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1/20/2023 4:24:58 AM

They want to cut Social Security behind closed doors, without their fingerprints.

Medicare and Social Security put the lie to Wall Street's insistence that private corporations are more efficient than what we can do together. Republicans are holding the debt ceiling hostage to
2/4/2023 7:34:27 PM

Sign the petition: Statehood for D.C. now!

Over 700000 people call Washington, DC, home. The people of DC pay the highest federal taxes per capita but have no voting representation in Congress. Becoming a state ends this injustice. This is a
2/9/2023 12:14:27 AM

Moderna and Pfizer are about to raise the price of Covid vaccines by 400 percent

The billions in profits raked in by Big Pharma would not be possible without taxpayer resources and government-funded innovation. HHS must step in to stop this profiteering now. This is a message from
4/1/2023 6:24:31 PM

Televise Trump’s Trial

This is the first-ever felony indictment of a former US president. The public interest requires complete transparency from beginning to end. That means the trial must be televised. This is a message