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2/8/2023 4:55:56 AM

Top 15 Google Penalties + Recovery Tips

Protect your website from the major Google penalties + learn how to recover fast if you got hit Hi Reader, A penalty from Google is the scariest nightmare of any SEO and website owner. Still, even if
8/29/2022 12:24:30 PM

Google Penguin Update Explained

There are several major Google algorithm updates you should know about Reader. Penguin is one of them because it targets two crucial aspects of SEO. Today's post explains the Google Penguin Update
8/19/2022 4:04:27 AM

Google penalties: 8 steps to identify/recover

Today's hack Google penalties: 8 steps to identify/recover If you noticed an instant drop in your search traffic, there is a big chance you've been penalized by Google. How to identify/recover
6/13/2022 3:54:27 PM

Reaching $9000 a month after a major Google Update Hit

Find out how Gemma recovered from a mega Google update hit to make more than ever, a backlink provider to help you grow your niche sites, white label SEO, best text editors for blogging, and more...
12/20/2021 3:04:27 PM

SEJ Weekly: Major Google Algorithm Updates You Need To Know For 2022 Planning

Trending SEO, PPC, content, and social media updates to start your week off right. By Matt Southern, Senior News Writer Monday, December 20, 2021 Major Google Algorithm Updates You Need To Know For