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4/9/2022 12:34:27 AM

Don’t take democracy for granted

There is no natural democratic world order. Unless democracies defend themselves together, the forces of autocracy will destroy them. China, Russia, Belarus, North Korea, Venezuela, Iran, Nicaragua,
4/9/2022 11:24:28 PM

Is “A Change Is Gonna Come” by Sam Cooke the greatest song ever?

Lush, symphonic strings weep as the orchestra swells and Sam Cooke laments the indignations of the past and hopes for a better future. “A Change Is Gonna Come” was inspired by various events in
4/8/2022 12:34:27 AM

You’re not the boat

You're not flung about the seas of change, helpless to external forces. You're the captain of the boat. You determine how you sail through change. You care about where the boat is heading,
4/10/2022 9:14:27 AM

Manage attention magnets/Better glue sticks/Parapack

Recomendo Recomendo April 10 · Issue #301 · View online A weekly newsletter that gives you 6 brief personal recommendations of cool stuff. For a searchable archive of past issues check out https://
4/11/2022 12:44:28 AM

End corruption

Why do civilized countries allow dirty money to wash through their economies? How is it even possible to buy a $500 million superyacht or $50 million superapartment anonymously? Congress has made some
4/24/2022 12:44:26 AM

Is “Lust for Life” by Iggy Pop the greatest song ever?

Pile-driving opening drums and clambering bass kick off this seminal song. Co-written by David Bowie with Iggy ad-libbing the lyrics after the pair fled to Berlin to escape raging heroin addictions and
4/25/2022 3:04:28 PM

Handy Talk

When We Talk About Holes Evelyn Lamb | Scientific American | 25th December 2014 Yes of course one knows what a hole is ... Or so you might think until you read this attempt to arrive at a satisfactory
4/26/2022 9:15:17 AM

Avocado a day

Eating avocado cuts the risk of heart disease by more than a fifth. We all know avocados contain high levels of fiber, healthy unsaturated fats and other key nutrients like magnesium and vitamins C, E
4/25/2022 9:14:27 AM

Should older men dress like rock stars?

If we're fifty years old, we probably don't want to look like Jared Leto on the red carpet. The mascara is laid on a little too thick, the silk shirt is plunging a little too deep, the stance
4/23/2022 12:24:27 AM

Where have all the older workers gone?

For accuracy, The Great Resignation should be renamed The Grey Resignation. Nearly seventy percent of the five million people who left work in the US during the pandemic were older than fifty-five.
4/28/2022 9:34:26 AM

Why you don’t want retired military men in your business

Corporations seek out ex-military officials because they think it's good for business. There's no denying that all that brass and all those medals will probably attract some short-term military
4/29/2022 9:34:26 AM

Who will decide the next election?

In a word, women. Women voters age fifty and over will very likely decide the balance of power in Congress and statehouses around the US in the upcoming midterm elections. Unlike their male brethren,
4/30/2022 9:34:26 AM

Stop waiting

Are you waiting for the perfect idea to manifest itself? Have you convinced yourself that once the perfect idea comes along at the perfect time, you'll quit your job and magically live the life of
5/27/2022 9:34:26 AM

Fifty senators

That's all it takes to stop the carnage. To stop innocent children and mothers and fathers and sons and daughters and grandmothers and friends and lovers and everyone from being slaughtered by
5/24/2022 9:34:32 AM

Medical marijuana

Older Americans are turning to medical marijuana. A survey of 1250 Medicare recipients over sixty-five found that one in five respondents are using medicinal cannabis to treat one or more health
5/29/2022 9:34:27 AM

Is “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” by Gil Scott-Heron the greatest song ever?

Gil Scott-Heron was a college student when he penned his iconic and timeless signature song-poem. It was titled after a 1960s Black Power slogan and written in response to The Last Poets' spoken-
5/22/2022 9:25:12 AM

Is “I Am a God (Feat. God)” by Kanye West the greatest song ever?

Industrial and electronic lurching, urging, throbbing omnipotent hip hop. Dancehall vocal sample and paranoid sawtooth synths over a deep pulsing bass as Kanye West furiously raps about loyalty,
5/21/2022 9:24:26 AM

Cross the street

Josh Spector recently shared a nice piece of advice. Every morning when you go for a walk through your neighborhood you probably take the same route. It's reassuring. It's calming. But once in
6/12/2022 9:14:26 AM

Is “Date With The Night” by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs the greatest song ever?

Jarring, scattergun guitar riffs and kicking drums and singer Karen O's wounded wail. Bratty power chords and after-dark thrills written by New York's breakout post-punk three-piece with
6/13/2022 9:14:26 AM

When did hustling become a good thing?

Hustling used to be the purview of pimps and thieves. To be a hustler was to be a con artist, a prostitute, a grifter, a swindler, a whore. Hustler was a monthly full-color pornographic magazine with