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9/17/2021 1:54:27 PM

A Keyword Comeback After 20 Years [Top Terms]

Amazon Top 10 Movers Hey Reader, Good morning! It's hard to believe, but the year has flown by and we're on the last few days of summer! So what better way to savour the sun than kicking back
9/15/2021 2:04:50 PM

[Webinar] Is your business sellable?

Hey Reader, Begin with the end in mind, so the saying goes. The holy grail for most sellers is to exit their business at a hefty multiple and spend a month in some pristine beach in Southeast Asia. Now
9/14/2021 1:54:26 PM

[Optimization] Amazon keywords they don’t see

Hey Reader, We always talk about improving your listings. Your photos have to be high-quality and informative. All important keywords must be included. But what your buyers don't see is just as
9/21/2021 1:54:27 PM

[News] Amazon employee pleads guilty

Hey Reader, Last year, Amazon lawyers, consultants, and employees were indicted. They allegedly accepted bribes and orchestrated attacks against competitors. One of them finally pleaded guilty. From
9/27/2021 1:54:27 PM

[Now Open] EcomCrew Premium

Get Unlimited 1-on-1 Help for $125/month Hey Reader, Ecommerce multiples are at an all-time high with most businesses now getting 3.7x to 5x multiple of Seller's Discretionary Income (thank you,
9/28/2021 1:54:27 PM

[Public Webinar] Prepare for your business exit

Hey Reader, Your biggest payday is the day you sell your business. With aggregators aggressively acquiring ecommerce businesses, now seems to be the best time to make the exit. But even if you want to
9/29/2021 1:54:27 PM

The Profitable Exit with EcomCrew Premium

Get Unlimited 1-on-1 Help for $125/month Hey Reader, Are you thinking about selling your Amazon brand at some point in the future? But selling just for the sake of it is not the goal. You have to
9/24/2021 1:54:26 PM

Running out of stock [Top Terms]

Amazon Top 10 Movers Hey Reader, Welcome to our Amazon Top Movers Newsletter! This newsletter is a feast of Amazon brand analytics data, so dive in and check out the top 10 hottest keywords. We've
9/30/2021 1:54:27 PM

[News] False Chinese link leads to Amazon seller ban

Premium Week Enrollment for EcomCrew Premium is now open. Get the unlimited support and training your ecommerce business needs. Sign up now. Banned Blackstone's ratio is the idea that it's
10/1/2021 1:54:28 PM

Pre-holiday strategies [Top Terms]

Amazon Top 10 Movers Hey Reader, Happy Friday! Hard to believe that it's the first day of October and, not to mention, the beginning of Q4. To welcome the last quarter of the year, we bring you our
10/26/2021 1:54:31 PM

New tools, new dashboard [Amazon Accelerate highlights]

Hey Reader, We can say a lot about Amazon's shortcomings, but they aren't slowing down when it comes to releasing fresh seller features. There are new programs and tools available for business
10/29/2021 1:54:27 PM

How Amazon Sellers Can Trick or Treat Themselves [Top Terms]

Amazon Top 10 Movers Hey Reader, We've got some breaking news for private label sellers! Amazon is launching a range of new tools and programs. Get to know more about all these new features in our
10/30/2021 1:54:28 PM

Is Andy Jassy sucking the life out of Amazon’s retail business? [Amazon Q3 Earnings]

Amazon used to be an unstoppable train, but despite high expectations, it had pretty dismal earnings for Q3. For the first time ever, revenue from Amazon's services, which includes AWS, eclipsed
10/22/2021 1:54:29 PM

Double the Sales with Seasonal Products [Top Terms]

Amazon Top 10 Movers Hey Reader, It's that time of the week, so welcome to our Top 10 Amazon Keywords newsletter! While you're gulping down another cup of coffee, let today's email be the
4/7/2022 1:54:27 PM

[Crew Review] SEC probes Amazon’s use of 3P seller data

Victories After Congress requested the DOJ to look into Amazon's alleged use of third-party seller data for its own advantage, the Securities and Exchange Commission is doing the same. What does
4/12/2022 1:54:29 PM

[Report] We’re rolling out a new product this summer

Hey Reader, After months of editing samples, we've finally arrived at the production stage for a trial order of an exciting new camping shower product just in time to release next season. Speaking
4/5/2022 1:54:28 PM

[Report] This is how much Canadian Amazon sellers grew in 2021

Hey Reader, Despite a few challenges, 2021 seemed to be a better year compared to 2020 in terms of revenue for Canadian Amazon sellers. More than half of our survey respondents saw an increase in their
4/26/2022 1:55:07 PM

[Roundup] Here’s all you need to know about customs examinations

Hey Reader, Being picked for a customs examination is a nerve-wracking process for any entrepreneur. One hitch could determine whether or not your container makes it to its destination on time. By
4/25/2022 1:54:27 PM

[Flash Sale] FBA for Beginners Course at 80% off

Hey Reader, Whether you're completely new to ecommerce or have a background in selling on other online platforms, there's so much to be learned in Amazon FBA. To help you hit the ground running
4/29/2022 1:54:49 PM

[Amazon Q1 2022 Earnings] Amazon’s growth rate hits 20-year low

Hey Reader, Amazon just released its Q1 2022 earnings report, revealing where the ecommerce giant stands as demand cools from the blistering pace throughout the pandemic. Here are some of the juiciest
4/21/2022 2:04:30 PM

[Amazon Updates] Extra Large, Small and Light

Developments Amazon hit us with two big announcements this week, adding the Extra Large storage type and bumping the Small & Light price threshold up to $10. Is this good news for sellers? Amazon
5/9/2022 11:04:27 PM

[Webinar] How to sell your product even if you’re not ranking on Amazon yet

Hi Reader! Here's a riddle for you: How do you rank on Amazon without getting sales, and how do you get sales without ranking on Amazon? The answer: External traffic. This coming May 18 at 10 AM (
5/23/2022 1:54:27 PM

[EcomCrew Premium] Last chance to sign up for Premium

Registration closes in Hey Reader, Just dropping by to remind you that tonight is your last chance to join EcomCrew Premium for the quarter. We want to make sure all our members get way more than their
5/26/2022 1:55:05 PM

[Crew Review] Amazon updates Buyer Requested Cancellation policy

Initiative Amazon just rolled out changes for buyer requested cancellations, and sellers now have to check more places to make sure they don't miss a notification. As with most Amazon announcements
5/24/2022 1:54:44 PM

[Roundup] How are FBA aggregators doing post-Covid?

Two years since the pandemic began, we ask FBA aggregators how they've been bouncing back from the global crisis. Here's what some companies had to say. From the Blog Amazon FBA Small and Light