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1/29/2023 2:04:26 PM

FTI #345: Right or left?

​ ​ ​ Strategy needs to be aligned with a destination. Which means you need to pick a destination first. It's like looking at a map. You see all the roads and potential destinations, but... If you
1/8/2023 2:04:27 PM

FTI #342: Attention vs. Action

​ ​ ​ Attention is valuable. But not as valuable as action. That's why I optimize for action. Now, on to this week's ideas... *** The Starting Five 1. The Most Valuable Advice I've Given To
4/2/2022 3:54:27 AM

EOSweekly: ETP, La Rose, Pierce, Object Computing, Feedback+, Pomelo, Eden Election on April 9

TOP HEADLINES Developer Commitment, Loyalty, and Follow Through The Dawn of EOS was exciting. Block.One centralized development and in turn stifled mainnet growth? B1 seems long gone. Helios and co-
12/18/2020 11:14:28 AM

Can Music Keep Up in the Attention Economy?; Tuned Global Inks New Deals in Asia; Spotify Adds Centralized Hub to Learn More About Songwriters

December 18 · Issue #1092 · View online Platform & Stream Streaming Is Stalling: Can Music Keep Up in the Attention Economy? – Share Has streaming volume really peaked in the US,