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4/9/2022 2:24:28 PM

8 Ways to Increase Your Website Traffic Fast

Most marketing tactics take forever to work. But that's not the case with all of them. Some work instantly or at least close to it... Here are 8 ways to increase your website traffic fast (and for
4/23/2022 2:54:27 PM

10 Extremely Useful Tools You Should Be Using In Your Marketing Right Now

When I started my marketing journey 20 or so years ago, most things were done manually. The only solution was to hire people to help... But now there are tools that can help automate and make your life
5/28/2022 2:34:27 PM

The Best Marketing Strategy Produces the Worst ROI

In marketing, everyone talks about ROI. You want to generate more than you spend, right? Well, who doesn't? Did you know that there is a strategy that produces a terrible ROI, but it outperforms
5/21/2022 2:34:26 PM

Add This to Your Website for an Instant SEO Boost

I added this to my website and increased my time on site by 120%. It also increased my backlink count by 24453. And best of all my organic traffic went up by 240392 visitors. Check it out. Add it to
6/18/2022 3:14:37 PM

5 Free Resources to Learn Digital Marketing

You don't need a college degree to learn marketing. Heck, you don't even need to spend money on courses. If you want to get good at digital marketing, here are 5 resources that will help you
6/28/2022 12:14:27 PM

Have you tried TikTok ads?

I bet you haven't tried ads on TikTok. Look, it doesn't have the volume as Facebook and each visitor won't convert as well as Google ads, but it's not that competitive. With ad
7/9/2022 2:54:59 PM

A simple marketing tactic that still works

Who says marketing has to be complicated or hard. What's funny is after doing it for 22 some odd years, I've realized that companies usually focus their marketing efforts on the stuff everyone
7/23/2022 2:44:27 PM

Exposing My Social Media Strategy

Question... is your social media marketing driving traffic? How about sales or leads? Or even revenue? If I had to take a guess, it probably isn't. And if it is, it is only through ads. So how do
8/22/2022 3:14:57 AM

How to Get 1,000 Followers a Week on Instagram Organically

I've experimented a lot on Instagram. And I will tell you this... It's hard to get millions of followers and it's not easy to go viral. But it's not that hard to get thousands of
8/27/2022 3:24:30 PM

The Easiest Way to Make a WordPress Blog SEO Friendly

The chances are, you are using WordPress... But I bet that your WordPress blog doesn't get the traffic you want because it doesn't rank as high. Check out this 3-minute video. It teaches you
9/17/2022 2:14:27 PM

An SEO Tip That Just Works (Especially If You Are a Beginner)

This strategy is so effective, Quora used it to become one of the top 100 websites in the world when it comes to traffic. It's that effective. Best of all, it works for any site... sure it takes
10/15/2022 2:54:28 PM

The Biggest Social Media Opportunity That You Aren't Leveraging

You could say social media is saturated. You could say social media marketing is dead. But what if I told you there was a huge opportunity in social media that you aren't leveraging? ​This is what
10/22/2022 2:54:50 PM

You may not want Google to rank your site in all countries

If you look at your Google Analytics, I bet you get traffic from more than 1 country. Even if you are only want visitors from a certain country you probably get traffic from others. It's normal...
11/19/2022 3:44:28 PM

The easiest way to get more blog traffic

There are a lot of strategies you can use to get more blog traffic. And trust me when I say this I literally have tried them all. Anytime a new strategy comes around, I test it out. Out of all of them,
11/26/2022 1:16:17 PM

Why I Focus on Social Media Marketing Over SEO

Most people don't know me as an entrepreneur or even a marketer. Most people think I'm just an SEO guy. Of course over the years I have learned and mastered most digital marketing channels. And
12/24/2022 4:34:27 PM

Why Your Social Media Strategy Doesn’t Get Any Engagement

I can feel your pain. I've been there. You spend all this time creating content and posting it on the social web to only find out no one is really seeing it. And it sucks not to get those likes and
1/21/2023 3:54:30 PM

How I Built a Website That Generates 4 Million Visitors a Month

I tried a lot of marketing strategies... some worked and some failed. But some have consistently worked. Not just for me, but for pretty much any site. ​Here are the tactics I've used to grow my
1/20/2023 4:25:13 AM

Best Way to Use WordPress for SEO

I'm going to make things simple for you today. I'm going to teach you how to optimize your WordPress blog in 2 minutes and 40 seconds. ​Follow this and you'll do better on Google. Cheers,
1/7/2023 4:24:28 PM

Don't forget to track these social metrics

Social media is a funny animal. Some posts go viral, some don't, sometimes you get more followers, sometimes you don't... and rarely does social media generate an ROI. But if you want to change
2/4/2023 4:55:14 PM

Do This Before Google's Next Algorithm Update

Do you know how many Google algorithm updates happen per year? You only hear about the big ones, but the real number is much higher than you think. In 2020 alone Google made 4500 changes to its
2/7/2023 1:14:34 PM

ChatGPT and short form videos will change search

So your goal is to rank at the top of Google. But ChatGPT, short-form videos, voice search, AR, and many other factors are changing the landscape. How so you may ask? And how do you need to adapt? Well
12/31/2022 4:24:31 PM

The Most Powerful Content Creation Strategy You're Not Using

I've tested out a lot of content strategies over the years. Some drive traffic... others don't. Some drive sales... others don't. Out of all the content creation strategies I have tested,
2/18/2023 4:24:30 PM

A Simple Way to Boost Your Amazon SEO

Amazon has a lot of potential. Based on their earnings, their ad platform does roughly $10 billion a quarter. That's roughly $40 billion a year. Now if their ad platform is that lucrative, you can
2/25/2023 4:04:27 PM

Quick Traffic Hack

There are a lot of ways you can get more visitors to your site. But most take a long time to implement and a long time to see results. But there is one that I do every year and it works. It doesn't
2/11/2023 5:24:30 PM

This Helped Me Get More Traffic Right Away

The problem with marketing is it takes a while to see results. And ads are expensive... The reality is most tactics do take time to kick in. But that doesn't mean all tactics are slow to produce
2/28/2023 1:14:27 PM

I bet you’re not using Google Search Console correctly

We all know that Google gives you tools to help you improve your site and rankings. One of those tools is Google Search Console. Chances are, you already use it. But I bet you aren't using it
3/4/2023 4:44:47 PM

Step-by-Step Strategy I Use to Drive 1 Million Visitors to My Blog Per Month

I've been blogging for a while now. It's the one thing I know like the back of my hand. And every time I start a new blog, I use the same playbook to get a million plus visitors a month. Why?
12/10/2022 3:24:46 PM

The One Growth Strategy You Can't Overlook

​Check out this marketing strategy. It's simple, it works... and I bet you don't use it. Try it out for even a month. You'll see results. It's worked for every business I have tried it
3/18/2023 7:14:28 PM

5 Marketing Predictions for 2023

Marketing changes all the time. To give you an example of this, Google changes its algorithm roughly 9 times a day. Other than the obvious, what do you think is going to happen in 2023? Well, I've
3/25/2023 3:14:37 PM

Here is how I save time with blogging

I've been blogging for over 10 years. Not because I love blogging (although that is part of it), but more so because it works. And over those 10 years, I've figured out what works. Especially
3/11/2023 3:44:31 PM

7 Steps to Ranking Number 1 on YouTube

YouTube has 1.7 billion unique monthly visitors. And 62% of them access the platform daily. That's a massive amount of people that you can be getting in front. But here is the crazy thing, with
12/3/2022 3:14:28 PM

The Easiest SEO Strategy I've Ever Used

I've tested most the strategies out there. There's one that makes life super easy when it comes to SEO. You may have even heard of it, but I bet you haven't used it... ​Check it out here.
4/1/2023 3:34:28 PM

Growth Hacks: How to Scale in Record Time

Checkout this interview I did with Ryan Pineda, where he interviews me on growth hacking. I break down some unique strategies to grow super, super fast. ​Check them out here. Cheers, Neil Patel PS:
11/29/2022 1:14:28 PM

This is why your blog isn't growing in traffic

46% of companies of companies are unsuccessful with their content marketing because of this... Most people write content based on what they want to write on. But if you write on the same keywords over
4/6/2023 12:05:03 AM

Brand new ads grader tool (try it free)

Did you know that, accordingly to Wordstream (2021), only 10% of paid advertisers optimize their accounts weekly? I think I know why. Open up Google Ads— there are literally thousands of options.
11/15/2022 1:14:27 PM

Google's quick read will make you rethink how you create content

Alright, so Google has been testing quick read for a while now. It essence they are helping people find what they are looking for faster when they perform a Google search. In other words, really long
4/8/2023 3:34:27 PM

Future-Proof Your Content Strategy in the Age of AI

AI is changing content. But relying on AI on write all of your content is a strategy that won't work. And ignoring AI and writing all your content manually is a big mistake as well. In essence
4/22/2023 4:24:27 PM

Mind-Blowing Marketing Experiments

I've had a lot of fun as a marketer over the years. Some of the things I've tested worked out really well and others didn't. Here are some mind-blowing marketing experiments I've run in
4/19/2023 6:34:47 AM

Honest facts

I'm about to share some ugly marketing truths every business needs to understand: SEO: It takes an average of 6 months to rank on the first page of Google for a new page. CRO: As a general rule of
11/12/2022 4:14:26 PM

How Google Uses NLP and How You Can Too With Your SEO

Did you know that Google uses NLP in their algorithm to help figure out where websites should rank? Well, even if you knew that, I bet you don't use NLP in your SEO to rank higher? ​Here's how
4/29/2023 4:54:32 PM

Revolutionizing Marketing with AI: The Future is Here

Everyone has their own thoughts on how search and marketing are going to change because of AI. The HubSpot CMO, Zapier CMO, and I debate AI and how it's going to change. We have different thoughts,
11/5/2022 12:14:28 PM

This is What Will Happen with Instagram, Facebook and TikTok Whether You Like it Or Not

When I first started to use social media, it was drastically different than what you see today. It started with MySpace, and then Facebook, and now there is a whole slew of options to choose them. But
5/12/2023 6:24:34 PM

The smartest marketers around

The thing is, affiliate marketers are often the smartest marketers around. They have some awesome tactics that businesses should learn from and use right away. I call them low-hanging fruits. Small
5/13/2023 3:45:48 PM

Humans VS AI: Which one is better for content?

Humans versus AI, which one is better for marketing. Whether it is personalization or content creation, which one is better? Me and a few other marketers debated this at a recent conference. ​Check it
5/20/2023 4:06:11 PM

My Secrets To Creating an SEO Friendly Website

I've been doing SEO for years. Yes, it takes time to get results, but it really isn't rocket science. If you want to create an SEO friendly website, watch this. It breaks down the fundamentals
5/19/2023 1:04:27 AM

Eye-opening SEO stat

Even though people have been doing SEO for ages, it doesn't mean that you can't get started now. There's still traffic to be had. You may have seen a video I recorded recently saying that
5/25/2023 1:34:27 PM

GA4 for e-commerce webinar

Are your GA4 properties configured to capture all your key metrics? I want to make sure you don't lose important insights after switching to Google's new analytics platform. That's why I
5/27/2023 4:55:08 PM

How to do Omni-channel Marketing in 2023

All good marketing channels eventually get competitive and more expensive over time. So the only solution is to leverage multiple channels. Even if one marketing channel isn't as good as it used to
5/12/2023 7:04:16 AM

Affiliate Marketing Shortcuts

The thing is, affiliate marketers are often the smartest marketers around. They have some awesome tactics that businesses should learn from and use right away. I call them low-hanging fruits. Small
10/29/2022 2:44:29 PM

How Google Wants You to Create Meta Descriptions

Every once in a while, Google gives us a glimpse on what they want to see if you want your website to rank high. One of those moments is when they discussed meta descriptions. ​Check it out. Nothing
6/3/2023 2:14:58 PM

Alternative Marketing Methods Outperforming AI

AI is great, but as a marketer, it shouldn't be your only tool. It should just be one of the many tools in your toolkit. And although it's great, there are many alternative marketing channels
10/8/2022 3:04:29 PM

Check out this unorthodox marketing concept... I love it

When I was a kid my mom taught me a very important lesson. I didn't realize then, but it was one of the best marketing lessons I learned. What's funny is my mom didn't realize it was a
6/20/2023 6:26:22 AM

Black Friday SEO webinar (I know it's early, but there is a reason why...)

With summer starting, the last thing you want to think about is the holiday shopping frenzy. But if you're running an e-commerce business, it should be the first thing. Believe it or not, Black
6/20/2023 5:35:06 AM

An Entrepreneurs Guide to Growing Your Startup

If you are starting off it can be tough. I know it first hand... I've spent the majority of my life creating companies from scratch... without funding. So today I want to help you grow on a budget.
6/24/2023 3:34:26 PM

How to Leverage SEO in Your Personal Brand to Drive Business

Personal branding is something most of us get wrong. You don't need millions of followers to have a personal brand. And you can use SEO, which is probably the best channel for personal branding. So
6/12/2023 1:34:27 PM

Next Webinar: Master the Data Revolution

Are you confused by the complex, ever-changing landscape of data privacy laws? Compliance is crucial, but it can be a challenge. That's why I'm hosting a webinar on June 13, 2023, with
6/12/2023 2:29:05 AM

Master data privacy challenges

Are you confused by the complex, ever-changing landscape of data privacy laws? Compliance is crucial, but it can be a challenge. That's why I'm hosting a webinar on June 13, 2023, with
6/29/2023 1:24:34 PM

What Google’s shift to AI means for SEO

Last month's Google I/O conference confirmed it: AI is the future of search. Pretty soon, your SERPs will be infused with generative artificial intelligence, similar to the technology behind