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In today's edition: 

📱 Apple use recycled materials

🌊  World’s longest sub-sea cable

🌍  Earth Day’s climate announcements

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💼 Big Business (2-minute read)

Apple increase the use of recycled materials in its products 
The situ: 71% of the carbon emissions produced by Apple products are generated from manufacturing - including the mining of raw materials (such as cobalt).
Apple unveils initiatives… to expand the use of recycled materials. Throughout 2021 recycled materials accounted for 20% of materials used in apple products - the highest it's ever been. The tech giants were able to recover the equivalent amount of gold and copper from one metric ton of iPhone parts as would be mined from 2,000 metric tons of rock.
Progress made but… Apple sold an estimated 242mill iPhones in 2021, and for years Apple (along with other big tech companies) encouraged planned obsolescence - with most products becoming outdated/unsupported after a few years = more e-waste.

Octopus Energy launches onshore wind 'dating agency' to match landowners and communities
The project, called ‘Plots for Kilowatts’, matches landowners who register interest in hosting an onshore wind turbine, with communities who have registered support. They then overlay this with data on grid availability, wind speeds and environmental impact to identify (up to 10) viable onshore wind sites which will be put forward to the UK government to consider as part of its recently announced Energy Security Strategy.
What could be? Landowners have the opportunity to secure additional revenue streams through rent or a share of the project’s income, whilst giving back to their local community through discounted bills.

Annual General Meetings (AGMs) to the fore in climate and purpose battles
It is AGM season and many advocacy groups are calling on investors to use their votes to vote against climate plans which fall short of the action required to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement. For example, ShareAction works with investors to file resolutions against companies whose transitions plans fall short of best practice (e.g. A recent resolution filed to Credit Suisse)
On alert… Climate strategy is increasingly under the microscope during AGM season BUT is also being used as a source of competitive advantage

🤖 Future of Tech (1-minute read)

The world's longest subsea cable will send clean energy from Morocco to the UK
A solar and wind farm will be built in Morocco to supply the UK with clean energy via 3,800 km of subsea cables - the longest in the world. When complete, the Morocco-UK Power Project will power 7 million UK homes, and be capable of supplying 8% of Britain’s electricity needs. 
Why Morocco? It benefits from ideal solar and wind resources to provide production throughout the year - solar panels in Morocco generate 3x more power than in the UK.
Why’s this important: Generation and interconnection between distant geographic regions with different weather systems are key to addressing imbalances of supply and demand for renewable energy as the world transitions away from fossil fuels.

Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) speeds up coral reef monitoring 
Challenge: Coral reef monitoring is carried out by thousands of researchers often with differing methodologies = a barrier to global collaboration and monitoring.
Solution: AIMS has launched an open-access, cloud-based platform to enable researchers globally to collaborate. Known as ReefCloud, the platform uses artificial intelligence to analyse reef monitoring images before extracting info, such as coral cover and reef composition (700x faster than manual assessments).
Importance: Automation of assessments = more timely and informed management actions to improve the resilience of our coral reefs. The democratisation of this knowledge is crucial for sharing best practices.

🤿 Deep Dive (2-minute read)

Earth Day: our pick of corporate climate announcements

Last Friday was Earth Day, a day to celebrate our planet and environmental action. It was also Earth Day’s 50th anniversary, and this combo of events resulted in an avalanche of corporate climate announcements. Here’s our pick of the bunch:

  1. Burberry debuts ReBurberry Edit: Featuring a range of clothing and accessories created from ECONYK - a material made from recycled nylon regenerated from old fishing nets, fabric scraps and industrial plastic.

  2. Fisher-Price embraces bio-based plastic toys: With sugarcane-based plastic versions of some toys available for pre-sale - a major milestone towards the company’s goal of using 100% recycled, recyclable or bio-based materials.

  3. North Face unzips upcycling opportunities: By unveiling a range of one-of-a-kind upcycled garments made from returned, damaged or defective products.

  4. Greener data centres for Google: Through a “carbon-intelligent computing platform” which matches demand to zero-carbon energy availability - helping reach the goal of 24/7 carbon-free energy for all data centres.  

There’s still work to do: Although these announcements are great news for planet earth, 75% of emissions released by human society have been released since the first Earth Day 50 years ago. This Earth Day needs to mark a watershed moment to end a 50-year period of unsustainable economic models.

💭 Little Bytes

Quote: “Human-induced climate change is causing dangerous and widespread disruption in nature and affecting the lives of billions of people around the world, despite efforts to reduce the risks.” IPCC, in their February 2022 assessment of the impact of rising global temperatures.

Stat: 68% of US execs admit their companies are guilty of greenwashing.

Watch: Afghan mobile library brings joy to children in Kabul.

🗞 In other news...
  • The Science-Based Targets initiative (SBTi) is developing a new Net-Zero Standard for the finance sector. This standard will be introduced in early 2023.

  • The EU Council agreed on a set of standards to ensure the quality of European Green Bonds. This will help finance climate-mitigation investments and enable the EU to progress towards its climate goals.

  • Australian scientists to fit Tesla with printed solar panels in a 15,000-kilometer test ride to get the public thinking about ways they can help avert climate change.

  • AgriTech platform,, is partnering with Google to identify scalable and cost-effective ways to measure soil quality across farms in India.

💰 The Deal Room
  • California-based cultivated meat company Upside Foods has announced $400 million in  Series C funding

  • GokinSolar whose ambition is to become a topnotch player globally in the photovoltaic silicon wafer industry raised USD 250 Mn in Series A Round

  • Paris-based Greenly raises €21.27M in Series A funding to help companies with their carbon management

  • Berlin-based climate tech startup Vaayu has raised $11.5 million in seed funding for its carbon-tracking software aimed at helping the retail sector reduce its carbon footprint.

  • San Fran based Glacier raised $4.5M in seed funding for its recycling robotics
🎣 Gone Phishing

3 of these stories are true, 1 is not, can you guess which...

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