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9/23/2022 12:24:48 PM

3 ways Link Whisper helps with SEO

Hey Reader, This is my last email to you about Link Whisper. If you're not sure why this plugin is worth it for SEO, then the following 3 reasons may help. Note: The $25 OFF promo ends on September
10/28/2022 4:04:31 PM

A Craftrepreneur Making $12k/Month + Link Whisper is Hiring!

How to make 6 figures a year building a tribe of passionate artisans, a $500 gift voucher, new starter niche sites available, and more... Today's email is sponsored by: ​ How Phoebe Sherman Makes
9/26/2022 3:54:40 PM

How She Makes $10k a Month Selling Phone Accessories

Before I jump into today's interview, I wanted to give you a FINAL reminder that Link Whisper is currently $25 off...but that deal ends TODAY! You can get Link Whisper for $25 off right here.
9/21/2022 12:24:40 PM

What others think about Link Whisper

I sent you an email about Link Whisper the other day Reader. If you grabbed the the special $25 OFF deal using my affiliate link, then that's awesome to hear. But if you you didn't, then
9/19/2022 3:54:27 PM

$5k+ a Month Flipping Blogs + Link Whisper "Fall" Special This Week!

Today, you'll hear a story how someone is making $5ka month flipping blogs. However, before I jump into the story, I have a quick announcement about Link Whisper. Link Whisper is a powerful
9/19/2022 12:54:41 PM

SEO tool for building links [special deal]

Reader, There's a one-of-a-kind SEO tool that I—and many other SEOs—can't live without. It's called Link Whisper. And for this week only, you can get $25 OFF all Link Whisper plans through
5/27/2022 3:54:34 PM

33 Million Visitors a Month...Answering Grammar Questions

How Grammarly Crushes a Unique Content Strategy, Link Whisper has a special offer, and several niche sites are for sale. Before I jump into how Grammarly is crushing their content game, I wanted to
5/9/2022 3:54:30 PM

🤠 How to Grow a Travel Blog to $50k a Month! + Link Whisper 2.0

Today, I've got an amazing story of a "solo" traveler that started a blog and is now crushing it in the serps and making great money. However, before I jump into the story, I'm super
2/28/2022 5:54:27 PM

He Makes $50k/mth with "niche blogs" + Winner of Link Whisper...

Before I jump into explaining how someone is making over $50000 a month with his "niche blogs", I wanted to announce the winner of the Link Whisper giveaway! Over the past week, I've been
11/26/2021 5:44:27 PM

😲 Link Whisper is $30 Off Today!

If you are looking to improve the rankings and overall SEO of your site, one strategy that is often overlooked is internal links. You won't find a single SEO expert (including Google employees)
11/22/2021 5:34:27 PM

My Winning Content Process + Link Whisper Deal Starts Today!

How do you scale a content process in order to publish large amounts of articles on a site, without sacrificing a ton of your own time? Publishing 3 or 4 articles a month is one thing, but publishing
9/6/2021 5:14:27 PM

Link Whisper Just Went LIVE on AppSumo!! 🌮

I don't usually go for a double exclamation point in a subject line, but this deal warrants the extra excitement. I just launched a special deal for Link Whisper on AppSumo and you can check out
3/26/2021 4:44:26 PM

I just sold Table Labs + $20 Off Link Whisper Expires Today!

I have some big news to share! Back in 2017, I created a software tool called Table Labs. The genesis of the idea was to create a faster and easier way to build great looking Amazon product comparison
3/22/2021 4:24:26 PM

3 Major Improvements to Link Whisper + Get $20 Off This Week Only

As you may know, about a year and a half ago I released a software tool, called Link Whisper, that allows you to quickly add powerful internal links to your site. What started as a simple idea for a
2/13/2021 5:08:00 AM

the backscratch method

The other day I was doing some brainstorming on how I could grow my software business (Link Whisper). What I realized is that I just needed to lean in a bit more on a strategy that was already working.
1/27/2021 6:24:27 PM

How to Interlink External Sites + 11 Ways Bloggers Make Money

I have a few updates today that I think you might be interested in. First, I'm excited to announce a major new feature for Link Whisper that we have been working on behind the scenes for a few