[ DuckDuckGo Privacy Weekly ] For Apr 28, 2022

DuckDuckGo Privacy Weekly
  • ICYMI: Our Apps and Extensions Now Protect Against Google AMP Tracking [theverge.com]
    When you load or share a Google AMP page anywhere from DuckDuckGo apps (iOS/Android/Mac) or extensions (Firefox/Chrome), the original publisher's webpage will be used in place of the Google AMP version. AMP technology is bad for privacy because it enables Google to track users even more (which is already a ton). And, Google uses AMP to further entrench its monopoly, forcing the technology on publishers by prioritizing AMP links in search and favoring Google ads on AMP pages.
  • Video Doorbell Cameras Record Audio, Too [consumerreports.org]
    Consumer Reports tested video doorbells and found that some can record clear conversations from 20 to 25 feet away. Use a video doorbell? Yael Grauer shares tips on how to preserve your privacy.
  • Don't Want Your Phone Carrier Tracking Your Personal Data? You Can Tell It to Stop [cnet.com]
    "Phone carriers like AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon track various information, including location, web activity, app usage, and in some cases, your credit." Zachary McAuliffe shares steps to stop your phone carrier from tracking your personal data.

And finally…

  • Have you joined the waitlist for DuckDuckGo on MacOS, now in Beta? [spreadprivacy.com]
    DuckDuckGo for Mac is in beta! A fast, everyday browser (like our mobile app) that protects your privacy by default with private search, tracker blocking, HTTPS upgrading, our fire button, plus new features like automatic cookie pop-up management and more.

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