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3/6/2023 6:14:42 AM

Meet the humanoid robots that might change your future

You are living on the edge of history going into the humanoid robot era. Almost all the ingredients are here and there's a tide coming in. If you could buy - for a price of a car - a humanoid robot
3/5/2023 5:34:38 PM

Week in Review - OpenAI launches an API for ChatGPT, a startup attempts a humanoid robot, and Salesforce turns it around

TechCrunch Newsletter TechCrunch logo Week in Review logo By Kyle Wiggers Sunday, March 05, 2023 TGIF, my TechCrunch homies. It's that time of week again — the time for Week in Review, where we
3/3/2023 11:54:53 AM

Bing AI custom personalities 🧍, humanoid robot startup 🤖, Linux app store proposal 👨‍💻

Microsoft's Bing chatbot has added a feature that lets users toggle between different response tones Sign Up|Jobs|Advertise|View Online TLDR Together With Postman Daily Update 2023-03-03 Most
3/2/2023 11:24:46 PM

Stealth startup Figure releases first photos of its all-purpose humanoid robot

TechCrunch Newsletter TechCrunch logo The Daily Crunch logo By Christine Hall and Haje Jan Kamps Thursday, March 02, 2023 G'day, friends! Good to spend some time with you again. Come spend some
10/7/2022 2:04:30 PM

H+ Weekly - Issue #383

Tesla shows a humanoid robot; DeepMind finds a better way to multiply matrices; a new project to map the entire human brain launches; and more! . H+ WEEKLY . Issue #383 View this email in your browser
10/3/2022 10:54:33 AM

Tesla's robot 🤖, Chrome's anti-ad-blocking 🛡️, tech layoff survivors 👨‍💻

Elon Musk revealed a prototype of a humanoid robot at the start of Tesla's 2022 AI Day presentation. Sign Up | View Online | Sponsor Daily Update 2022-10-03 Treat quality as a process rather than a
9/21/2022 11:04:32 AM

Tesla race to finish robot 🤖, the rise of Stable Diffusion 👨‍💻, Nvidia next-gen GPUs 💻

Tesla has set the Optimus humanoid robot project as a priority. Sign Up | View Online | Sponsor Daily Update 2022-09-21 How Notion, Lemonade, and BambooHR simplified their security and compliance (
8/16/2022 3:55:00 PM

Hackers are finding ways around MFA. Here's what to watch for

Galaxy Watch 5 Pro review; Tesla's humanoid robot... ZDNet Facebook Twitter LinkedIn ZDNet Tech Today August 16, 2022 placeholder Hackers are finding ways around multi-factor authentication.
8/12/2022 2:04:28 PM

H+ Weekly - Issue #375

EU plans to regulate AI; a humanoid robot from Xiaomi; first fully autonomous commercial robotaxis in China; humanised yeast; and more! . H+ WEEKLY . Issue #375 View this email in your browser This
8/12/2022 12:24:28 PM

Xiaomi unveils a humanoid robot and a foldable phone

The Morning After Now available on your smart speaker and wherever you get your podcasts Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Google Play | iHeart Radio It's Friday, August 12, 2022. Xiaomi had a busy
8/12/2022 10:44:26 AM

Google Search games 🎮, Xiaomi humanoid robot 🤖, no-code vs. developers 👨‍💻

Google is testing a feature that allows users to launch game titles directly from Google Search. Sign Up | View Online | Sponsor Daily Update 2022-08-12 Disrupting the Fintech Industry with a
5/5/2022 10:44:26 AM

Humanoid robot factory 🤖, TikTok Pulse 📱, making friends on the internet 🧑‍🤝‍🧑

Clips of Engineered Arts' bot Ameca went viral last December as people were amazed by its realistic facial expressions If you don't want to receive future editions of TLDR, please click here to
4/25/2022 5:44:27 AM

Z's 3-in-3: $100M prize • Humanoid robots • Ambition

Hi! How's your week been? Z's 3-in-3: $100M prize • Humanoid robots • Ambition By Zvonimir Fras • Issue #12 • View online Hi! How's your week been? Thing 1: $100M prize for... carbon The
4/8/2022 11:44:27 AM

Dr. Oz’s Big Tech Shares | Tesla’s Humanoid Robots | The Masters Versus U.S. Open

Plus: The 10 Richest Self-Made Women In The World ADVERTISEMENT Forbes Good morning. When TV personality Dr. Mehmet Oz announced he'd run for Pennsylvania's Senate seat, he claimed he had “
1/28/2022 5:54:27 PM

☕ Battery breakdown

Scaling up global battery manufacturing is essential. January 28, 2022 Emerging Tech Brew TOGETHER WITH ZipRecruiter Happy Friday. Elon Musk said Wednesday that Tesla's humanoid robot project is
1/10/2022 11:24:27 AM

Google radar 📡, humanoid robots 🤖,  Asian unicorns 🦄

Google has launched an open-source API standard called Ripple. Ripple brings Google's Project Soli radar technology to devices outside of Google. TLDR Daily Update 2022-01-10 Find security problems
12/6/2021 11:24:27 AM

Omicron's common cold genetics 🧬, Didi delists stock 🚕, humanoid robots 🤖

A new preliminary study suggests that the omicron variant likely picked up genetic material from another virus that causes the common cold in humans. TLDR Daily Update 2021-12-06 Find a job through
11/10/2021 4:04:28 PM

Noonification: An Honest Tale of How We Built a Humanoid Robot

Top Tech Content sent at Noon The Cosmos HackAtom: Prizes of $1000000 The Noonification: Your Daily Dose of Electrifying Tech Content at Noon, by HackerNoon Hey there, 🪐 What's happening in tech
8/23/2021 10:24:27 AM

Tesla's robot 🤖, Facebook's crypto wallet 🪙, Google's Project Hug 🤗💵

Elon Musk unveiled a humanoid robot called the Tesla Bot at the end of Tesla's AI Day presentation last week. TLDR Daily Update 2021-08-23 Linode - Cloud Computing Built for Developers (Sponsor)
8/21/2021 9:54:27 AM

College vaccination drive - NYC mayor sued - Tesla's humanoid robot

Automakers' production shortage • Germany-Russia summit • Tesla's humanoid prototype • College vaccination drive • NYC mayor sued • 21 AUG 2021 View in browser The Factual Facts, not fear.
8/20/2021 7:34:26 AM

Tesla's humanoid robot, Amazon's department-store-like locations, and a new plan of attack from the FTC

The news you need to know August 19, 2021 Thursday! Hope yours went well.:) Top News The Federal Trade Commission is again taking aim at Facebook in a fresh lawsuit that beefs up its accusations that
10/19/2020 1:04:26 PM

Remote care drives VCs to healthtech

Menlo Ventures unveils $500M fund; Agility raises $20M for humanoid robots; PE in the age of COVID-19; Sonrai Security raises $20M from VCs Read online | Don't want to receive these emails? Manage