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1/1/2023 2:04:27 PM

FTI #341: My wish for you

​ ​ ​ Happy New Year! My wish for you: Whatever you're excited to do at the start of 2023, I hope you're just as excited to still be doing it at the end of 2023. Consistency is a gift that
9/11/2022 10:04:29 AM

TA #120: 💰 How to write sales copy that doesn't sound like you're pitching on QVC

Hey, you. You're doing great. Click here to read this on the web. Ann Handley's biweekly/fortnightly newsletter, "Total Annarchy" Everybody Writes 2 dust jacket proof Source: Wiley
3/22/2021 8:14:28 PM

Growth Bite: Use small interruptions in your copy to get readers to actually read it

With the exception of your diary, you probably want people to read what you write. Boost completion rates and recall by strategically placing interruptions and hooks in your sales copy, blog posts, etc
10/19/2020 2:54:34 AM

🗞️ The Secret to Writing Effective Sales Copy [ProBlogger PLUS]

Hi Reader Do you have something to sell your audience? Great, if you do. But even if you don't, understanding how to sell and writing effective sales copy is a very useful skill. Selling your ideas
5/11/2020 8:06:59 PM

Growth Bite: Use unusual words occasionally in your sales copy to increase conversions

Potential customers need to remember your message in order to convert, so make it easy for them. Increase sales by planting uncommon words in your sales copy. According to [one study](https://www.ncbi.