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12/21/2022 1:44:27 PM

The Warren Buffett diet

Plus: Entrepreneurs may have brain parasites, and living-room trends for 2023. View in browser Subscribe December 21, 2022 Hello, Insiders. It's almost time for New Year's resolutions. And
1/20/2023 5:34:27 PM

☕ How do you measure, measure an ad?

The state of measurement in 2023. January 20, 2023 Marketing Brew Today is Friday. Today in We Didn't Know This Job Existed, Netflix is hiring a flight attendant to work on its fleet of jets. Huge
1/20/2023 3:04:40 AM

Netflix flight attendants can make $385K

Plus: Amazon staffers are scrambling, and the next Cold War. View in browser Subscribe January 19, 2023 Hello, Insiders! Remember when everyone was talking about the metaverse? Folks were snapping up
11/24/2022 5:24:27 PM

25 Gifts Your Techy Friends Actually Want in 2022

Did You Know?: In 1972, a young Serbian flight attendant, Vesna Vulović, fell 33330 feet (10160 meters) when JAT Flight 367 was ripped apart by a terrorist bomb. Although she suffered multiple broken
8/9/2022 10:04:29 AM

Numlock News: August 9, 2022 • Blue Blood, Flight Attendants, Soccer Stadiums

By Pat Garofalo The guest host today is Pat Garofalo. He's the author of the brilliant book The Billionaire Boondoggle, the director of state and local policy at the American Economic Liberties
8/2/2022 2:34:28 PM

Travel chaos, flight fees, and labor shortages could get even worse in October when airlines can start buying their own stocks again, according to the president of the flight attendants' union

In October, airlines can resume stock buybacks that were banned during the pandemic. It could mean more expensive flights and fewer staff. View in browser Business Insider Business Insider Business
7/14/2022 10:45:19 AM

Daily Skimm: You’re my number one boy

Skimm'd while shopping some big sales July 13, 2022 Read in browser Daily Skimm Toaster and Avocado Toast Skimm'd while shopping some big sales “Not the flight attendant trying to give me a
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What A Day: Breaking the gas ceiling

A rarely advisable War Surprise. Tuesday, March 8, 2022 BY SARAH LAZARUS & CROOKED MEDIA -The pilots and flight attendants in Ted Cruz's fantasies The US and Europe have moved to ban or phase
10/18/2021 2:04:28 AM

Silicon Valley Funding News - Week of October 18, 2021. Dexterity (Warehouse Robotics) Raised $140M Series B

View this email in your browser I will be heading to FII (Riyadh and Dubai), Web Summit and Breakpoint (Portugal). A bit nervous but excited about my very first international flight after 22 months!
9/27/2021 2:44:28 PM

Hawaiian Airlines diverted 2 flights in less than 12 hours after one passenger assaulted a flight attendant and another refused to wear a mask

Two Hawaiian Airlines flights from Honolulu were diverted Thursday after a passenger hit a flight attendant "unprovoked" and another refused to mask. View in browser Business Insider Business
9/20/2021 2:14:29 PM

Silicon Valley Funding News - Week of September 20, 2021. Persona Raised $150M Series C led by Founders Fund

View this email in your browser Happy Monday! I just committed to speak at Web Summit Lisbon this year on November 1-4. Yes I am traveling! My very first international flight after almost 2 years.
5/14/2021 3:11:57 AM

How to Get a Flight Attendant to Like You

All signs indicate Americans are ready to get back into their regular vacation routines this summer, and airlines are doing... ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ Do everything better
4/24/2020 11:26:59 AM

Trump’s Disinfectant And Light Cure | Next Up For Stimulus | More Billionaire COVID-19 Giving

Plus: The Most Common Conflicts For Co-Isolating Couples Forbes Know Now • United Just Ordered Flight Attendants To Wear Masks, Passengers Could Be Next • House Passes $484 Billion Relief Package.