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11/21/2022 1:24:27 PM

Want Faster Internet Speeds? Upgrade Your Router

Read in Browser Logo for Review Geek November 21, 2022 Is your wireless internet running really slow? Are you still using the same internet router that you got when you moved into your home? These two
11/19/2022 1:24:28 PM

Can You Use a Third-Party Battery in Your DSLR or Mirrorless Camera?

Read in Browser Logo for Review Geek November 19, 2022 If you've got a DSLR or mirrorless camera, you know the value of having two or three extra batteries when you go out on a photography venture.
5/3/2023 12:34:51 PM

Breaking: Apple and Google team up to stop unauthorized location tracking!

The Hacker News Daily Updates Newsletter cover Webinar: Real-Time MFA and Service Account Protection Can Defeat Ransomware Attacks Learn how real-time MFA and service account protection can defeat
8/31/2022 12:24:27 PM

How to disable precise location tracking on iPhone or Android

Read in Browser Logo for Review Geek August 31, 2022 These days smartphones come with all sorts of privacy controls, but one that's appearing all over TikTok and Instagram is the “precise location”
8/4/2022 4:04:32 PM

Noonification: Life360 to Stop Selling Precise Location Data

Top Tech Content sent at Noon Find a Fulfilling Career that Does Good, Too The Noonification: Your Daily Dose of Electrifying Tech Content at Noon, by HackerNoon Hey there, 🪐 What's happening in
5/26/2022 10:54:38 AM

[ DuckDuckGo Privacy Weekly ] For May 26, 2022

How to Disable Location Tracking on Android [] "How secure can you really feel that data pinning you down to specific places at precise times is being handled safely and responsibly?
3/15/2021 5:04:28 PM

Google Dragnet Descends On Gun Stores | Hack Hits 150,000 Surveillance Feeds |Microsoft Exchange Attacks Explode

Plus: Stop This 'Secret' Location Tracking On Your iPhone—3 Critical Settings You Need To Change Today Forbes | The Wiretap In a recurring feature in this newsletter, I'm publishing court
9/10/2020 10:14:27 AM

[ DuckDuckGo Privacy Weekly ] For Sep 10, 2020

Google's own engineers said the company 'confuses users' on privacy settings, now the subject of a lawsuit [] A Google engineer on Google's location tracking settings
5/5/2020 11:16:59 PM

Extremely disillusioned with technology. Please help — and Apple, Google ban location tracking in apps using their contact-tracing system

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