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2/17/2023 9:34:26 PM

Friday Finds (Genius, Music, Cucinelli, History, Tiger Woods)

Read in your browser here. Hi friends, Greetings from Austin! I've been using Frank Slootman's management triad every day: increase the tempo, raise the standards, and narrow your focus.
6/16/2021 8:04:26 AM

[New post] When should policymakers reach for the history books? Some examples from the 20th century

BankUnderground posted: " Catherine R. Schenk In partnership with the Data Analytics for Finance and Macro Research Centre at King's Business School and the Qatar Centre for Global Banking and
2/4/2021 1:54:27 AM

📌 A Week for the History Books, Coinbase IPO Listing, and ETH hits ATH

February 3, 2020 | Issue #154 MUST READS A Week For the History Books The past week was one for the history books in both crypto and traditional markets. As if US equity censorship wasn't enough to
7/23/2020 7:04:28 PM

The Best Economic History Books According to Readers

If you were forwarded this newsletter, and you'd like to receive it in the future, subscribe here. The Best Economic History Books According to Readers Jul 20, 2020 05:00 pm Thanks to everyone who