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7/15/2022 5:04:28 PM

Best Tool Guides For WordPress to Help You✌️

Tools are the essential things to improvise website and your work. Check out this guide about tools and explore more. Hello Reader, WordPress is the most well-known Content Management System (CMS) in
3/21/2023 4:04:26 AM

3x more revenue without acquisition (study)

Today's hack How they managed to triple their revenue without acquiring new users... (you can do it too) Secret Escapes managed to boost their completed purchases by +210% without acquiring new
2/17/2023 8:15:16 AM

Shopify Dispatch Issue #386 - Shopify Winter '23 Edition

Issue #386 - February 15th, 2023 Shopify's Winter '23 Edition The big news of the week is Shopify's release of their Winter '23 Edition. It includes many new features and improvements,
2/6/2023 4:04:27 AM

3x increase in free trial & paying customers

Today's hack How Vero managed to achieve 3x increase in free trial & paying customers without acquiring new users... Vero used email marketing the same way as the majority uses it (=
1/24/2023 6:24:32 PM

The Growth Newsletter #104

AI eye contact, freebies in-store, and short free trials. ‌ ‌ ‌ Demand Curve The Growth Newsletter #104 Read on our site Welcome to the 2132 new subscribers this week! Excited to see so many new @'
1/20/2023 4:05:02 AM

+$2K in 15 minutes (smart trick)

Today's hack He applied this simple trick within 15 minutes. Result: increased revenue of his startup by $2838... Very often we are so focused on acquiring new users... and completely forget about
12/1/2022 7:24:28 PM

Ranked | The World’s Largest Copper Producers 📊

Many new technologies critical to the energy transition rely on copper. Here are the world's largest copper producers. View Online | Subscribe Presented by: Food Security is a Global Issue. >
10/24/2022 3:34:27 PM

30,000 new users per hour

Tbh founder Nikita Bier is back with Gas, a new social app that de-throned TikTok and BeReal. Read more below.... Product Hunt Read in browser This newsletter is brought to you by Last week in tech:
9/23/2022 2:24:43 PM

iPhone 14 Pro: Even better than advertised

EV expo takeaways; How to keep employees happy -- ZDNET ZDNET Tech Today - US September 23, 2022 placeholder iPhone 14 Pro wins with substance over sizzle this year Review: With so many new camera
9/7/2022 2:24:30 PM

75% off for 48 hours

Claim your free access to our YouTube ads course. Hi , Just one good YouTube ad can drive so many new sales for your ecommerce business that you'll struggle to keep up. But right now, that's a
8/13/2022 4:04:29 PM

180 - Priyank Shah

Priyank Shah is a self-taught product designer and is currently an independent freelancer. 180 - Priyank Shah Welcome to another (or your first if you are one of many new subscribers!) edition of
8/4/2022 6:24:28 AM

July 2022: After math of a viral tweet

I gained 1500 new users, but how many will convert? And other updates in July 2022... ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌
7/11/2022 1:04:27 PM

These 5 Email Newsletters Will Inspire You To Start Your Own

The latest tips, strategies, advice, and stories from the Buffer blog. ‌ ‌ ‌ Image Hi there 👋 I'm not sure if you can relate, but although I subscribe to possibly too many newsletters, there are a
6/18/2022 4:04:26 AM

2.5x more sales without acquiring new users

Today's hack 2.5x more sales without acquiring new users Golden Gate Wine was a small company with a lack of funds. They desperately needed to increase their profits (who doesn't ;)) without
6/11/2022 12:24:26 PM

Here's How Car Wi-Fi Works

Read in Browser Logo for Review Geek June 11, 2022 Nowadays, having an internet connection or Wi-Fi isn't just helpful. It's a necessity, and that same need extends to our vehicles. Many newer
5/17/2022 3:04:28 PM

Here's what new Linux users need first

Best cards for bad credit; Headphones and hearing loss ZDNet Facebook Twitter LinkedIn ZDNet Tech Today May 17, 2022 placeholder These two Linux desktops are the simplest picks for new users READ FULL
5/12/2022 3:44:27 PM

May 12 - Oreos double as canvas for LGBT support | Peloton ad spend dips 22% in Q1

Peloton ad spending plunged as new users wane, analysis finds; How streaming TV platforms upped their games at the NewFronts; Sneaker supremacy: Nike and Adidas battle for brand love View online |
5/12/2022 2:25:05 PM

UST is in a death spiral, will other stablecoins(USDT DAI FRAX)?

Recently, the death spiral of UST and LUNA was a big shock, and many newbies may have concerns about the risk of depeg other stablecoins, here we briefly explain. Crypto stablecoins are divided into
4/17/2022 1:24:27 PM

📂 Reward new users with extra trial time by completing tasks

​ ​ ​ Today's newsletter is proudly supported by Ahrefs 🙌 ​ Ever since going through Blogging For Business, I've been a massive fan. In fact, they're one of the companies I feature in
3/3/2022 1:44:27 PM

I didn’t want to like this coffee

Howdy friend - here's 3 fun nuggets to make your week even better... ☕ Cometeer image A bunch of people told me about this... My default attitude with many new hype things - well if it's
2/8/2022 4:44:28 PM

Laravel 9 is now released!

No images? Click here Laravel News Laravel 9 is now released! Laravel 9 is now released and includes many new features, including a minimum PHP v8.0 version, controller route groups, a refreshed
2/8/2022 11:04:35 AM

When Radio Was Cool; Mdundo Records 4M New Users; Four Tet's Albums Return to Streaming Services

When Radio Was Cool When Radio Was Cool The passing of Howard Hesseman, the actor who played Dr. Johnny Fever on “WKRP in Cincinnati.” Music Streaming Service Mdundo Records 4 Million
12/31/2021 12:34:28 PM

How many new shows in 2021?

Spotify adds more than twice the shows than Apple - but they're almost all from Anchor 1.8 mins to read · Your daily briefing for podcasting and on-demand, with 21208 subscribers; issue #1200 ·
12/31/2021 12:04:28 PM

How many new shows in 2021?

Spotify adds more than twice the shows than Apple - but they're almost all from Anchor 1.8 mins to read · Your daily briefing for podcasting and on-demand, with 21208 subscribers; issue #1200 ·
11/21/2021 8:24:27 PM

Terra: The biggest TAM in crypto?

​ Hey everyone, Welcome to the many new friends that joined us after the Tiger Global piece. I'm so glad to have you with us on this journey of learning. Today's piece is several weeks in the
10/26/2021 1:34:27 PM

8 TikTok Marketing Examples to Inspire Your Brand in 2022

Learn how to leverage TikTok marketing in 2022 and discover the best brands getting creative on the app. HubSpot Marketing Blog Oct. 26, 2021 Marketer starts TikTok business account to reach new users
10/19/2021 3:14:27 PM

🎉 We're #3 Product of the Week

Hey Reader, Just want to share the good news about our Product Hunt launch 🎉 Badge for Usersnap - Winner of #3 Product of the Week | Product Hunt Now many new users are trying out Usersnap! And they
10/17/2021 6:34:27 PM

NFTs that Think (a Limited Drop) 💭🦊

​ Hey everyone, Welcome to the many new friends that joined us this week thanks to shoutouts from Tim Ferriss and Kevin Kelly. It's awesome to have you all here! Those of you who have been reading
10/8/2021 9:05:24 PM

With Funding Solved New Users Find Solace in EOS Support 

A long time ago… that's what it feels like having participated in the first EdenOnEOS trial election. Things happen fast on EOS and even faster now with the EOS Foundation and EdenOS/ClarionOS.
7/23/2021 5:44:27 PM

🦄 Build your audience with this newsletter idea

Hey Makers, There's already 150 of you! So happy to have so many new readers. If you like my ideas, share the newsletter with your friends. You'll make my day! ❤️ This week I want to share an
7/23/2021 10:24:29 AM

How Mack Weldon took down Tommy Hilfiger with Performance PR

Happy Sunday! Welcome to the many new readers who came this past week from Retail Brew. Every Sunday, we start this email off by making sure that you have a nice beverage in your hand (maybe a Haus
4/25/2021 9:24:27 AM

Kotlin Weekly #247

ISSUE #247 25th of April 2021 Announcements Do you remember your first introduction to Kotlin? New users survey JetBrains has released a survey to understand the ways people are introduced to Kotlin,
3/24/2021 9:54:27 AM

Black resident reparations - Gun laws debate - Germany locks down again

Covid vaccine pill • Philippines-China dispute • Germany new lockdown • Illinois city reparations • Gun control debate • 24 MAR 2021 View in browser The Factual Facts, not fear. TRENDING TOPICS Gun
3/16/2021 8:44:26 PM

Growth Bite: Get new users by submitting your landing page to design showcases

If you've got design chops, you can garner interest in your product by showing off its design. Get traffic and signups by submitting your site to UI showcases. Harsh Vijay of [ruttl](https://app.
1/25/2021 5:14:27 PM

Growth Bite: Get new customers by creating a related (and free) Chrome extension

To bring new people to your product's ecosystem, it can be helpful to tap into a new marketplace. Increase your brand awareness and get new users by launching a free Chrome extension. [Surfer](
1/11/2021 5:34:27 PM

Growth Bite: Increase paid conversions by incentivizing trial users to check out key features

It's critical to convey your product's value before new users abandon the trial. Boost conversions by offering a small trial extension for each key feature a user explores. Navarre Trousselot
1/9/2021 6:24:27 PM

New Year, New Beauty Routine | Sponsored

Drinking more water, spending less time on social media, learning how to cook…There are so many New Year's resolutions we make every January, but this year it's all about updating our beauty
12/29/2020 6:34:27 PM

Growth Bite: Create a growth loop with user-generated templates

User-generated content is gold, and user-generated templates are a cut above the rest. Get new users and retain old ones by allowing them to create (and share) templates for your product. [Notion's
12/19/2020 4:34:27 PM

How to Grow Your SEO Traffic by Updating Your Old Content

Can you guess how many new posts I write for a week? 1. Can you guess how many articles my team updates each week? 21. My team spends 21x the effort that I do to update content. Why? Because Google
12/17/2020 8:14:27 AM

Alpine.js, Livewire, Vue Router and Some Laravel :)

Hey, This week I realized how many new frameworks and mini-languages are around Laravel. I guess at some point I would need to rename "Laravel Daily" and "Laravel Business" to
12/7/2020 8:34:27 AM

7 best Linux distributions for new users

Biggest Android mistake of 2020; open source predictions for 2021 Subscription | Read Online | Twitter Facebook LinkedIn TechRepublic Editor's Choice December 7, 2020 Linux: The 7 best