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10/26/2021 2:34:27 PM

Always be interesting

Dear reader, I hope you've been enjoying your weekly free instalments of The Browser. Every day our editors, Robert Cottrell and Caroline Crampton, comb through hundreds of articles, podcasts, and
4/8/2022 3:14:27 PM

Desert Daddy

Planning For Desert Storm William Sayers | Mystics & Statistics | 6th April 2022 Retired Pentagon analyst recounts how much work went into war-gaming and computer-modelling the US invasion of Iraq
4/7/2022 3:14:27 PM

Sublime Forgiveness

Forgiving Someone Who Isn't Sorry Rachel Wilkerson Miller | Vox | 25th March 2022 Advice from experts in reconciliation on how to move past a conflict when the other party isn't willing or able
4/11/2022 3:04:28 PM

Unfollow War

The Last Great War Richard Overy | Literary Hub | 8th April 2022 Historian argues for a more expansive view of the causes and effects of the Second World War, giving more weight to events in Asia.
4/6/2022 3:14:27 PM

Magical Reality

Human Kind Cannot Bear Very Much Reality Amit Chaudhuri | n+1 | 28th March 2022 Reflections on TS Eliot's 1936 poem "Burnt Norton" and its interactions with the Bhagavad Gita, a Sanskrit
4/12/2022 3:04:27 PM

Circus Dictionary

Circus And Philosophy Meg Wallace | Aesthetics For Birds | 2nd December 2021 Account of an unusual university course, in which the professor uses circus skills like juggling to illuminate the study of
4/5/2022 3:04:27 PM

Realist Mushrooms

Thucydides Was A Realist Patrick Porter | Engelsberg Ideas | 1st April 2022 Modern scholarship has "nuanced" the work of Athenian historian Thucydides to death. Attention to detail has
4/22/2022 3:24:27 PM

Over Heart

The Unfathomable Heart Stephanie Krzywonos | Dark Mountain | 19th April 2022 Notes on a short walk in Antarctica, visiting "Nukey Poo", a leaky nuclear reactor abandoned by the US Navy in
4/25/2022 3:04:28 PM

Handy Talk

When We Talk About Holes Evelyn Lamb | Scientific American | 25th December 2014 Yes of course one knows what a hole is ... Or so you might think until you read this attempt to arrive at a satisfactory
4/27/2022 3:04:27 PM

Lost Polyester

How Polyester Bounced Back Virginia Postrel | Works In Progress | 21st April 2022 On the rise, fall and rise again of polyester. In the 1960s, it was a wonder-fabric that "freed women from their
4/28/2022 3:14:26 PM

Historic Friction

Defending History Maurice Earls | Dublin Review Of Books | 20th April 2022 It is worth studying the cultural and political landscape of Ireland post 19C famine precisely because it is now part of the
4/29/2022 3:04:27 PM

Insomniac Fantasia

Barneys Fantasia Adrienne Raphel | Paris Review | 27th April 2022 Anatomy of a departed department store. Barneys was a Manhattan institution that endured for almost a century before its demise in 2019
4/21/2022 3:14:28 PM

Exile Underground

Ship Them Into Exile Joan DeJean | CrimeReads | 19th April 2022 Extract from a book about how early 18C "money madness" in France resulted in the first transports of enslaved African people
5/25/2022 3:14:27 PM

Darwinian Church

Churched Maria Farrell | Lunate | 24th January 2022 Short story told from the perspective of an Irish immigrant in London, who finds attending Mass both a comforting link with home and a distressing
5/26/2022 3:14:28 PM

Writing Memory

The Evolution Of Writing Piers Kelly | Sapiens | 19th May 2022 Vai, one of about 30 indigenous languages of Liberia, had no written form until 1833. Then, a man who had never learned to read or write
5/27/2022 3:14:27 PM

Look Stupid

New Look, Same Great Look Kim Beil | Lapham's Quarterly | 16th May 2022 The rise of colour photography in the mid-20th century turned long-running scientific and philosophical debates about visual
5/24/2022 3:14:27 PM

Even Crit

Join us this Sunday for our London walking tour "The Sublime and the Ridiculous: Guildhall and the Barbican". Details here. Even If You Beat Me Sally Rooney | Dublin Review | Spring 2015 | U
5/23/2022 3:04:29 PM

Trolley Truths

A Passenger's View of The Trolley Problem Tyler Gooch | McSweeney's | 18th May 2022 Should you let the trolley race ahead and kill five people? Or should you switch the points and have the
5/22/2022 3:04:27 PM

Enemy Music

On Sundays, Browser readers receive a special edition with puzzles, poems, books, charts, music and more – here's a little taste of this week's edition. ----------------------------------------
5/29/2022 3:04:27 PM

Excarnation Portrait

On Sundays, Browser readers receive a special edition with puzzles, poems, books, charts, music and more – here's a little taste of this week's edition. Image Of The Week Portrait of Charlotte
5/21/2022 3:04:27 PM

Nomen Manifesto

Nomen Est Omen Roger's Bacon | Secretum Secretorum | 19th May 2022 Notes on the power of names, and on nominative determinism, which holds that people are drawn to jobs that fit their names — a
6/18/2022 3:04:27 PM

Nightmare Evolution

We might have evolved to be smart But interestingness is an art. Nightmare Evolution By Sylvia Bishop – 18 Jun 2022 – View online → Evolution And Archaeology Sarah Constantin | Rough Diamonds | 16th
6/24/2022 3:04:28 PM

Likely Expectations

How likely are you to be smitten By what other humans have written? Likely Expectations By Sylvia Bishop – 24 Jun 2022 – View online → What To Expect From Your Craniotomy Mary South | White Review |
6/25/2022 3:04:28 PM

Eyebrow Queen

Let us send you more picks like this, please, And we'll keep those fine eyebrows raising. Eyebrow Queen By Sylvia Bishop – 25 Jun 2022 – View online → A Brief History Of Women's Eyebrows In Art
6/23/2022 3:04:27 PM

Radical Earthworms

If worms can harm soil, and A. Smith Might depart from his free market myth Radical Earthworms By Sylvia Bishop – 23 Jun 2022 – View online → Revenge Of The Earthworms Moira Donovan | Walrus | 13th
6/26/2022 3:04:29 PM

World Temple

On Sundays, Browser readers receive a special edition with puzzles, poems, books, charts, music and more World Temple By Sylvia Bishop – 26 Jun 2022 – View online → On Sundays, Browser readers receive
6/22/2022 3:14:29 PM

Temple Smashing

From temples to techno-utopia; From horror to something much hope-ier Temple Smashing By Sylvia Bishop – 22 Jun 2022 – View online → The Perils Of Smashing The Past Nathan Gardels | Noema | 17th June
6/27/2022 3:04:29 PM

Eyes Theft

While light through the eyes Can cause a migraine, Insight through the eyes Only brightens the brain Eyes Theft By Sylvia Bishop – 27 Jun 2022 – View online → The Pervasive Problem Of Tree-Theft
6/21/2022 3:14:28 PM

Star Travel

Need goods for your commonplace book? The Browser's the place you should look. Star Travel By Sylvia Bishop – 21 Jun 2022 – View online → The Stars Are Blind Anna Dorn | Granta | 15th June 2022
6/28/2022 3:04:27 PM

Worse Inside

Browsification. Adj. Edification, astonishment, delight. Worse Inside By Sylvia Bishop – 28 Jun 2022 – View online → It's Worse Than You Think Oliver Burkeman | The Imperfectionist | 23rd June 2022
7/9/2022 3:04:29 PM

Poison Pyramid

Get a daily embarrassment of wonders with The Browser Poison Pyramid By Sylvia Bishop – 09 Jul 2022 – View online → My Poison Snake Erika Kobayashi | CrimeReads | 29th June 2022 Memoir about growing up
7/25/2022 3:04:27 PM

Influenced Ice

You could find life's peace by being a holy man in a desert Influenced Ice By Sylvia Bishop – 25 Jul 2022 – View online → How To Be Influenced Ian Leslie | The Ruffian | 23rd July 2022 In a world
7/23/2022 3:04:27 PM

Race Between

I could wish this Browser were ten times as long. Race Between By Sylvia Bishop – 23 Jul 2022 – View online → The Maintenance Race Stewart Brand | Works In Progress | 22nd July 2022 Lessons learned
7/26/2022 3:04:28 PM

Great Giraffe

We might be biased, but we think the greatest giraffe of all is The Browser's own Cecily Giraffe. Great Giraffe By Sylvia Bishop – 26 Jul 2022 – View online → Hispaniola's Great Divergence
7/22/2022 3:04:26 PM

Remember Growth

If productivity growth will be irrelevant to human welfare, maybe have a little sit down. Remember Growth By Sylvia Bishop – 22 Jul 2022 – View online → Why We Don't Remember Pandemics Mark
7/27/2022 3:04:27 PM

Life Tables

Here's a time-table for the future Life Tables By Sylvia Bishop – 27 Jul 2022 – View online → How To Search For Life On Mars Robert Zubrin et al | New Atlantis | 22nd July 2022 There may well be
7/21/2022 3:04:27 PM

Alaska Kat

Stock your freezer with meaty reads Alaska Kat By Sylvia Bishop – 21 Jul 2022 – View online → EE Cummings And Krazy Kat Amber Medland | Paris Review | 20th July 2022 On Krazy Kat, a cartoon strip by
7/28/2022 3:04:28 PM

Statement Smell

Some guesses: Security is one of your major goals in life. Statement Smell By Sylvia Bishop – 28 Jul 2022 – View online → Links Between Smell And Memory Roxanne Khamsi | Nature | 22nd June 2022 Notes
8/9/2022 3:04:28 PM

Vice Metals

Most ideas go out of circulation Vice Metals By Sylvia Bishop – 09 Aug 2022 – View online → Inflationary Vice Theodore Dalrymple | Law And Liberty | 8th August 2022 Persuasive if not conclusive
8/23/2022 3:14:10 PM

Parry Time

Oral tradition or written tradition: either way, great stories are meant to be shared. Parry Time By Sylvia Bishop – 23 Aug 2022 – View online → Deep Time Sickness Lachlan Summers | Noema | 14th July
8/24/2022 3:04:31 PM

Email Ode

Coming soon: an option to upgrade to an entirely jade-based edition of The Browser. Email Ode By Sylvia Bishop – 24 Aug 2022 – View online → Email Innovation Timeline Elizabeth Feinler & John
8/22/2022 3:04:27 PM

Judgement Bird

Catching and killing things in order to study them is, as a rule, hard work. Judgement Bird By Sylvia Bishop – 22 Aug 2022 – View online → Fair Judgement John Porter | The Garden Professors | 13th
8/25/2022 3:14:29 PM

Panic Bewilderment

Seek out questions the easy way Panic Bewilderment By Sylvia Bishop – 25 Aug 2022 – View online → Panic At The Library Brian Michael Murphy | Lapham's Quarterly | 24th August 2022 The creation of
8/22/2022 3:25:27 AM

Milk Mathematics

Fantasising about the future is all very well, but not if it distracts us from present realities Milk Mathematics By Sylvia Bishop – 19 Aug 2022 – View online → How To Milk Emily Ogden | Granta | 17th
8/26/2022 3:04:40 PM

Earth Essay

How many errorrs are there? Earth Essay By Sylvia Bishop – 26 Aug 2022 – View online → Wikipedia And The Flat Earth Anonymous | Wikipedia | 6th August 2022 Explainer of Wikipedia's editorial
8/22/2022 3:14:53 AM

Chimerica Physics

The Universe is mostly made up of vacuums. Chimerica Physics By Sylvia Bishop – 20 Aug 2022 – View online → The Rise And Fall Of Chimerica Jacob Dreyer | Noema | 18th August 2022 Discursive essay about
8/22/2022 3:09:28 AM

Future Tribe

On Sundays, Browser readers receive a special edition with puzzles, poems, books, charts, music and more Future Tribe By Sylvia Bishop – 21 Aug 2022 – View online → On Sundays, Browser readers receive
9/6/2022 3:14:30 PM

Better Identity

Don't fill your electronic harbour with digital rocks. Better Identity By Sylvia Bishop – 06 Sep 2022 – View online → Identity, Alphabetically Alfian Sa'at | Sydney Review Of Books | 5th
9/20/2022 3:04:28 PM

Mrs. Neanderthal

When the Neanderthals made art, it was in manageable quantities. Mrs. Neanderthal By Sylvia Bishop – 20 Sep 2022 – View online → Did Neanderthals Make Art? Bruce Hardy | Sapiens | 11th August 2022 The
9/21/2022 3:04:27 PM

Tiny Power

Use your tiny power for tiny good. Tiny Power By Sylvia Bishop – 21 Sep 2022 – View online → Tiny Murder Scenes Of Frances Glessner Lee Nicole Johnson | Al-Jazeera | 11th September 2022 While she was
9/22/2022 3:14:29 PM

Belly Prodigy

Are you unhappy to be told at whatever level of frankness that you're stupid? Belly Prodigy By Sylvia Bishop – 22 Sep 2022 – View online → In Egypt, Foreigners Dominate Belly Dancing Chahrazade
9/23/2022 3:15:31 PM

End Norms

Oligopoly is never good End Norms By Sylvia Bishop – 23 Sep 2022 – View online → The End Of Cinema Jared Marcel Pollen | Verso | 20th September 2022 Engaging account of Jean-Luc Godard's early
9/19/2022 3:14:28 PM

Word Energy

Running out of word energy? Don't waste it reading any old words. Word Energy By Sylvia Bishop – 19 Sep 2022 – View online → Word Watch Maria Heim | Princeton University Press | 12th September 2022
9/18/2022 3:04:28 PM

Cow Text

On Sundays, Browser readers receive a special edition with puzzles, poems, books, charts, music and more Cow Text By Sylvia Bishop – 18 Sep 2022 – View online → On Sundays, Browser readers receive a
9/16/2022 3:04:29 PM

Build Paradise

Build paradise? That's a tall order Build Paradise By Sylvia Bishop – 16 Sep 2022 – View online → Build A Home That Lasts A Thousand Years Wrath Of Gnon | 12th September 2022 After a brief salute
9/25/2022 3:04:28 PM

Vertebrate Trees

On Sundays, Browser readers receive a special edition with puzzles, poems, books, charts, music and more Vertebrate Trees By Sylvia Bishop – 25 Sep 2022 – View online → On Sundays, Browser readers
9/15/2022 3:04:28 PM

Floppy Focus

Don't focus floppily. Floppy Focus By Sylvia Bishop – 15 Sep 2022 – View online → In The Floppy Disk Business Niek Hilkmann & Thomas Walskaar | Eye On Design | 12th September 2022 Interview
9/26/2022 3:04:26 PM

Kripke Calendar

Should we keep solar or lunar time? It's a doozy. Kripke Calendar By Sylvia Bishop – 26 Sep 2022 – View online → Obituary: Saul Kripke Jane O'Grady | Guardian | 21st September 2022 Saul Kripke
10/13/2022 3:14:28 PM

Bestseller Science

What is this newsletter for, and who should control it? Bestseller Science By Sylvia Bishop – 13 Oct 2022 – View online → What Counts As A Bestseller? Jordan Pruett | Public Books | 11th October 2022
10/18/2022 3:14:28 PM

Space Playground

Space travel not living up to expectations? Space Playground By Sylvia Bishop – 18 Oct 2022 – View online → Space Filled Me With Sadness William Shatner | Variety | 6th October 2022 Extract from the
10/19/2022 3:04:26 PM

Tree Republic

The trees of Mumbai work hard - and so do we Tree Republic By Sylvia Bishop – 19 Oct 2022 – View online → If A Tree Falls In A City Sananda Mukhopadhyaya | Soup | 12th October 2022 The trees of Mumbai
10/23/2022 3:04:27 PM

Mole Blast

On Sundays, Browser readers receive a special edition with puzzles, poems, books, charts, music and more Mole Blast By Sylvia Bishop – 23 Oct 2022 – View online → On Sundays, Browser readers receive a
10/21/2022 3:14:27 PM

Living Inside

Sometimes it can be very helpful to collapse a haze of probabilities. Living Inside By Sylvia Bishop – 21 Oct 2022 – View online → Living Descendants Of Mark Anthony Theodore Kopaliani | Antigone |
10/24/2022 3:04:29 PM

Freeman Land

You aren't living in freeman land right now. Sorry. Freeman Land By Sylvia Bishop – 24 Oct 2022 – View online → Freeman Dyson And Me Jeremy Bernstein | MIT Press Reader | 20th October 2022 Memoir
10/25/2022 3:14:33 PM

Pointless Policing

From the miscroscopic to the necro-cop's shtick, we find you articles to surprise and delight. Pointless Policing By Sylvia Bishop – 25 Oct 2022 – View online → Inventing New Particles Is Pointless
10/17/2022 3:04:27 PM

Happened Beyond

I don't know much about milk, but you should definitely get some great reads past-yer-eyes Happened Beyond By Sylvia Bishop – 17 Oct 2022 – View online → What Happened To Rod McKuen? Dan Kois |
11/18/2022 4:04:27 PM

Narrative State

If you enjoy being in a narrative state, then you'll enjoy reading five outstanding pieces of writing daily Narrative State By Sylvia Bishop – 18 Nov 2022 – View online → Grand Narratives Brad
11/21/2022 4:04:29 PM

Better World

Making the world better is a tricky business. Better World By Sylvia Bishop – 21 Nov 2022 – View online → Things Could Be Better Adam Mastroianni | Experimental History | 15th November 2022 In which
11/22/2022 4:04:27 PM

Reading Kick

Do you get a kick out of reading, too? Reading Kick By Sylvia Bishop – 22 Nov 2022 – View online → Choice Reading Denise Gigante | Lapham's Quarterly | 21st November 2022 New York in the 19C was so
11/23/2022 4:04:27 PM

Toxic Reputation

Copies of texts keep them alive Toxic Reputation By Sylvia Bishop – 23 Nov 2022 – View online → The Toxic History Of Colour Whitney Bauck | Atmos | 21st November 2022 Colour has always been deadly. The
11/17/2022 4:04:28 PM

Sacred Era

Fed up of seeing all those walking advertisements? Sacred Era By Sylvia Bishop – 17 Nov 2022 – View online → Sacred Feathers Elizabeth Hlavinka | Atmos | 16th November 2022 Climate change is affecting
11/24/2022 4:04:28 PM

Lethal Hounds

Please enjoy this comprehensive list of names for your dog Lethal Hounds By Sylvia Bishop – 24 Nov 2022 – View online → When Lethal Weapons Grew On Trees Kris De Decker | Low-Tech Magazine | 23rd
11/16/2022 4:04:27 PM

Ghost Busters

If there's something strange in your neighbourhood... Ghost Busters By Sylvia Bishop – 16 Nov 2022 – View online → We Have Our Ghosts Elodie Olson-Coons | Guernica | 14th November 2022 Essay that
11/25/2022 4:14:27 PM

Key Quettabyte

A yottabyte of data? Key Quettabyte By Sylvia Bishop – 25 Nov 2022 – View online → The Death Of Key Change Chris Dalla Riva | Tedium | 9th November 2022 For 30 years or so until 1990 there was a pretty