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In two weeks, Covid cases in Riverside County, California, rose 76%, most likely thanks to an influx of thousands of people who gathered for Coachella, reports NBC News. Although the music event took place outdoors, there were no vaccine or other Covid-prevening requirements, and the close proximity involved in music events probably helped the virus spread. This is likely to be the first of several summertime events that cause similar Covid outbreaks, particularly as new omicron subvariants continue to spread into the population, both indoors and outdoors. 

"We've looked at outdoor events in the past as being a little bit more protective than indoor events when it comes to the transmission of Covid-19, but I think that omicron really changed that calculation," Cindy Prins, an epidemiologist at the University of Florida told NBC.

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Alex Knapp

Alex Knapp

Senior Editor, Healthcare & Science

Setback In Shanghai As New Covid Cases Reported Beyond Lockdown, Beijing Carries Out More Mass Testing
Setback In Shanghai As New Covid Cases Reported Beyond Lockdown, Beijing Carries Out More Mass Testing

Shanghai—which has largely remained under lockdown for more than a month—faced a setback on Monday as officials detected 58 new Covid-19 cases outside neighborhoods that are under complete lockdown, potentially delaying reopening plans while Beijing carried out another round of mass testing in the city as more infections emerge.

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Covid-19 surge this summer that could hit southern states the hardest, former Trump Administration pandemic response coordinator Dr. Deborah Birx said on Sunday.

New York City moved from a “green” Covid-19 risk level to a yellow or “medium” risk category for transmission on Monday as cases linked to the highly contagious Omicron BA.2 variant continue to rise in the city and across the country.

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