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1/4/2023 3:04:27 PM

Measuring an engineering organization. @ Irrational Exuberance

Hi folks, This is the weekly digest for my blog, Irrational Exuberance. Reach out with thoughts on Twitter at @lethain, or reply to this email. Posts from this week: - Measuring an engineering
7/14/2022 10:45:14 AM

GPT-3's open source competitor 💻, Magic Leap AR headset 🕶, clever CSS tricks 👨‍💻

BLOOM is a Large Language Model (LLM) that is available for free to anyone. Sign Up | View Online | Sponsor Daily Update 2022-07-13 Swarmia wants you to stop measuring toxic engineering metrics (
4/29/2022 10:24:47 AM

Snap's camera drone 📷, Microsoft VPN 📶, Redis 7 released 🧱

Snap has released a camera drone called Pixy. If you don't want to receive future editions of TLDR, please click here to unsubscribe. TLDR Daily Update 2022-04-29 Engineering metrics for high-
12/12/2021 1:04:26 PM

Initiator Creator - Issue 86

Initiator Creator - Issue #86 ​By Saurabh Y. // 12 December 2021 ​ Developer ​ ​The four engineering metrics that will streamline your software delivery - StackOverflow Productive teams get product
8/8/2020 8:22:53 AM

The Noon Notification 

Engineering Metrics are Now Business Metrics · The Burgeoning Global Surveillance State · 🚀 LIST: ALL AWARDS, 200+ Noonies · Apple's Stock Split · #BackToTheInternet TODAY'S TOP TECH STORIES