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9/30/2021 5:14:26 PM

Lessons Learned From My Immigrant, Gun-Toting, Multi-Time CEO, Father

​view in browser​ ​ Welcome to everyone here who is a new Contrarian! This week in the Cashflow Premium Crew, we discussed business acquisition financing through SBA loans... aka OPM (other
12/30/2021 4:34:27 PM

❓He Built A $29B+ Empire…Off Trash?

​View In Browser​ ​ ​ Basically, boring and a wee bit dirty, wins again. Want to learn how you can find, invest in, acquire, and cashflow off boring businesses? Check out our premium crew Cashflow,
12/2/2021 4:24:28 PM

❓ Talk Dirty: A Filthy Biz That Makes $3-5K A Month?

​View In Browser​ ​ Welcome to the 100+ new CASHFLOW members who joined the premium crew this past week! If you don't know what Cashflow is, it's our premium membership where we break down the
10/28/2021 2:04:28 PM

A Side Hustle that Doesn’t Suck: $4 Billion Industry 🧊

​view in browser​ ​ ​ Selling Ice Passively for $71ka Year? Brr, it's cold in here! Aside from the 'Bring It On' vibes, we're chatting even DEEPER into this asset in the premium crew,
9/16/2021 1:04:27 PM

21 Ways to Cashflow No One Talks About 🤐

​view in browser​ ​ ​ If you have $0 to $10k to $1million, here's a tiered list to get cashflowing. Want more ways to make money? Our premium crew, Contrarian Cashflow, is the place for you! Price