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6/23/2022 12:14:27 PM

New tutorials from Flavio!

Hi Reader I think we got in touch thanks to my handbooks. The collection now contains 15 free books, and you can download them all here. It's time for a new one! Here's my next ebook title: The
7/5/2022 8:44:26 PM


Hi Reader Today I got some big news! First, I released The PHP Handbook! 🤯 In the past few weeks I've done a full-immersion in PHP-land after several years (I was very into PHP back in the day) and
3/17/2022 4:14:28 PM

Quick Reminder

Exploding Topics logo Hey, Courtesy reminder: our special launch promotion for the new and improved Exploding Topics Pro ends today at 5:59pm Eastern You can learn all about it right here. As a
10/21/2021 4:04:29 PM

Quick Reminder

Hey, Courtesy reminder: our special launch promotion for Exploding Topics Pro 2.0 ends today at 5:59pm Eastern. As a reminder, when you sign up this week, you get access to four special launch bonuses:
3/7/2021 2:04:27 PM

Your membership discount code is about to expire ⌛

Become a Sifted member with your exclusive launch discount Sifted is the FT-backed media site telling the untold stories of European tech. Subscribe here. Hi Sifted Reader, A quick heads up from us:
10/6/2020 2:34:26 PM

Get Your Complete Python 3 Curriculum (Book Launch)

Python Basics (new book) is available at a 27% Launch Discount until Thursday night Click here to learn more and claim your discount Hey there, There's an overwhelming amount of information about