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10/17/2022 10:34:27 AM

Why Are Dems Ignoring The Economy?

Republicans are spending Democrats into the ground on economic issues and inflation. Why Are Dems Ignoring The Economy? By The Lever – 17 Oct 2022 – View online → Friends: The economy is bad and
1/20/2023 3:05:03 AM

Pfizer Pays To Change The Story

The pharmaceutical giant, Pfizer, is using Semafor to brag about its generosity abroad as it hikes US drug prices. Pfizer Pays To Change The Story By The Lever – 19 Jan 2023 – View online → Today's
1/6/2023 11:34:28 AM

Here’s Where Big Pharma’s Big Profits Are Going

New research shows that pharmaceutical companies have spent more on enriching shareholders than drug research and development over the past decade. Here's Where Big Pharma's Big Profits Are
1/5/2023 11:34:27 AM

“I Heard It Was Safe”

Andrew Gronek and many young FTX investors were tricked into believing the crypto exchange was as stable and protected as a typical bank account. “I Heard It Was Safe” By The Lever – 05 Jan 2023 – View
2/17/2023 11:34:26 AM

Biden DOJ Backing Norfolk Southern’s Bid To Block Lawsuits

The company whose train derailed in Ohio is asking the Supreme Court to kill a suit by a sick rail worker — and help the firm block future lawsuits Biden DOJ Backing Norfolk Southern's Bid To Block
2/17/2023 8:05:03 AM

Buttigieg Pretends He’s Powerless To Reduce Derailment Risks

Facing pressure to act, America's chief rail regulator now insists he is “constrained.” He's not. Buttigieg Pretends He's Powerless To Reduce Derailment Risks By The Lever – 16 Feb 2023 –
3/13/2023 10:34:32 AM

SVB’s Lobby Groups Fought Proposal To Bolster Deposit Insurance

Months before Silicon Valley Bank collapsed, its DC advocacy groups said the FDIC initiative “would unduly burden banks.” SVB's Lobby Groups Fought Proposal To Bolster Deposit Insurance By The
5/2/2023 10:34:27 AM

How Biden’s New Communications Director Made His Millions

Former Obama spokesperson Ben LaBolt earned millions working for Facebook, Instacart, and Union Pacific before joining the Biden White House. Former Obama deputy press secretary Ben LaBolt became a
11/3/2022 10:34:27 AM

The Banks Buying The Midterms

This election season, the financial industry is proudly funneling cash and running misleading ads to boost its favorite political lackeys. The Banks Buying The Midterms By The Lever – 03 Nov 2022 –
10/11/2022 10:34:26 AM

GOP Govs High On Prison Cash

Republicans brush off Biden's request for leniency as private prison donors dump big money into GOP coffers. GOP Govs High On Prison Cash By The Lever – 11 Oct 2022 – View online → When Biden
6/20/2023 7:34:54 AM

J.D. Vance Helped Lobbyists Weaken His Rail Safety Bill

The Ohio senator quietly delayed the timeline for safer tank cars that regulators say could help prevent train spills like the one in East Palestine. In the wake of the catastrophic train derailment
6/12/2023 11:34:28 AM

Oil Lobby Pushed Pollution Loophole for Wildfire Smoke

Climate change is intensifying toxic wildfires, but Big Oil has pushed to exempt the resulting pollution from federal air quality standards. We've all seen images of the apocalyptic orange skies