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6/23/2022 9:04:28 AM

[Python Mastery] The hidden costs of "copy-paste" Python programming

Hey there, Here's a development story that plays out thousands of times each day: Avid Pythonista Max is working on a function to find the 10 oldest files in a nested directory hierarchy. He needs
6/22/2022 9:04:27 AM

[Python Mastery] Learn Python in 21 days!!!!11 (what a lie)

Hey there, One of the first programming books I ever bought was "Teach Yourself C in 21 Days." This four pound tome came with a CD-ROM that included an ancient version (3.1) of the Borland
7/6/2022 8:04:28 AM

[Python Mastery] The secret to "ethical self-promotion"?

Hey there, Here's some food for thought: There's a difference between *doing* a great job as a Python developer, and *to be seen doing* a great job. Being a skilled developer among peers—and
8/4/2020 7:39:27 PM

Missing Python Features, Django Admin Customization, New pip Released, and More

4 Powerful Features Python Is Still Missing #432 – AUGUST 4, 2020 VIEW IN BROWSER The PyCoder's Weekly Logo 4 Powerful Features Python Is Still Missing Python doesn't have true constants, nor