New devices are hitting Amazon [Trending Keywords]

Hi Reader, Lots of new devices have been launched in the past few weeks, and they've already dominated the Amazon search rankings! So much has gone on in these past two weeks, we honestly can't