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5/1/2023 10:34:30 AM

Daily Boost: May 1, 2023

​ ​ ​ To kick off the month of May, I've got a must-read post for you about using AI for content writing. ​This guide explains some of the best strategies for how to use AI for content creation
5/2/2023 10:34:29 AM

Daily Boost: May 2, 2023

​ ​ ​ ​ Following up yesterday's post about using AI wisely for creating content, today's guide includes 65 ChatGPT prompts for SEO tasks such as: - Keyword research - Title optimization -
5/3/2023 10:34:34 AM

Daily Boost: May 3, 2023

​ ​ ​ ​ Today's guide includes a list of 20 SEO quick wins you can implement on any website. ​Use these SEO techniques to help generate more organic visibility and higher rankings on search engines
5/4/2023 10:34:34 AM

Daily Boost: May 4, 2023

​ ​ ​ ​Here's a list of ​20+ keyword examples every serious website owner should know. Plus, the qualities that make a good keyword versus a bad keyword for your website. Your SEO Mentor, Stephen
5/5/2023 10:34:45 AM

Daily Boost: May 5, 2023

​ ​ ​ Keyword prominence is an important part of on-page SEO. Yet many people neglect it. ​Here are the benefits of making keyword prominence a priority for your website. Your SEO Mentor, Stephen
5/6/2023 10:34:31 AM

Daily Boost: May 6, 2023

​ ​ ​ Today, I show you how to do SEO analysis for your website so you can improve the keyword rankings and traffic. Your SEO Mentor, Stephen Hockman SEO Chatter Founder and author of these books: ​
5/7/2023 10:34:44 AM

Daily Boost: May 7, 2023

​ ​ ​ ​ Want to learn how to use the power of keyword prominence to boost your on-page SEO signals? Get the list of 8 best practices here. Your SEO Mentor, Stephen Hockman SEO Chatter Founder and
5/8/2023 10:26:01 AM

Daily Boost: May 8, 2023

​ ​ ​ Are you brand spanking new to SEO? If so, you should read this quick guide explaining why keyword rankings are important for your website. Your SEO Mentor, Stephen Hockman SEO Chatter Founder and
5/13/2023 10:34:40 AM

Daily Boost: May 13, 2023

​ ​ ​ Want to learn some super simple ways to get backlinks from Google that most people don't know about? Get the those Google link building tactics here. Your SEO Mentor, Stephen Hockman SEO
5/20/2023 10:34:39 AM

Daily Boost: May 20, 2023

​ ​ ​ Want to become a pro at technical SEO without having to buy an expensive course? Then you'll enjoy this list of 20 common technical SEO errors and how to fix them. Your SEO Mentor, Stephen
5/19/2023 10:34:28 AM

Daily Boost: May 19, 2023

​ ​ ​ If you're struggling to organize your website content in a way that's easy for visitors to find what they're looking for and search engines to crawl, then this post is for you.​ Your
5/21/2023 10:34:27 AM

Daily Boost: May 21, 2023

​ ​ ​ How would you like to make more money with an affiliate site? Dive into this list of affiliate marketing books covering everything from the basics to advanced strategies for success. Your SEO
5/18/2023 10:35:25 AM

Daily Boost: May 18, 2023

​ ​ ​ Dofollow links are the best types of backlinks for off-page SEO because they increase your website's Domain Authority and Page Authority scores. But how do you acquire these might links? ​
5/22/2023 10:34:42 AM

Daily Boost: May 22, 2023

​ ​ ​ Looking for a good alternative to Answer the Public? Here are some of the top options that can help you uncover great SEO keywords that your audience is desperately seeking answers to online.
5/17/2023 10:34:29 AM

Daily Boost: May 17, 2023

​ ​ ​ ​ Why pay for advertising to promote your business when you can get it for free using these 18 sites? Your SEO Mentor, Stephen Hockman SEO Chatter Founder and author of these books: ​Keyword
5/23/2023 10:35:24 AM

Daily Boost: May 23, 2023

​ ​ ​ "Where the heck is that sitemap file?" is a common headache new website owners face. Here are step-by-step instructions with 7 different ways for locating a website's sitemap to off
5/16/2023 10:34:39 AM

Daily Boost: May 16, 2023

​ ​ ​ If you want find golden keyword opportunities for SEO, then you need to check out this blog post. Your SEO Mentor, Stephen Hockman SEO Chatter Founder and author of these books: ​Keyword
5/24/2023 10:34:28 AM

Daily Boost: May 24, 2023

​ ​ ​ Similar to yesterday's email, you may be wondering “Where is the robots.txt in WordPress?” That file's location is a mystery for many WordPress installs, so here's a helpful guide
5/15/2023 10:34:28 AM

Daily Boost: May 15, 2023

​ ​ ​ ​ Sometimes you just want to surf the web anonymously. But Google's search engine has no incentive to protect your privacy. So here's a list of the best private search engines that don
5/25/2023 10:34:28 AM

Daily Boost: May 25, 2023

​ ​ ​ Let's work smarter, not harder, when doing keyword research. ​Read this guide to discover easy ways to find your competitors' SEO keywords so you can quickly come up with new (and
5/14/2023 10:34:26 AM

Daily Boost: May 14, 2023

​ ​ ​ Happy Sunday! Here are ​12 SEO content writing tips you can use for rapid ranking results. Your SEO Mentor, Stephen Hockman SEO Chatter Founder and author of these books: ​Keyword Accelerator
5/12/2023 10:34:28 AM

Daily Boost: May 12, 2023

​ ​ ​ Have you ever wondered how much an SEO audit costs? Or what factors impact the average pricing for an SEO audit? ​Today's blog post gives you those details and more. Your SEO Mentor, Stephen
5/26/2023 10:25:43 AM

Daily Boost: May 26, 2023

​ ​ ​ Did you know Google offers a number of free SEO tools you can use to analyze, diagnose, and optimize your website for higher rankings and traffic? Today's post lists those free Google tools
5/12/2023 7:35:16 AM

Daily Boost: May 10, 2023

​ ​ ​ ​ Google uses mobile-first indexing. So having a mobile-friendly site is ultra important for SEO. But do you know if your website is mobile-friendly enough to rank high in the SERPs? ​Here are 5
5/12/2023 7:16:10 AM

Daily Boost: May 11, 2023

​ ​ ​ Let's boost your website rankings today, shall we? Dive into this new guide with 15 best practices to follow to improve your keyword ranking performance. Your SEO Mentor, Stephen Hockman SEO
5/27/2023 10:34:58 AM

Daily Boost: May 27, 2023

​ ​ ​ There are 7 types of anchor text you need to know for SEO. ​Here's the list with examples of each type. Your SEO Mentor, Stephen Hockman SEO Chatter Founder and author of these books: ​
5/9/2023 10:34:27 AM

Daily Boost: May 9, 2023

​ ​ ​ ​ Where does your website rank on Google? And which keywords does it actually rank for? ​This handy blog post shows you how to figure those things out. Your SEO Mentor, Stephen Hockman SEO
5/28/2023 10:34:28 AM

Daily Boost: May 28, 2023

​ ​ ​ Anchor text is a powerful element to use for both on-site and off-site SEO. Discover the 10 best practices for optimizing anchor text correctly for higher keyword rankings and traffic. Your SEO
5/29/2023 10:26:21 AM

Daily Boost: May 29, 2023

​ ​ ​ Want to rank your Google Business Profile higher in the SERPs for more keyword searches? Then follow the steps in this guide for adding SEO keywords to your Google Business Profile listing Your
5/30/2023 10:34:34 AM

Daily Boost: May 30, 2023

​ ​ ​ Have you seen the new ultra helpful Page Booster tool by Ezoic? If not, my detailed overview with screenshots shows you how it works to find and improve low-ranking pages on your site. Your SEO
5/30/2023 2:14:47 PM

Something new is coming...

​ ​ I have some exciting news to share with you today! I'm launching an SEO Chatter Mentorship program and want you to be the first to know about it. The doors open on Monday, June 5, 2023. This
5/31/2023 10:26:11 AM

Daily Boost: May 31, 2023

​ ​ ​ Let's close out the month with some easy wins, shall we? Here are 50+ ways to get free backlinks to help boost your off-site SEO. Your SEO Mentor, Stephen Hockman SEO Chatter Founder and
5/31/2023 10:46:00 AM

Mentorship details inside

​ ​ Yesterday, I announced the upcoming SEO Chatter Mentorship program that launches on Monday, June 5, 2023. Today's email gives you more details about this new opportunity. Specifically, why I
6/1/2023 10:26:13 AM

Daily Boost: June 1, 2023

​ ​ ​ Why is keyword research so important for SEO? ​Today's post explains 6 reasons why it's an essential first step for any successful SEO strategy. Your SEO Mentor, Stephen Hockman SEO
6/2/2023 10:34:29 AM

Daily Boost: June 2, 2023

​ ​ ​ Are you new to the idea of on-page SEO? Then dive in to this comprehensive guide that shares how on-page SEO works, why it's important, and get some helpful tips to improve the on-page SEO
6/2/2023 11:15:27 AM

Is the new mentorship right for you?

​ ​ In just 3 days, the doors fling open to the new SEO Chatter Mentorship program. And it's going to be awesome for everyone involved! However, we still need to address one crucial question:
6/3/2023 10:34:26 AM

Daily Boost: June 3, 2023

​ ​ ​ You may have heard people talking about using content silos for SEO. Here's a list of the top reasons why siloing your content can have a positive impact on your website. Your SEO Mentor,
6/4/2023 10:34:27 AM

Daily Boost: June 4, 2023

​ ​ ​ Have you ever wondered what the top off-page factors are for SEO? ​Go here to find out what those element are. Your SEO Mentor, Stephen Hockman SEO Chatter Founder and author of these books: ​
6/5/2023 10:34:37 AM

The mentorship is now open!

​ ​ Today is an exciting day! The new SEO Chatter Mentorship program is now open and ready for you to join. This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for you to get personalized SEO consulting, digital
6/6/2023 10:34:46 AM

Is the mentorship really worth it?

​ ​ Yesterday, I announced the opening of the new SEO Chatter Mentorship program. With the fast-changing SEO climate, having a trusted mentor and group of friends who can help you navigate the
6/20/2023 7:34:56 AM

I'm with Einstein on this one

​ ​ ​ ​ The word "simple" doesn't get nearly as enough buzz as it should these days. Especially, in the SEO and digital marketing world. However: Simple is beautiful. Simple is stress-
6/20/2023 10:34:27 AM

What Batman can teach you about SEO

​ ​ ​ I've always been fascinated by the superhero Batman. I read the comic books as a kid, watched reruns of the original TV show, and make sure to see the latest Batman movies when they hit
6/20/2023 6:44:56 AM

Some SEO wizardry for stubborn pages

​ ​ ​ Google can be very frustrating at times. One way, in particular, that seems to be affecting a lot of site owners lately is by not indexing their new perfectly crafted new web pages. And with no
6/21/2023 10:34:34 AM

Avoiding Google's wrath

​ ​ ​ Not a day goes by that I don't hear comments like these: "This latest Google algorithm is destroying my site!" "I lost all of my page one rankings overnight!" "Can
6/20/2023 6:05:07 AM

5 simple SEO mistakes to avoid

​ ​ ​ ​ Today, we're going to take a break from the typical do-this-and-you-can-rank advice. Instead of sharing tips on what TO DO to improve your website's rankings and traffic, let's talk
6/23/2023 10:34:36 AM

A unique tip for affiliate marketing

​ ​ ​ There are two common problems every affiliate marketer must confront: Making your affiliate content unique. Affording all the products that need to be reviewed. Because, let's face it, if you
6/13/2023 10:34:32 AM

An unexpected resource for traffic & earnings

​ ​ ​ Do you have a YouTube channel set up for your website or business? If not, you should definitely consider it. Why? Because you could be missing out on a boatload of free traffic and earnings to
6/26/2023 10:34:39 AM

I'm ending the Daily Boost

​ ​ ​ I've got important information to share about the Daily Boost newsletter. After some deep thought, I've decided to end it. It has been a great ride sending the Daily Boost each day with
6/12/2023 10:34:30 AM

You don't need fancy SEO tools to succeed

​ ​ ​ Did you know that I built a multi-six figure earning website without using—or paying for—a single SEO tool? That's right. No Ahrefs. No Semrush. No Surfer SEO. I also built a brand new site
6/12/2023 3:05:13 AM

Nobody cares about your website

​ ​ Back in November 2022, something interesting happened. My wife set up a family photoshoot for us to use the picture on our annual Christmas card. And the whole time leading up to that event, my
6/12/2023 2:25:47 AM

How to milk your traffic for all its worth

​ ​ Do you feel like you're sitting on a goldmine idea? Yet, your website's lack of rankings and traffic are what's holding you back from achieving the success you deserve? Here's