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6/23/2022 12:24:36 PM

What are you trading off?

Your host today is Peep Laja, Founder at CXL Strategy is about choices and tradeoffs, yet most never even consider alternatives to the status quo. Strategic discussions and planning require
10/27/2021 2:24:27 PM

These password spraying attacks are on the rise

MacOS Monterey review; PC Health Check app ZDNet Facebook Twitter LinkedIn ZDNet Tech Today October 27, 2021 placeholder Microsoft warns over uptick in password spraying attacks READ FULL STORY RELATED
10/3/2021 3:54:28 PM

C# Digest #383: Health checks in ASP.Net Core web API

And more news, tutorials and articles about C# and .NET in this week's issue. #383 — October 04, 2021 View in browser C# Digest Spread the word, build the community, share the knowledge – invite
2/26/2021 5:54:29 PM

✏ Stop Feeding the Beast, 12 Best AI Alternatives, Building A Discord Bot, and more...

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