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4/22/2022 4:04:26 AM

TOP 5 insights to motivate your sales team

Today's hack TOP 5 insights to motivate your sales team If you've ever tried to sell, you know how frustrating it can be. People just burn out. A sales guru, Andrew Berger, who manages multiple
4/24/2022 4:04:26 AM

+55% conversions (simple A/B test)

Today's hack +55% conversions (simple A/B test) You probably saw this pretty often, when products sound so smart, trendy, and beautiful ... that you have no clear understanding of what they are
4/26/2022 4:04:27 AM

+47% CTR easy (98% don′t use this)

Today's hack +47% CTR easy (98% don′t use this) What drives more conversions: 1. Positive sentiments that focus on the pleasure from the gain. 2. Or negative sentiments that focus on the pain from
4/27/2022 4:04:26 AM

From 0 to $625M/year (Shutterstock)

Today's hack From 0 to $625M/year (first steps of Shutterstock) Did you know that Shutterstock makes $625M/year and 46.3% of the company belong to its solo-founder Jon Oringer. How did he manage to
4/25/2022 4:04:28 AM

From 0 to 140,000/month paying customers

Today's hack From 0 to 140000/month paying customers CloudHQ managed to grow from 0 to 140000/month paying customers. How did they do it? 1. In 2011, they focused on solving a big problem for a
4/23/2022 4:04:27 AM

From 0 to 1M users in a year (Foursquare)

Today's hack From 0 to 1M users in a year (Foursquare) Foursquare managed to achieve 1 million users in just a year. How did they do it? 1. They launched a simple app in 2009: you could share your
4/28/2022 4:04:27 AM

Smart Product/Market Fit study you′ll love

Need your help fellow growth hackers... If you could only ask 1 specific question to a successful entrepreneur, WHAT QUESTIONS WOULD YOU ASK? * (think everyday folks who exit their startup at the $500k
4/29/2022 4:04:27 AM

From 0 to 1.3 million users (1 hack)

Discover rising trends. Looking for the next big thing? Treendly is a web app and newsletter that allows you to discover and monitor rising trends you haven't heard of before they take off. It
4/30/2022 4:04:26 AM

637% growth in revenue in 12 months

Today's hack 637% growth in revenue in 12 months ConvertKit was growing steadily for 3 years until they applied an approach that increased their revenue by 637% in just 12 months. What kind of
5/10/2022 4:04:27 AM

9% more sales (easy)

Today's hack 9% more sales (easy) Do you remember this principle - people don't buy from companies, they buy from people they believe and respect. Neil Patel once decided to test this principle
5/23/2022 4:04:31 AM

+113% in overall conversions (study)

Today's hack +113% in overall conversions (study) Optimizely once decided to test a new approach for their landing pages. The results were amazing: +113% in overall conversions. What did they do?
5/26/2022 4:04:27 AM

From 0 to $1.1B (+ growth model)

Today's hack From 0 to $1.1B (+ growth model) In 2012, a developer from Ukraine, Dmitriy Zaporozhets - co-founder of GitLab, tried to make money through donations... He earned $100/month. 6 years
5/25/2022 4:04:26 AM

15% more productive team and you

Today's hack 15% more productive team and you Will your growth double if you and your team's efficiency double? Sure. Maybe even more than double. It's like having 2 times more team members
5/27/2022 4:04:26 AM

+16% open rate (secret hack you don′t know)

Today's hack +16% open rate (secret hack you don′t know) Do subject lines matter for your open rates? It's obvious. Sure they do. But, besides the subject line, mailing services also show a
5/28/2022 4:04:26 AM

+20 customers a year for free per employee

Today's hack +20 customers a year for free per employee A member of our community Helga Zabalkanskaya (from - Email Signature Generator) generously shared how her company managed to
5/24/2022 4:04:27 AM

From 0 to $5B (local non-US market)

Today's hack From 0 to $5B (local non-US market) Nadiem Makarim is a guy who managed to create Indonesia's first "unicorn" startup in just 6 years. Here's how he did it: 1. From
5/29/2022 4:04:26 AM

+49% increase in cart adds (funny A/B test)

Today's hack +49% increase in cart adds (funny A/B test) McGaw ran an interesting and funny A/B test: 1. Original (a shaved male model showing off a product) 2. Variation (a bearded male model
5/30/2022 4:04:27 AM

10x more leads (powerful)

Today's hack 10x more leads (powerful) What would you like more: 100 clicks or 100 calls? Yeah, it's obvious - calls. And the stats prove your choice: 1. Phone calls convert at 10x the rate of
6/12/2022 4:04:26 AM

+54% more leads (study)

Today's hack +54% more leads (study) Influx was losing a lot of leads generated by their live chat widget. Then they made one change and experienced a +54% increase in leads. Here's what they
6/13/2022 4:04:26 AM

48% of hard traffic by an easy smart hack

Today's hack 48% of hard traffic by an easy smart hack Reddit is hard. You probably tried Reddit and found out that they hate self-promotion and adore trolling. Not the best experience. I had the
6/19/2022 4:04:26 AM

CTR: +49.6% in a minute (easy A/B test)

Today's hack CTR: +49.6% in a minute (easy A/B test) Optimizely created a webinar and then A/B tested 2 CTAs to convert readers into viewers: CTA #1. Watch Webinar CTA #2. View Presentations &
6/18/2022 4:04:26 AM

2.5x more sales without acquiring new users

Today's hack 2.5x more sales without acquiring new users Golden Gate Wine was a small company with a lack of funds. They desperately needed to increase their profits (who doesn't ;)) without
6/25/2022 4:04:27 AM

From 0 to $57M by a newbie entrepreneur

Today's hack From 0 to $57M by a newbie entrepreneur Back in 2012 Tyler Haney knew nothing about fashion design but managed to compete with Nike! and grew her clothing company to $57M in funding in
6/26/2022 4:04:27 AM

1000x to 530M in 15 years (LinkedIn study)

Today's hack 1000x to 530M in 15 years (LinkedIn study) Since 2003, Linkedin grew from 500K to 530M members. Here's how... 2003 - 2007: 1. Reid Hoffman and his team manually invited well-
6/27/2022 4:04:27 AM

2 unicorn types of growth teams

Today's hack 2 unicorn types of growth teams Even when you are a small startup you still need to follow the steps of the champions if you want to succeed in the long run. Even if you don't have
6/28/2022 4:04:27 AM

190% more revenue

Today's hack 190% more revenue Stitch analysts found that retailers who sell on 2 marketplaces see 190% more in revenue than those who sell only on a single marketplace. In this case, boosting your
6/29/2022 4:04:28 AM

Piggyback on influencers (smart hack)

Today's hack Piggyback on influencers (smart hack) Have you ever wanted to be promoted by influencers and everybody who promotes influencers? Here's a smart hack on this shared by Neil Patel
6/30/2022 4:04:26 AM

3,600% more referral sales (easy to apply)

Today's hack 3600% more referral sales (easy to apply) Have you ever seen "Invite a friend - get X amount of money, or X%/$X discount for your next purchase?" These offers are everywhere.
7/1/2022 4:04:32 AM

+90% from demo to paid (study)

Today's hack +90% from demo to paid (study) ran an A/B test. 2 days after signup, half of them were offered via email to get on a call to help them get started with using the product.
7/6/2022 4:04:26 AM

Study: 97% retention rate (2 short tactics)

Today's hack Study: 97% retention rate (2 short tactics) AdRoll has a 97% annual customer retention rate among their 30000 users in 100 countries! Do you want the same retention? ;) While others
7/7/2022 4:04:27 AM

92% of users leave because of this 1 reason

Today's hack 92% of users leave because of this 1 reason Research shows that 92% of users will leave a site instead of resetting or recovering their login info. + Requiring users to register
7/9/2022 4:04:27 AM

20x more sales (+ free tool)

Today's hack 20x more sales (+ free tool) What's the most important thing for growing your revenue? A/B tests - right? Wrong. The right answer is - data + analysis. They are your source of
7/10/2022 4:04:27 AM

+320% more revenue (eCommerce study)

Today's hack +320% more revenue (eCommerce study) Have you ever tried to sell eCommerce products via email? A study uncovered what type of email sells 320% more products than promotional emails.
7/15/2022 4:04:27 AM

+333% in revenue year-over-year (study)

Today's hack +333% in revenue year-over-year (study) An eye care company had a 0% chance to attract any organic traffic from Google, as their keywords were extremely competitive... But: 1. They
7/16/2022 4:04:30 AM

+93% more signups (pricing page study)

Today's hack +93% more signups (pricing page study) Lyyti, an event management software company, had a problem with their pricing page: it was hard for the prospects to decide which pricing plan to
7/19/2022 4:04:27 AM

18M visits/m in 2 years (study + framework)

Today's hack 18M visits/m in 2 years (study + framework) Real estate is boring. Who the hell is going to read a blog about real estate? A real estate blog, Movoto, was originally boring and nobody
7/20/2022 4:04:32 AM

+72.8% leads after asking this 1 question

Today's hack +72.8% leads after asking this 1 question Le Boutique experienced low conversions on their landing page. After applying this 3-bullet plan, they started generating +72.8% more leads.
7/22/2022 4:04:27 AM

+25% conversion lift (study)

Today's hack +25% conversion lift (study) Unbounce did A/B testing on their homepage: A. Regular text testimonials. B. Video testimonials. One of them led to a 25% conversion lift! Which one? ;)
7/27/2022 4:04:27 AM

Don`t lose 53% of users (free awesome tool)

Today's hack Don`t lose 53% of users (free awesome tool) According to Think With Google, the average page load speed on mobile sites is 22 seconds! While 53% of mobile pages are abandoned if it
7/28/2022 4:04:27 AM

3x retention (study)

Today's hack 3x retention (study) Growth hacking doesn't make any sense if your retention sucks. This is why Calm, a meditation app, decided to figure out how to boost it. And they managed to
7/21/2022 4:04:28 AM

2.7x more purchases (mobile app study)

Today's hack 2.7x more purchases (mobile app study) Leanplum analyzed 56 million data points to discover how to boost sales. Here are their 2 best findings: 1. Push notifications drive 9.6x more
7/29/2022 4:04:27 AM

Medium followers in 10 seconds (ninja hack)

Today's hack Medium followers in 10 seconds (ninja hack) We all want quick results, but this happens only in fairytales... Or not? ;) It looks like today is a fairytale. There is a 10-second, super
8/6/2022 4:04:27 AM

1 smart way to win back canceling customers

Today's hack 1 smart way to win back canceling customers It's hard to change the mind of canceling customers, but they are still a better opportunity than trying to convert someone who's
8/12/2022 4:04:28 AM

+23% to open rate, +70% to CTR (study)

Today's hack +23% to open rate, +70% to CTR (study) In the past, United Capital was only sending their email subscribers blocks of curated content. And their newsletter's open rate, CTR were
8/16/2022 4:04:26 AM

4x your time on site (+free insane tool)

Today's hack 4x your time on site (+free insane tool) The more time people spend on your website the higher Google ranks your website. You probably know this. The hardest part is - how to make
8/17/2022 4:04:28 AM

+12% to conversions (A/B test)

Today's hack +12% to conversions (A/B test) They ran an A/B test - comparing sending emails: A: from a real person (eg “Guy Marion”) B: from a general company sender (eg “Your mates at [Company
8/23/2022 4:04:28 AM

+6.56% in sales after removing this (study)

Today's hack +6.56% in sales after removing this (study) Have you ever seen these common buttons on an eCommerce shop? “Find in store” “Add to cart” “Add to wishlist” “Share with your friends”
8/22/2022 4:04:27 AM

From 0 to $7M/year (bootstrap)

Today's hack From 0 to $7M/year in 5 years without funding In 2012 Patrick Campbell (not an engineer) founded the first company in his life, having 0 experience. In 5 years he grew it to over $7
8/22/2022 3:15:26 AM

10x your organic reach on Facebook (wow!)

Today's hack How to 10x your organic reach on Facebook (my wow study) Facebook's 1%-3% organic reach sucks. Investing in growing your fan-base is a waste of time and money. I thought so until
8/22/2022 3:14:28 AM

The first-mover $Billion company framework

Today's hack The first-mover $Billion company framework If you are first to market you will win, right? Wrong. Have you ever heard of Microsoft's Tablet PC? No? They launched it back in 2001
8/19/2022 4:04:27 AM

Google penalties: 8 steps to identify/recover

Today's hack Google penalties: 8 steps to identify/recover If you noticed an instant drop in your search traffic, there is a big chance you've been penalized by Google. How to identify/recover
9/7/2022 4:04:28 AM

How they lost $180M (popular mistake)

I've got a million things to do when building a B2B SaaS startup. Security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy are not at the top of the list. Luckily, companies like
9/8/2022 4:04:27 AM

How they reduced churn by 27% (study)

Today's hack How they reduced their churn by 27% (study) Statsbot's team didn't like their big churn rate. So they analyzed their data and found out that... 30% of all their churned users
9/9/2022 4:04:26 AM

+82% to 5-star ratings (cool easy study)

Today's hack +82% to 5-star ratings (cool easy study) CallApp's ratings on Google Play decreased to 4.17 - they lost their positions and organic traffic. After they changed one thing, their
9/10/2022 4:04:26 AM

7 steps to 5-6-figure contracts (study)

Nobody wants to think about security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy. But if you're selling to B2B enterprises like we do, then this is a requirement to close
9/11/2022 4:04:27 AM

1 question = 2x activation success (study)

Today's hack How Patreon doubled their activation success with this single question... Patreon is a platform that allows people to run a membership business for their fans. They had a big problem -
9/15/2022 4:04:27 AM

14 bullet framework to boost conversions

Today's hack 14 bullet framework to boost conversions When optimizing your funnel, it's easy to miss something important. ...unless you have a step-by-step framework or a checklist that will
9/17/2022 4:04:26 AM

From 0 to $1M in revenue in 3 years (study)

Today's hack From 0 to $1M in revenue in 3 years (study) GreenPal is a marketplace that connects lawn mowing services with customers with an Uber model. Within 3 years they managed to grow from 0
9/18/2022 4:04:26 AM

70% conversion rate (B2B case study)

Today's hack 70% conversion rate (B2B case study) Segment had a huge problem. Their software was hard to install. They analyzed their data and found something interesting. After signing up, people
9/21/2022 4:04:28 AM

From a failure to $60K/m (study)

Today's hack How Ionut managed to turn his failure into a $60K/m business... Than he decided to create and sell WordPress themes. After investing $10K and 6 months he was ready to close the whole
9/22/2022 4:04:26 AM

41% increase in rankings (free tool)

Today's hack How they managed to increase rankings by 41% (+ free tool) Content optimization for Google is very important. But it's very hard to do it manually. These guys managed to increase
9/23/2022 4:04:26 AM

0% to 500% ROI (smart Facebook study)

Today's hack From 0% to 500% ROI (smart Facebook study) Spearmint LOVE sells baby clothes and goods. They started doing good but eventually their ROI disappeared. For 6 months they tested different
9/24/2022 4:04:26 AM

5 levels copywriting framework

Today's hack 5 levels copywriting framework by Eugene Schwartz When it comes to communicating with your audience, it's easy to fall into the trap of talking to everybody - you end up talking to
9/20/2022 4:04:27 AM

The #1 thing of good customer service: study

Today's hack 77% of customers say this is the most important thing a company can do to provide good customer service... According to a recent Forrester Consulting study, 77% of customers say that
9/19/2022 4:04:27 AM

A 400% increase in sales (1 trick)

Today's hack A 400% increase in sales (1 trick) A 400% increase in sales (1 trick) A show by Tracy Morgan was not selling the way that Primm Valley Resort and Casino expected it to. They applied
9/25/2022 4:04:27 AM

#1 on Google in 90 days (+ free tool)

Today's hack #1 on Google in 90 days (+ free tool) After 3 months, Pipedrive was ranking #1 for the keyword “sales management” around the world. One of the key elements of that success was quality
9/16/2022 4:04:27 AM

How they made $250K from this 1 channel

Today's hack How this company generated an additional $250K from this 1 channel alone Let's expand our inner mindset limits a bit today ;). Concierge Auctions is a marketplace of ultra-luxury
9/26/2022 4:04:26 AM

2x mobile leads (chat bot study + free tool)

Today's hack How he managed to 2x conversions for mobile traffic into qualified leads using a chat bot... Anyone who's ever built a landing page knows how hard it is to convert Mobile traffic
9/27/2022 4:04:26 AM

From 0 to 10,000 paying SaaS customers

Today's hack How a European SaaS startup managed to get to 10000 paying customers in 3 years... A European SaaS Pipedrive managed to get to 10000 paying customers in 3 years... Here's how: 1.
9/29/2022 4:04:27 AM

From 0 to first 200 clients by Noah Kagan

Today's hack How Noah Kagan built his first business for $50 and got first 200 clients... Many of us have wasted time and money on businesses that eventually fail. Back in 2010, when Noah Kagan
10/5/2022 4:04:26 AM

20x more sales (research)

Today's hack According to research, this technique generates 20 times more sales... Did you know that's recommendation engine generates around 47 Billion dollars a year? Do you like
10/6/2022 4:04:26 AM

CPA decreased by 40% (One strategy)

Today's hack This strategy helped Nomorerack decrease their CPA by more than 40%... Adobe's case study involving several advertisers showed that using this strategy resulted in: 1. A CTR
10/7/2022 4:04:26 AM

+20% more organic traffic (2 studies)

Today's hack This approach helped them boost their organic traffic by +20%... If your domain authority is low, you can forget about high organic traffic. Silvio Porcellana managed to improve his DA
10/8/2022 4:04:27 AM

+54% more revenue (pricing page study)

Today's hack They made these changes on their pricing page. Result: +54% more revenue... Wishpond managed to boost their revenue by 54.3% just by changing their pricing page. Here's what they
10/14/2022 4:04:28 AM

In 100% cases they boost sales: Gallup study

Today's hack Gallup found that this approach increases sales in 100% of cases... You've probably seen many "before-and-after" type images in different ads. It's no accident. In a
10/18/2022 4:04:26 AM

+17% more revenue (machine learning study)

Today's hack How this company managed to increase its revenue by 17% with machine learning... Mobile game company Pixowl managed to increase its revenue by 17%. Here's how. They personalized
10/19/2022 4:04:27 AM

From 0 to $200 Million (solo founder)

Today's hack How this solo founder managed to build a company from 0 to $200 Million in revenue... In 2003, Anthony Casalena was a regular student at the University of Maryland. He had zero skills
10/20/2022 4:04:27 AM

2 biggest mistakes, 3x revenue (100M study)

Today's hack He analyzed 100M emails sent and found the 2 biggest mistakes people make. One of them decreases revenue by 3 times Noah Kagan, founder at Sumo (AppSumo) has sent more than 100M emails
10/21/2022 4:04:27 AM

+307% to conversions (small change)

Today's hack How Amanda Stevens increased conversions for her new book by 307% Amanda Stevens launched her new book and promoted it using this headline: "New Book Reveals Rescue Remedies for
10/23/2022 4:04:28 AM

From $0 to $36.6 billion (study)

Today's hack How this French-born Iranian-American computer programmer managed to grow his company from $0 to $36.6 billion... September 3, 1995. A French-born Iranian-American computer programmer
10/22/2022 4:04:27 AM

80% end up purchasing (study)

Today's hack 80% end up purchasing (study) If you own an online store, from time to time you sell out of something. That means you lose potential customers who visit your sold out product pages.
10/24/2022 4:04:29 AM

TOP 3 studies: +40% leads from FB Ads

Today's hack TOP 3 studies on how to increase your conversions from FB Ads by +40%... I was just reading a bunch of powerful studies on Facebook Ads... And gathered the TOP 3 data-driven facts that
10/25/2022 4:04:26 AM

How MailChimp grew profits 650% within a year

Today's hack How MailChimp was able to increase their profit 650% in a year by changing nothing except this one thing... Your growth plateaued, but you still need to grow like crazy. More and more
10/26/2022 4:04:26 AM

Study: 1 day to crack your growth blind spots

Today's hack Study: How to crack your growth blind spots within a day... No matter how smart a person is - we all have weaknesses and blind spots. And they constrain our growth. Two guys, Micah and
10/17/2022 4:04:28 AM

From 0 to 1M sales (a study by students)

Today's hack From 0 to 1M sales: How these students managed to overcome the hardest part - Product/Market Fit... Success for your company heavily depends on whether people are ready to pay you to
10/16/2022 4:04:26 AM

+245% increase in leads (popular mistake)

Today's hack How they managed to get 245% more leads by changing their popular CTA... Have you ever seen "Schedule a Demo Today!" CTAs on different websites? It is exactly the same CTA
10/27/2022 4:04:26 AM

#1 simple team building secret ($1.2B study)

Today's hack #1 simple team building secret ($1.2B study) If you are building a big company, success starts with your team. Finding/retaining the right people is so hard. Tony had the same problem
11/12/2022 4:04:27 AM

5x organic traffic in 5 min easy + free tool

Today's hack How to 5x your organic traffic easily in under 5 minutes with this free tool... Have you ever seen 1-to-5-star ratings (= Rich Snippets Stars) while searching on Google? You can see it
11/18/2022 4:04:26 AM

From $0 to $1.3B (self funded startup study)

Today's hack [Inspiring study] How this self funded startup grew to $1.3B Have you ever heard of Grammarly? 8 years after the birthday, they achieved $1.3B valuation. (unicorn!) Do you know what
11/19/2022 4:04:26 AM

Page #1 On Google In 10 minutes (Crazy Hack)

Today's hack How to get on page #1 on Google in 10 minutes for free (the smartest hack ever)... There are a lot of techniques for getting traffic from Google. They're worth it, but require a
11/22/2022 4:04:27 AM

13x more leads (the most efficient press)

Today's hack This type of press generated 13x more leads... You are probably dreaming about your article getting featured on TechCrunch or Mashable. This study will save you thousands of dollars
11/21/2022 4:04:27 AM

150% more revenue easy (my case study)

Today's hack This approach helped me generate 150% more revenue from an existing audience... I've read so many studies that webinars increase sales that I decided to test them. I recorded 2
11/23/2022 4:04:27 AM

Influencer outreach at scale

Today's hack How to do influencer outreach in a minute without wasting a ton of time and energy... After you've written an awesome, super valuable blog post, if you don't promote it, you
11/20/2022 4:04:27 AM

+55% increase in conversions (A/B test)

Today's hack This headline increased conversions by 55% (A/B test) I've shared a lot of studies where by changing just one word resulted in a huge increase in conversions. Today I'm going
11/24/2022 4:04:26 AM

Sell more. Be +140% clearer (crazy easy)

Today's hack How to sell more by making your headline 140% clearer... (super easy) We all know how it's hard to sell when people don't get you. We all want people to understand our value so
11/17/2022 4:04:27 AM

+2084 Instagram followers automatically

Today's hack How this guy managed to get 2084 real Instagram followers in 3 months automatically (+ free script for you) Tim Grossman managed to get 2084 real Instagram followers in 3 months,
11/25/2022 4:04:26 AM

5x revenue: The Loyal-customers framework

Today's hack How to 5x your revenue with the ʺLoyal Customersʺ framework... After analyzing 33 billion visits to 180 eCommerce websites, Adobe discovered: 1. Repeat buyers deliver the same revenue
11/26/2022 4:04:26 AM

-64% to FB ads cost (secret ninja hack)

Today's hack [Secret ninja hack] How to reduce Facebook ad cost by 64% instantly... A while back I shared a hack that facebook ads with social proof (likes) get 64% lower cost per engagement. The
11/16/2022 4:04:28 AM

2 new paid channels with engaged audience

Today's hack Where to get new eyeballs of engaged audiences when all channels are drained? When everything works well, ROI is awesome. All you need is just new channels to grow... Where to get them
11/27/2022 4:04:26 AM

80% increase in FB video engagement (study)

Today's hack [Study] What type of video resulted in 80% increase in FB video engagement... Buffer ran an interesting study and found out - what type of video: 1. Resulted in 30-35% higher video
12/13/2022 4:04:26 AM

Up to 3x more sales (copy these 32 examples)

Today's hack These 32 ʺcopy-pasteʺ examples boost sales by up to 3x... You already know that, according to numerous studies, scarcity (FOMO) boosts sales by 50%-200% and even more. But when you
12/19/2022 4:04:27 AM

3x higher mobile sales conversions (study)

Today's hack 3x higher mobile sales conversions (study) The world is changing so fast that you have probably missed this super important thing. Average smartphone conversion rates are around 1.5%.
12/22/2022 4:04:27 AM

+15% to checkout conversions (+ free tool)

Today's hack How they improved their checkout conversions by 15% (+ free tool)... You apply best practices and they either don't work or show you mediocre results... Why? You miss a very
12/23/2022 4:04:26 AM

9 times more leads (research)

Today's hack They ran research and found what content format generates 9 times more leads... You already know that long-form content (over 2.5K words) is better from an SEO point of view. But maybe
12/21/2022 4:04:27 AM

Free email marketing tool by Google

Today's hack If you want to boost your retention, leverage email marketing, and pay $0, use this free email service by Google... Email marketing requires time and it costs you money. The bigger
12/24/2022 4:04:28 AM

Study: +172% to revenue (tiny, easy trick)

Today's hack Simple trick that helped them to beat their ʺrevenue per emailʺ goal by 172%. You can apply it easily today... You have a list of email subscribers. Some of them buy from you. But the
12/20/2022 4:04:27 AM

How pros get inbound traffic (+ free tool)

Today's hack How pros get inbound traffic (+ free tool) If you have a backlink from an .edu blog to your website, your Google rank will significantly improve, because .edu domains have huge
12/16/2022 9:34:43 AM

3 loops of mobile growth

Today's hack 3 loops of mobile growth Very often we are so focused on tactics that we don't see the whole picture. As a result, we can't achieve our strategic goals. Here's how the big
12/25/2022 4:04:27 AM

250x more visitors (study)

Today's hack How Ramit was able to increase number of visitors by 250x, using the same strategy differently... It's very common when you see an inspiring study describing an awesome growth hack
12/16/2022 9:14:37 AM

8 tricks to 9x your FB engagement

Today's hack 8 smart tricks to 9x your FB engagement... How to get your Facebook ads and posts seen by more people for free? You need to boost your engagement (likes, comments, shares). How?
12/26/2022 4:04:27 AM

3 stages that cost you 85% of your customers

Today's hack You will lose 85% of your customers if they experience these 3 stages... You already know that 85% of your customers will leave due to poor customer service. But they won't do it
12/27/2022 4:04:28 AM

$20K MRR in 5 mon. by a solopreneur (study)

Today's hack How this solopreneur managed to climb from $0 to $20K MRR in 5 months... On September 1st, 2014 Russ Perry was unemployed. No income. No business. Nothing. On May 21st, 2015 he had a
12/30/2022 4:04:28 AM

+100% with this research framework (study)

Today's hack This research framework helped them to increase the site`s overall conversion rate by 100%... This research framework helped them to increase the site's overall conversion rate by
12/31/2022 4:04:26 AM

Negative ROI to $31 per lead (+template)

Today's hack A warm-up approach that helps Jon generate $31 per lead (+ template)... Nowadays, it looks like every niche provides negative ROI when selling directly to cold leads. Now you need to
1/21/2023 4:04:26 AM

Reduce CPC by 4 times (100K analysis)

Today's hack How 100K analysis helped AdEspresso reduce their cost per website click by 4.73 times... Setting up new Facebook ad campaigns can cost you a ton of time and money in A/B tests. But
1/20/2023 7:14:50 AM

What to do with fake bad reviews

Today's hack If you notice your competitors are posting fake bad reviews about your business, follow these steps to remove them. In local SEO, reviews mean a lot. An influx of negative reviews
1/22/2023 4:04:26 AM

When sales drop (boost them with this trick)

Today's hack Low email reputation decreases your sales. Here`s how to fix it... Did you know that when your subscribers don't open your emails, it hurts your delivery rate across different
1/20/2023 6:04:58 AM

5x open rate for B2B (study)

Today's hack How AppVault (B2B platform) managed to boost their email open rates by 5 times... You've probably heard that using First Name in email subject lines boosts your open rates.
1/23/2023 4:04:27 AM

Twitter Leads vs. Facebook Leads (3x dif.)

Today's hack Twitter Lead Cards vs. Facebook Lead Ads: 3.36 times difference AdEspresso ran an interesting experiment. They decided to compare Twitter Lead Cards vs. Facebook Lead Ads. 2 identical
1/20/2023 5:14:56 AM

They were leaving $1.8M on the table

Today's hack Here's how they stopped leaving $1.8M on the table... Sometimes you feel like you leave money on the table, but don't understand where that table is ;). Annmarie Gianni Skin
1/24/2023 4:04:27 AM

How they organized a $250k conference

Today's hack How they went from idea to $250k in revenue for their first conference in 3 months and sold it out... Ray Walia and Alex Popa got an idea to organize their first conference. They sold
1/20/2023 4:35:02 AM

+20% more leads (you can replicate it today)

Today's hack Surveying didn't work for her, so she applied another method. Result: 20% more leads. (you can replicate it today) Joanna was trying to increase conversions for a landing page of a
1/20/2023 4:24:48 AM

$500k in 6 months ($0 CPA)

Today's hack They invested $0 in acquiring new customers and earned over $500K in 6 months... CoffeeForLess didn't acquire new customers = didn't waste a penny on any acquisition channels.
1/25/2023 4:04:27 AM

67% increase in completion rates (study)

Today's hack A study uncovered what increases completion rates by 67%.. If you're using video ads, this recently published study could make a huge difference in your video completion rates...
1/20/2023 4:05:02 AM

+$2K in 15 minutes (smart trick)

Today's hack He applied this simple trick within 15 minutes. Result: increased revenue of his startup by $2838... Very often we are so focused on acquiring new users... and completely forget about
1/20/2023 4:04:27 AM

Startup Fighting a 12-Month-Long Lawsuit

Today's hack This startup was fighting a 12-month-long lawsuit. What you can learn from this... In July 2011, KISSmetrics experienced a wave of bad press and then - got multiple lawsuits. It cost
1/26/2023 4:04:28 AM

Pinterest`s recent big win (+ how-to)

Today's hack How Pinterest recently achieved significant improvements in SEO traffic and in signup conversions... Huge players like Pinterest have optimized almost everything. And it's OK if
1/20/2023 3:45:16 AM

Bought for $1 billion in 5 years (how?)

Today's hack This startup was bought for $1 billion in 5 years. How? You probably know that Unilever bought Dollar Shave Club for $1 Billion. But this would never have happened without their famous
1/27/2023 4:04:26 AM

3 alternatives to drained channels

Today's hack When all your paid channels get drained, check out these 3 alternatives... When you have a good revenue-generating product and a budget to accelerate your growth but all paid channels
1/20/2023 3:25:55 AM

35x more traffic than expected (study)

Today's hack They got 35x more traffic than expected. Here's how... When you decide what keyword to write your next blog post about, you do your research using Google Keyword Planner. Do you? I
1/28/2023 4:04:30 AM

Boost ROI by 2.7x, when nothing helps

Today's hack [ʺStudiesʺ] Boost your ROI by 2.7x, when nothing helps no matter what you do... When you check new startup/product ideas, or A/B test your sales page, you need to invest in traffic.
1/20/2023 3:05:18 AM

5 simple steps by Dave McClure to 100% focus

Today's hack The 5-step approach on how to focus 100% only on the features that really matter (by Dave McClure)... Have you fallen into a trap of adding this new awesome feature, and that, and
1/29/2023 4:14:27 AM

+/-18% conversions from a signup form (test)

Today's hack Did you try to place “we will never spam you!” on your signup form? Here are the results you'll get... Michael Aagard decided to increase his conversions from a signup form. He
1/31/2023 4:04:26 AM

Retention: from 50% to 87% (study)

Today's hack Ryan applied this trick (not recommended by experts). And it increased his retention from 50% to 87%... Ryan Luedecke - the CEO of SumoJerky (a subscription box service that sends beef
1/30/2023 4:04:26 AM

How to stop losing 68% of your customers

Today's hack The Rockefeller Corporation studied how to stop losing 68% of your customers... The Rockefeller Corporation studied why customers leave one company for a competitor and found the
2/1/2023 4:04:27 AM

This color scheme gets 131% more clicks

Today's hack Ryan McCready from Venngage found what color scheme receives 131% more clicks than the sample average... Everybody wants to make small changes and see a big increase in conversions.
1/10/2023 4:04:27 AM

$7M in sales with a boring product (study)

Today's hack How they managed to generate $7M in sales with a boring product (and disgusting topic)... If your product is boring, there's no chance you can sell it without spending billions on
2/2/2023 4:04:27 AM

+13% in conversions from this new landing

Today's hack This new version of a landing page increased conversions by 13%... In case you think your landing page sucks... but you need some inspiration to take the first step... Here's one A
1/9/2023 4:04:27 AM

Do you decrease your LTV by 31%?

Today's hack They analyzed 88 SaaS companies and found what decreases LTV by 31.41%... After analyzing data from 88 SaaS companies, they discovered how discounts influence churn and LTV. Here are
1/8/2023 4:04:27 AM

+2000% to conversions into sales (study)

Today's hack [Study] How Talview increased their conversions into purchases by 2000%... Talview had a problem - too many low quality leads. Their sales team couldn't handle all the leads.
2/3/2023 4:04:28 AM

TOP 14 words to A/B test

Today's hack TOP 14 words to A/B test in your CTAs, headlines, descriptions... 171476. This is how many words there are in the English language. When you think about what to A/B test next - each of
1/7/2023 4:04:27 AM

New startup: $100k in a month (study)

Today's hack How this startup managed to make $100k in a month after launching with $0 invested... It can take you ages and tons of investment to make money from your startup (though no guarantees)
2/4/2023 4:04:27 AM

1,000 new subscribers in 60 hours (study)

Today's hack This approach helped Sarah to get over 1000 new subscribers in 60 hours with $0 spent You've created an awesome article, it gained a bunch of shares and a good position on Google.
1/6/2023 4:04:28 AM

52%-326% increase (3-step principle)

Today's hack This 3-step principle increased conversions by 52%-326%... When you feel lack of inspiration, lack of ideas to test, you read specific studies. They generate interesting ideas and
2/5/2023 4:04:40 AM

An immediate 15% reduction in churn (study)

Today's hack The applicable trick that resulted in an immediate 15% reduction in churn... You probably have the “cancel” button within your app. Customers click it and you lose them forever.
1/5/2023 4:04:35 AM

85% of all consumer purchases (surprise)

Today's hack This audience alone holds 85% of all consumer purchases. You probably market to the wrong one... In case you ever tried to market consumer products and failed hard... this could be the
1/4/2023 4:04:27 AM

Over 50% of customers leave because of this

Today's hack Over 50% of customers leave because of this. Fix it today. Your product/service is awesome, but your customers leave. And you don't know why. Have you ever experienced this? If yes
2/6/2023 4:04:27 AM

3x increase in free trial & paying customers

Today's hack How Vero managed to achieve 3x increase in free trial & paying customers without acquiring new users... Vero used email marketing the same way as the majority uses it (=
1/3/2023 4:04:29 AM

TOP 5 most viral templates (100M analysis)

Today's hack They analyzed 100M headlines. Here are the TOP 5 phrases that gained the most Facebook engagement... Headlines can significantly boost your conversions, decrease cost per acquisition,
2/7/2023 4:04:27 AM

Up to 9x cheaper Cost-Per-Lead: 10B analysis

Today's hack Epic analysis of 10B impressions uncovered where to get up to 9x cheaper Cost-Per-Lead (then via Facebook Ads)... I bet you, like every startup founder, marketer, and growth hacker, go
1/2/2023 4:04:27 AM

The easiest 1-min guest posting guide ever

Today's hack Here's the easiest 1-minute guest posting guide ever... It's hard to find where you should send your posts. How to choose the best blogs. But guest posting is such a delicious
2/8/2023 4:04:30 AM

Turn boring studies into lead generators

Today's hack How to turn your boring case studies into WOW stories that generate leads... Have you seen these self-promoting case studies that drive nothing but disgust and boredom? While case
1/1/2023 4:04:26 AM

Why don`t your videos boost conv. by 25%?

Today's hack Here's the reason why your videos on landing pages don't boost conversions by 25% and more... You've probably seen studies that show how having video on a landing page
2/9/2023 4:04:34 AM

2.57 times more purchases (2 studies)

Today's hack Google ran 2 interesting studies and unearthed what leads to 2.57 times more purchases... Who do you think converts into customers better: 1. People who search for local results. 2.
2/11/2023 4:04:27 AM

2x engagement: kill 1 popular design element

Today's hack When you kill this popular design element, your engagement doubles... Sometimes you add a new awesome, shiny, popular design element and find that your engagement decreases... :( In
2/20/2023 4:04:27 AM

+161% improvement (Facebook ad A/B test)

Today's hack Have a look at this interesting Facebook ad A/B test that showed a +161% improvement A case when no words are needed :) Source: Cheers, Charlie Patel ;) Want to hang out
2/19/2023 4:04:27 AM

From 0 to $120M in 3 years (study)

Today's hack How Thrive Market managed to grow from 0 to $120M in 3 years... In the beginning, Thrive Market was rejected by all VC firms. The co-founders self-funded the business, operating from
2/18/2023 4:04:27 AM

Don`t do this - 24% higher CPA (simple)

Today's hack This popular mistake increases your cost per acquisition by 24%. Don't do it. (easy to fix) Did you know that... when it comes to ads, research shows: 1. Tweets that mention
2/21/2023 4:04:26 AM

10M monthly readers in a year (+free tool)

Today's hack This approach helped them grow to 10.4 million monthly readers in their first year... How Upworthy grew to 10.4 million monthly readers in its first year? They posted old articles with
2/17/2023 8:25:18 AM

+12% more subscribers (easy)

Today's hack +12% more subscribers (easy) I was looking for this experiment for a long time. You've probably seen this many times - Opt-in forms asking for name and email. These guys ran an A/B
2/22/2023 4:04:27 AM

3 science-proven facts about storytelling

Today's hack These 3 scientifically proven facts will boost your motivation to apply storytelling right now... The biggest problem is not lack of knowledge. The biggest problem is procrastination.
2/17/2023 8:05:18 AM

TOP 5 reasons people abandon (fresh data)

Today's hack TOP 5 reasons why people abandon their carts Here are the TOP 5 results why people abandon their carts: #1. Cost of shipping: 86% #2. Cost of order became too expensive: 72% (
2/23/2023 4:04:28 AM

0 to $70B: 13 steps of the Uber founder

Today's hack 13 steps by Travis Kalanick before his company Uber achieved $70 billion in valuation... You probably know Travis Kalanick - founder of Uber. Here's his story, shortened, to
2/24/2023 4:04:29 AM

4 ways to be interesting to influencers

Today's hack It's very hard to grab attention of influencers and even harder to build rapport with them. Here are 4 smart ways. Everybody wants to get promoted by influencers. But it's too
2/17/2023 8:01:50 AM

14% response rate (template inside)

Today's hack The template that made 14% of churned customers reply and share incredible insights... When customers leave, it hurts... And you can't do anything about it. But Alex from Groove
2/25/2023 4:04:27 AM

+110% to conversions (super easy)

Today's hack Do you use this magic word that increases conversions by up to +110%? Paul Olyslager ran a few A/B tests on headline copywriting. He uncovered one word that boosted his conversions by
2/14/2023 4:04:27 AM

When A/B testing is not an option (UX)

Today's hack When A/B testing is not an option (how to improve UX)... A/B testing is not always an option. For example, when you create a new design, new user experience, new flow, you need to find
2/13/2023 4:04:27 AM

0 to $170M in 3 years by a solo-founder

Today's hack [Study] How a solo founder managed to make $170 million in 3 years... You probably know Mint, founded by Aaron Patzer in 2006. Usually, startups are founded by a team. This guy founded
2/26/2023 4:04:27 AM

Stop losing 28% of people (advanced tip)

Today's hack Mobile webpages are losing 40% of users when a web page takes more than 3 seconds to load. Here's how to stop it. Did you know that: 1. About 40% of people will abandon a web page
2/12/2023 4:04:28 AM

Marketing Team Example

Today's hack When you don`t know where to start while building your marketing team... If you are thinking of creating your marketing team, but don't know where to start... This example by
2/10/2023 4:04:27 AM

Do you pay for people who don`t like to pay?

Today's hack How to not pay for people who have 0% chances of converting into customers? There are a lot of people on the Internet who don't buy online. They prefer to get everything for free.
2/27/2023 4:04:27 AM

Lose & get back 468% more traffic (1 update)

Today's hack How Benjamin lost his organic traffic and gained 468% back in 4 days... Benjamin Brandall wrote a good evergreen article that ranked #3 in Google for 2 years. It generated for him
2/28/2023 4:04:28 AM

60% open rate for sales emails (Smart)

Today's hack How this company achieved a 60% open rate for sales emails... You want to convert your email subscribers into customers. But you are afraid to lose them once you start selling. This
12/29/2022 4:04:28 AM

Over 700% higher conversions from FB Ads

Today's hack This setting alone helps to generate over 700% higher conversions from Facebook Ads... AdEspresso analyzed over 100 million dollars of ad spend and found that... Cost-Per-Click for
3/1/2023 4:04:26 AM

From 0 to 1.5M users (Zapier study)

Today's hack Zapier grew to 1.5 million users. How did they get their early adopters? In 2012 Zapier had 0 users. Now they have 1.5 million users. And grow 50% year over year. Usually, getting your
12/28/2022 4:04:32 AM

Insane ROI for 68% of this audience

Today's hack 68% of this audience becomes paying customers... After analysis of his customer base, Neil Patel discovered a very interesting thing. 68.1% of his customers had the same one thing in
3/2/2023 4:04:27 AM

1 billion users analysis: TOP 10 most shared

Today's hack How to come up with the most shareable title for your interactive content: TOP 10 words (1 billion user analysis) It's hard to go viral and get free traffic. But it's less hard
3/3/2023 4:04:27 AM

+181% better opt-in rate (secret targeting)

Today's hack Secret ad targeting that boosted opt-in rates for Periscopix by 181%... Periscopix used this smart targeting and boosted their opt-in rate by 181%. How? Have you heard of Gmail Ads?
12/16/2022 8:57:39 AM

4 elements of the most engaging FB videos

Today's hack They analyzed Facebook's most engaging videos and found these 4 insights... BuzzSumo analyzed the TOP 3000 most engaging videos on Facebook. Here's what they found: 1. Heavy
3/4/2023 4:04:27 AM

81% get motivated by this

Today's hack 81% of people get motivated to attend online/offline events by this You set up an online or offline event, a webinar, etc. and nobody comes. It hurts. Do you want to know how to
3/5/2023 4:04:26 AM

Product/Market Fit by Thomas A. Edison

Today's hack Short quote by Thomas A. Edison - everything an entrepreneur needs to know in order to achieve Product/Market Fit. Thomas A. Edison: "Anything that won't sell, I don't
12/12/2022 4:04:27 AM

Free channel for you (57% sales + free tool)

Today's hack This free channel is responsible for 57% of Amazon's sales. There are a lot of vacant spaces for you too... There are so many competitors out there and ad bids are so high. How to
12/11/2022 4:04:28 AM

89.97% sales after 1 word added (A/B test)

Today's hack They added one word to their headline and saw 89.97% more sales... They added one word to their headline and saw 89.97% more sales... Movexa added just one word to their headline. It
12/10/2022 4:04:27 AM

47% more revenue (easy)

Today's hack Research found that this important thing increases your revenue from emails by 47%... We are often so focused on a single CTA in our emails to convert readers into buyers that we
3/6/2023 4:04:28 AM

3x more customers (research)

Today's hack Research results found what can 3x your number of customers... Research found... 68% of Millennials have bought something because of a “fear of missing out” (FOMO) marketing approach.
12/9/2022 4:14:27 AM

The content marketing framework (must read)

Today's hack The content marketing framework (must read) Many of us know a lot about content marketing. I've shared a lot of studies on this. But often there is a lack of understanding of the
3/7/2023 4:04:35 AM

+271% more opt-ins (study)

Today's hack How RocketMemory managed to increase their opt-ins by +271% without reducing number of form fields... RocketMemory had low conversions for opt-ins: 5.15% But they couldn't reduce
3/8/2023 4:04:27 AM

Online ads study (spell-binding results)

Today's hack They ran an online ads eye-tracking study and uncovered something spell-binding... An eye-tracking study uncovered an amazing insight about online ads. It turns out... People on
12/8/2022 4:24:28 AM

34% more leads (A/B test)

Do you consume quality content en masse like me? I bet you also feel there's only a lil' bit of it out there and it's getting harder and harder to find? Problem solved — Here's my new
3/9/2023 4:04:27 AM

3X higher willingness to pay (research)

Today's hack This research uncovered a source of potential customers who have 3X higher willingness to pay Do you love negative feedback? Does it warm your heart? ;) Nobody loves to be criticized.
12/7/2022 4:04:27 AM

121% more leads (study)

Too busy, lazy, or just don't have time to read in-depth articles? No worries. This YouTube channel is my new jam because it packs all the best business and marketing content into digestible videos
3/10/2023 4:04:31 AM

0 to 3K/day in 4 mon in a competitive niche

Today's hack How this guy grew his new website in a competitive niche from 0 to 3K visits in 4 months with $0 marketing costs. Richard Marriott decided to launch a site in a highly competitive
3/20/2023 4:04:27 AM

+26% to order completions (simple A/B test)

Today's hack How WiderFunnel increased order completions by 26% after one simple A/B test (you can apply it today)... WiderFunnel had a goal to increase order completions for their client
3/22/2023 4:04:27 AM

Pay 40% less for ads with this (research)

Today's hack How to pay 40% less for your ads based on research of 9000 campaigns... A study of 9000 direct response campaigns on Twitter found that: 1. Tweets with urgency words like hurry, fast,
3/21/2023 4:04:26 AM

3x more revenue without acquisition (study)

Today's hack How they managed to triple their revenue without acquiring new users... (you can do it too) Secret Escapes managed to boost their completed purchases by +210% without acquiring new
3/23/2023 4:04:27 AM

The First 90 Day Growth Plan

Today's hack Hila Qu (helped Sean Ellis grow the GrowthHackers community) shared ʺThe First 90 Day Growth Planʺ... Hila Qu, who helped Sean Ellis grow the GrowthHackers community, shared a list of
3/19/2023 4:04:30 AM

3.5 million opt-ins analysis

Today's hack They analyzed over 3.5 million opt-ins and found a magic number for the best conversions... Sumo analyzed over 3.5 million opt-ins from "Scroll Popups"... and found the magic
3/18/2023 4:04:26 AM

38% opt-in rate from a product page

Today's hack This pop-up on a product page converts into opt-ins at a 38.4% rate... On an ebook product page an author added a popup that converted into opt-ins at a whopping 38.4%. Here are the
3/24/2023 4:04:27 AM

16% more webinar signups (super simple)

Today's hack How Unbounce increased their webinar signups by 16% (super simple) Unbounce increased weekly webinar signups after a super simple change. They just reduced number of signup options
3/17/2023 4:04:27 AM

0 to $1 million in 14 months (study)

Today's hack How Rahul Aggarwal from India managed to grow revenue of his startup from zero to $1 million in 14 months... When Rahul Aggarwal, a founder of Designhill, started - it was super tough.
3/16/2023 3:04:48 PM

Convert 60% of leads (tough niche)

Today's hack A small tweak that helped Vivek Nanda from Klara convert 60% of their leads... Healthcare is tough. It is very hard to get prospects on the phone. Vivek Nanda from Klara shared one
3/25/2023 4:04:27 AM

144% more sales (radical study)

Doing outbound sales? Then you know sales software like Hubspot Sales, Salesloft,, or MixMax cost hundreds, if not thousands, per MONTH per USER! We've negotiated a killer lifetime deal
3/16/2023 2:55:33 PM

#1 converting type of image (study)

Today's hack What type of image generates the highest conversions? Have a look at the results of this 150K study... Images play such a big role in conversions... But we usually have lack of traffic
3/26/2023 4:04:26 AM

+24% to conversions (simple CTA A/B test)

Doing outbound sales? Then you know sales software like Hubspot Sales, Salesloft,, or MixMax cost hundreds, if not thousands, per MONTH per USER! We've negotiated a killer lifetime deal
3/14/2023 4:04:28 AM

1 word = +147% in conversions (A/B test)

Today's hack This word increased conversions by 147%. Make sure you have it in your headline or CTA... They ran an A/B test comparing 2 headlines: 1. How to Start a Blog Now That Gets 100000s of
3/27/2023 4:04:27 AM

From $0 to $17,000/month (study + framework)

Doing outbound sales? Then you know sales software like Hubspot Sales, Salesloft,, or MixMax cost hundreds, if not thousands, per MONTH per USER! We've negotiated a killer lifetime deal
3/13/2023 4:04:26 AM

+5% to downloads (simple)

Today's hack How this small change helped FreeMake to increase downloads by 5.04%... FreeMake did a small change in their sub-heading and increased their conversions by 5.04%. Here's what they
3/12/2023 4:14:31 AM

Blog to customers (framework)

Today's hack The framework Alex Turnbull from Groove HQ uses to convert blog readers into customers Blogging (super valuable + SEO optimized) works really well as an acquisition channel. But how do
3/11/2023 4:04:29 AM

+38% more connections (LinkedIn study)

Today's hack One question at the right time that increased LinkedIn's connections by 38%... LinkedIn would be dead if people were not connected to each other somehow. This is a key activation
3/28/2023 4:04:31 AM

59% will vanish because of this (research)

Doing outbound sales? Then you know sales software like Hubspot Sales, Salesloft,, or MixMax cost hundreds, if not thousands, per MONTH per USER! We've negotiated a killer lifetime deal
3/29/2023 4:04:28 AM

Awesome lead magnet in 60 minutes (easy)

Doing outbound sales? Then you know sales software like Hubspot Sales, Salesloft,, or MixMax cost hundreds, if not thousands, per MONTH per USER! We've negotiated a killer lifetime deal
12/6/2022 4:04:27 AM

A 21% cross-industry share (B2B study)

All the shopping - or lack thereof - has been done. I didn't buy much this year and you probably didn't either. BUT there's one last chance to get 20% OFF our exclusive lifetime deals over
3/30/2023 4:04:29 AM

+1290% more engagement on Facebook (study)

Doing outbound sales? Then you know sales software like Hubspot Sales, Salesloft,, or MixMax cost hundreds, if not thousands, per MONTH per USER! We've negotiated a killer lifetime deal
3/31/2023 4:04:28 AM

220% more sales from eBay (study)

Doing outbound sales? Then you know sales software like Hubspot Sales, Salesloft,, or MixMax cost hundreds, if not thousands, per MONTH per USER! We've negotiated a killer lifetime deal
12/5/2022 4:04:29 AM

This emoji gets 3x more engagements than :-)

Today's hack A study about emoticons found which one of them gets 3x more engagements :-) Larry Kim from WordStream conducted a test on emoji vs. non-emoji promoted tweets. The emoji version of the
12/4/2022 4:04:43 AM

Ha-ha :) they know how to stand out

Today's hack Ha-ha :) these folks know how to stand out from the crowd and prove their customer support is the best... You know that customer support is one of the most important pieces of your
4/1/2023 4:04:26 AM

Sometimes all you need to keep growing is...

Today's hack 5 steps from hell to success Sometimes all you need to keep growing is a piece of inspiration. This piece is so inspiring that I decided to share it with you. :) The very first company
12/3/2022 4:04:26 AM

+58% to usability (5 data-driven facts)

Today's hack +58% increased usability (5 data-driven facts) According to numerous studies: 1. Web users spend 2.6 seconds scanning a page before focusing on a particular section. 2. Your headline
12/2/2022 4:04:26 AM

258% more backlinks (images study)

Today's hack These types of images generate 258% more backlinks than blog posts with other types of images... You know that link-building is a vital part of getting more traffic from Google. And
4/2/2023 4:04:27 AM

79% lose money because of this (fix it fast)

Today's hack 79% of mobile sites have this issue during checkout and lose money. Here's how to fix it fast... What is the most annoying thing when you type on your mobile phone? It's when
12/1/2022 4:04:27 AM

3.4x post reach and engagement (easy)

Today's hack How they Boosted their Facebook Reach and Engagement by 3.4 times using this Strategy... For over a year Buffer was seeing a steady decline in their weekly Facebook organic reach to
4/3/2023 4:04:45 AM

+300% to activation rate (unexpected study)

Today's hack An unexpected insight that boosted activation rate of LogMeIn by 300%... LogMeIn had a big, mystical problem. Right after signing up, users saw the button "Download for free"
11/30/2022 4:04:27 AM

40% conversion rate from cold traffic (crazy)

Today's hack [crazy hack] 40.2% conversion rate from cold traffic on an audience of 1 million... Facebook ads are so powerful, but it costs so much money and months to test numerous ideas and find
4/4/2023 4:05:02 AM

+101% more revenue in 3 weeks (no paid ads)

Today's hack How this e-commerce store managed to increase their revenue by 101.25% in 3 weeks without paid ads... A popular e-commerce store O´Neill Clothing managed to increase their revenue by
11/29/2022 4:04:27 AM

12x more organic links for free

Today's hack How to get 12x more organic backlinks for free... The probability of selling to an existing customer is 12 times greater than the probability of selling to a new prospect. You already
4/5/2023 4:04:57 AM

From 0 to 1.7M users in 2 years (study)

Today's hack How this company grew from 0 to 1.7M users (and $2.8B valuation) in 2 years... without a sales team... August 2013. Slack had 0 users. January 2014. Slack had only 12000 users. October
11/28/2022 4:04:26 AM

+50%: quick Pinterest`s big win

Today's hack How Pinterest managed to increase conversions by 50% with just one quick experiment. When you are as huge as Pinterest, you are happy when your next A/B test shows a 0.1% improvement.
4/6/2023 4:04:59 AM

2.6x time spent on page (research)

Today's hack [Boost your SEO] + [Research] How to increase ʺTime Spent on Pageʺ by 2.6 times... Did you know that one of the factors that affects your Google rank is "Time Spent on Page".
4/7/2023 4:04:27 AM

87% increase in paying customers (study)

Today's hack One question that led to an 87% increase in paying customers... BrightGuage was very ineffective in converting their audience into customers. But one question had changed everything.
4/8/2023 4:04:28 AM

2,000% month-on-month growth (study + tool)

Today's hack What helped Contentful to achieve 2000% month-over-month growth... After Contentful launched their API, they saw 2000% month-over-month growth within a year. Stripe achieved $9.2
11/15/2022 4:04:27 AM

11x your sales (research)

Today's hack Analysis of 8.6M purchases revealed what increases sales by 11.6 times... Yotpo analyzed 8.6M purchases across multiple verticals and stores. Here's what they found: 1. There were
4/9/2023 4:04:31 AM

521% easier to input credit card from phones

Today's hack This simple trick makes it 521% easier for your subscribers to input their credit card numbers on their phones Nowadays, over 50% of people access your website from mobile devices (you
4/10/2023 4:04:27 AM

100K organic visits/m in 3 months (study)

Today's hack 8 steps BootstrapBay followed to grow from 0 to 100K organic visits/month in 3 months... BootstrapBay grew from 0 to 100K organic visits/month in 3 months. Here are the exact steps
4/11/2023 4:04:26 AM

9x more sales

Today's hack Super short hack on how to covert 9 times more prospects... Did you know that... If you follow up with web leads within 5 minutes, you're 9 times more likely to convert them. How
4/21/2023 4:04:26 AM

7.32% more views on YouTube (study)

Today's hack They applied this trick to their YouTube videos and saw a consistent 7.32% increase in views After DDN applied this trick to their YouTube videos: 1. During the first 14 days they saw
4/20/2023 4:04:26 AM

+40% in conversions (study by KISSmetrics)

Today's hack This new headline boosted conversions for KISSmetrics by 40% KISSmetrics was trying to boost their conversions. After they changed their headline (short description of their service),
4/22/2023 4:04:28 AM

1 word led to 46M users in 6 months (study)

Today's hack [Study] How changing just one word virally generated 46M users in 6 months A decade ago, as consumers were discovering digital photography, Currier helped create an online photo
4/19/2023 7:34:57 AM

2x activation rate (study)

Today's hack How they increased activation rate by 2 times without changing their product, landing or onboarding... Fomo's activation rate was very poor. They were losing 87.4% of registered
4/23/2023 4:14:36 AM

16 times more shares (25M analysis)

Today's hack They analyzed 25 million Facebook posts and found what boosts shares by 16 times... BuzzSumo analyzed 25 million Facebook posts and found something interesting. Average total shares: 1
4/19/2023 7:04:51 AM

10x links + 42K shares in 3 months (study)

Today's hack [Study] How Yesoptimist increased number of linking domains by 10 times in 3 months (applicable) You know that your position on Google heavily depends on a number of linking domains.
4/19/2023 6:34:37 AM

56% increase in sign-up conversions (study)

Today's hack Formisimo saw a 56% increase in sign-up conversions after a small change... After a small change, Formisimo was able to achieve these results: 14.3% more visitors started the sign up
4/24/2023 4:04:27 AM

2x your open rates and CTR (study)

Today's hack Simple approach that doubled open rates and CTR Gregory thought sending more content would create more engagement from his email list. He was sending short descriptions and links to 5-
4/19/2023 6:04:48 AM

$25K on autopilot (LinkedIn hack)

Today's hack How Oleh got $25K from LinkedIn on autopilot (and you can do it too) A member of our community - Oleh Mykhaylovych utilized this hack for a year and got 2 leads ($10k and $15k) from
4/25/2023 4:04:27 AM

Make 12x more people remember your message

Today's hack How to make 12x more people remember your message... Did you know that... After a presentation, 63% of attendees remember stories. Only 5% remember statistics. That's 12 times less
4/19/2023 5:55:16 AM

160,000 readers. Secret trick (tested by me)

Today's hack How HubSpot gained 160000 readers in 7 months. You can do it too. (I've already done it) HubSpot's team decided to test posting articles on Medium. Here's what they found
4/19/2023 5:44:48 AM

2-click hack your competitors` ads targeting

Today's hack How to uncover targeting settings of your competitors on Facebook ads in 2 clicks... Ever wanted to find out targeting settings of your competitors on Facebook ads? Here's how to
4/26/2023 4:04:26 AM

+10.7% more profits (5 minutes to apply)

Today's hack [Study] This small 5-minute change boosted profits by +10.7% (you can apply it now)... Alwin ran an interesting experiment. He wanted to A/B test what photo of him on his landing pages
4/19/2023 5:25:11 AM

These 2 characters performed 9% better

Today's hack Based on analysis of 150K article headlines, these 2 characters in the title performed 9% better... Outbrain, a content discovery platform, looked through data on 150000 article
4/27/2023 4:04:42 AM

$30,000/year from trash (study)

Today's hack This framework turned stale contacts into $30K in annual recurring revenue... Instapage was about to purge 55000 stale database contacts. But instead they applied this simple framework
4/19/2023 5:22:43 AM

New customers super easily: 89% don`t use it

Today's hack This is one of the easiest ways to get new customers... 89% of businesses don't use it... After I saw these stats the first time... I suddenly realized that I'm one of those 89
4/28/2023 4:04:27 AM

19% share insights why they cancel (study)

Today's hack This tiny question gets 19% of customers to tell why they cancel... Do you ask it? Alex from GrooveHQ wanted to know why customers cancel their subscription. He started to send them
11/14/2022 4:04:27 AM

500%-7000% ROI (+ free simple tool)

Today's hack How to achieve 500%-7000% ROI + free simple tool... I've shared a few studies before where retargeting helped to achieve amazing 500%-7000% ROI. Today I'll share the smartest
4/29/2023 4:04:26 AM

3.8x higher impact on profits (research)

Today's hack Research found what impacts your bottom line 3.8 times more than acquisition... An interesting research was conducted among 512 SaaS companies. Researchers wanted to know what has the
11/13/2022 4:04:27 AM

88% of these users ultimately buy a product

Today's hack 88% of these users ultimately buy a product Did you know, that 88% of Pinterest users ultimately buy a product they've pinned. When I saw this, I realized the power of Pinterest as
11/11/2022 4:04:27 AM

5 steps = 3K quality leads for free (study)

Today's hack How Sean Bestor followed these 5 steps to get 3K quality leads for free... How Sean Bestor followed these 5 steps to get 3K quality leads for free... Imagine you do nothing while your
4/30/2023 4:04:27 AM

29% more opt-ins (research)

Today's hack 150000 opt-ins analysis uncovered headlines that convert 29% better... not what you think ;) The Sumo team analyzed 150000 opt-ins and found... On average straightforward headlines
11/10/2022 11:54:42 AM

-36% vs +96% with a simple change (2M study)

Today's hack 2M analysis has uncovered what drops conversions by -36% and increases them by +96%... Unbounce analyzed 2345864 exit intent popup views and uncovered 2 insights: 1. The first dropped
5/1/2023 4:04:28 AM

These 10 words kill your PPC ROI

Today's hack These 10 words kill your PPC ad budget. Exclude them and boost your ROI instantly. There's a huge problem with search ads. 1. If you sell shoes 2. and target your ads for keyword
11/10/2022 11:34:52 AM

335.7% higher engagement (research)

Today's hack TOP 4 findings on how to boost engagement on Twitter... Markus Lippus analyzed 23858 tweets by 145 marketing technology & software Twitter accounts. Here are the insights he
5/2/2023 4:04:29 AM

350% more responses from media (A/B test)

Today's hack This A/B test uncovered what generates 350% more responses from journalists Kaplan A/B tested different positioning of the same story to different journalists. He sent 2 different
5/3/2023 4:05:06 AM

+156% to response rate easily (epic study)

Today's hack Newton increased their response rate by +156% just by making this super simple change... (you can apply it today) Karthik Suroju - an email marketer at Newton shared an epic, super
11/8/2022 4:04:26 AM

+15% more sales with this simple method

Today's hack How this simple method increases sales by 15%... Imagine you have a product/service and you want to boost its sales as fast as possible with no budget. Dan Ariely shared an interesting
5/4/2023 4:09:52 AM

166% higher CTR (research)

Today's hack When ʺthisʺ thing was added to their tweets they saw 166.6% higher CTR... The Coschedule team researched the best ways to get the most clickthroughs from social media. When "this
11/7/2022 4:04:27 AM

$3,386 in sales from `trash` (smart study)

Today's hack How they generated $3386 in sales from subscribers who never opened their emails... Invino had a list of 78000 subscribers who never opened their emails. They wanted to remove them,
5/5/2023 4:04:27 AM

+50% in conversion in 2 days (study)

Today's hack [Study by Pinterest] It took them only 2 days to implement this experiment. Result: +50% in conversion. Ex Growth Lead at Pinterest, Casey Winters, shared one experiment that took 2
11/6/2022 4:04:26 AM

53% of people bounce because of this

Today's hack 53% of people bounce from your website because of this + how to fix it with 2 free tools... According to extensive research by Google, 70% of pages take 7 seconds for visual content to
11/5/2022 4:04:27 AM

86.6% open rate for cold emails (2 subjects)

Today's hack 2 highest-opened cold email subject lines. One of them shows 86.6% open rate. Have you ever experienced 86.6% organic reach on any social network? No? Me either. But I have experienced
5/6/2023 4:04:27 AM

4 questions to stay focused

Today's hack 4 simple questions to stay focused and maximize your profits (by Noah Kagan) Noah Kagan (Sumome) shared a lot of insights on how he achieved $5 million in annual recurring revenue.
11/4/2022 4:04:27 AM

29x more leads (study)

Today's hack How they were able to generate 29x more leads... When people come to your website and leave, you waste your priceless resources. When people give you their email, you can eventually
5/7/2023 4:05:25 AM

1 minute → 600% more sales

Today's hack How you can apply a simple 1-minute trick that boosts sales on Amazon by 600% Tristan King applied a simple 1-minute trick. It boosted sales of his ebook on Amazon by 600%. How? 1. He