Stuck in the snow and alone, Sarah was in desperate need. Her tent and tarp was about to blow over in the freezing wind. Things were getting worse by the minute.

    But then she saw him.

He appeared from nowhere and quickly stabilized her tent and tarp, thanks to an extremely strong paracord rope he had. Shelter was secured. Shivering in the cold, Sarah was speechless. The stranger reassured her that he would start a fire. Immediately he took his paracord rope, which was wet, and cut off a small section which exposed different colors of strands inside. He pulled out the brown strand which he told her was waxed jute tinder, and lighted it up with a knife along with some twigs. Despite the branches being wet, the fire caught on quickly. Sarah was pleasantly surprised.

She told him she was trying to alert the authorities for help but her ham radio couldn't make contact. The man looked at the antenna and shook his head. He told Sarah that the antenna needs to be on higher ground to catch a signal. He went over to his paracord again, cut off a larger section, and pulled out another strand from it. He mentioned that it was a brass wire. He connected the wire to the radio and then ran the wire to the branches of the tree above the tent and secured the antenna there, high in the branches. Suddenly the ham radio crackled and a signal was heard. Sarah was astonished. She rushed over to the radio and made contact. The authorities told her that because of the extreme weather, they would not be able to reach her location for several days.

Sarah sighed, they were going to have to wait. But there was no food. The stranger climbed down from the tree and entered the tent. Sarah broke the bad news to the man but he didn't seem worried. She watched him carefully, not knowing what to expect. The man glanced around her tent and instantly knew she was hungry. He smiled, and took another strand from the paracord rope. This time it looked like a fishing line. He slipped a hook on it and said "I'll be back with some fish." Sarah laughed and asked "Who are you?" He winked and said "The name is MacGyver," and slipped out into the cold.

Table Of Contents

…..What Is Paracord?
…..The Ultimate Survivalist Tool
…..Built For Survival
…..…..The Flexibility of Paracord
…..…..The Material Of Paracord
…..…..The Strands Inside Paracord
…..Quality Is Everything
…..…..Many Paracords Are Not Military-Grade
..........The Military-Grade Real McCoys

TITAN Survival
…..The Type Of Paracords You Should Get
…..The Levels Of Paracords You Should Know
…..The Compelling Offerings Of TITAN Survival
…..…..SurvivorCord® - (Patented)
…..…..SurvivorCord® XT - (Patented)
……….Extra Thoughts
……….Don't Forget Their Other Excellent Survival Products
..........Still In Doubt? Just look At Their Raving Customer Reviews

.....Regarding Titan Survival

.....What Else? Is Your Preparation Missing Anything?
..........Get Bullet Proof Military-Grade Sunglasses
..........Get More Field-Tested Gear You Need To Survive It All
..........Get A Bunker In Case There Is A Nuclear Event

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What Is Paracord?


Are you looking to buy paracord? Or like the Dutch would say - paracord kopen. It is one of the best survival equipment you should get. Paracord, also known as parachute cord or parachute rope, was initially designed for parachute suspension lines in the military during World War II. It was designed to be lightweight, strong, durable, and have a 30% stretch to absorb the shock that occurs when a parachute canopy deploys. The thin paracord ropes were much stronger than many types of thick rope. In your search for the top survival gear, you should know that paracord is one of the cool survival gadgets and one of the best survival items you can have. It was so lightweight and useful that paratroopers kept it in their backpacks after landing, and then used it for utility cordage during their missions. It became so popular that not only the military use it, but now veterans, outdoor enthusiasts, and even NASA engineers, and astronauts do too. Paracord is one of the best survival multi tools there is and should be included in everybody's ultimate preppers list.

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The Ultimate Survivalist Tool

Today in a critical situation, it can save your life. The multiple applications with paracord makes it an asset you should never leave home without, especially in a survival situation. It is one of the best survival gear you can have and it is fit for critical doomsday gear. With the right kind of paracord you can do many things including:

  • Building shelter while camping
  • Survival gear
  • Shoe laces and belts
  • Starting a fire
  • Hiking
  • Camping
  • Securing tents and tarps
  • Fencing
  • Guy lines
  • Hunting
  • Fishing lines
  • Climbing in emergencies
  • Equipment harnessing
  • Hammock and tent suspension
  • Household repair
  • Everyday carry
  • Traveling
  • And much more!

As one of the best survival tools you can have, it is right up there with duct tape and part of the top 5 survival items you should get. Some people consider it the ultimate survivalist tool. Campers consider it one of the best camping gadgets for their trips. The best survivalists, doomsday preps, hikers, hunters, outdoor enthusiasts, and preppers all stock up in bulk paracord.

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Built For Survival

The way paracord rope was built made it into a remarkable piece of survival equipment for all situations. Use it for bushcraft, camping, survival, and in emergency situations. It will fit in your SHTF plan perfectly.

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The Flexibility of Paracord

There is a real need for that flexibility and strength. For example, when deploying a parachute, you want a line that stretches some to absorb the shock, otherwise you would get an abrupt jolt when the chute opens. Same thing with climbing ropes. You wouldn’t want to fall and possibly have the rope instantly snap. No, you need the stretch which both cushions the fall and prevents any possibility of an accidental break. You need that elasticity and shock absorption.

But you need to remember that paracord is not really designed for climbing unless it is an emergency.

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The Material Of Paracord

Paracords are one of the most versatile ropes on the planet. The high-tech materials and construction makes it lightweight, strong, and compact. They are interwoven with either hardened nylon or polyester, which is different from normal ropes. This subtle distinction makes a world of difference under survival situations. The excellent design of a paracord allows it to be incredibly strong yet flexible for trying times.

The best paracords are made with 100% nylon. Some paracords are also made with polyester which is also very durable but nylon is superior due to the stress absorption and flexibility properties which is better suited for survival situations. Nylon has a long life span and resists mold, mildew, rot, chemicals, heat, humidity, and other severe weather conditions. It always returns to its original length after being stretched.

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The Strands Inside Paracord

With paracord rope you can actually make it longer because there are multiple strands inside. So if needed, you can pull your paracord apart, and tie the cords together as extra rope for your use.

In the core of paracords, there are typically between three to 11 core strands and one marker strand which is for identifying the cord's manufacturer, in case there is a discovered flaw in the product.

Paracords are designed to give you many options to use in unforeseen circumstances. Unlike standard nylon rope, paracord's filaments are not tied together. As a result, a single strand can be pulled out to perform a specific function like fishing or lighting a fire, like the MacGyver story above.

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Quality Is Everything

There are a lot of fake paracords out there. Nobody in their right mind would risk their life on a paracord that is prone to breaking. From a survivalist perspective, you want to stay away from cheap paracord. Look for quality. You want to be absolutely sure that your rope is not going to let you down. That is why the only real choice is to go with certified military-grade. The military knows how to take care of their soldiers who are confident that when their life is on the line, quality paracord will not let them down.

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Many Paracords Are Not Military-Grade

MIL-SPEC (which is short for “Military Specification”) is a term carelessly being tossed around by many manufacturers trying to convince the public that their products are military-grade when many are not. The term, MIL-SPEC, is not an officially recognized term by the U.S. government. It is just a marketing term. Unfortunately, there are vendors who unknowingly use that term to label their products with it, on products that are not really military-grade. And there are other vendors who are in the know but still use it anyway, on inferior products. You also might hear the term “Tactical Paracord.” Again, just a marketing term. Another term being bounced around is a term called Commercial-Spec,” another marketing term and also not military-grade. They do not meet the minimum requirements for such a level. Things like there is no minimum requirement for construction, pre-shrinkage, UV barrier, mold resistance, strength, flexibility, and the like. You need to be totally sure your paracords are rock solid and guaranteed not to let you down when the going gets tough. True military-grade is the only way to go from a survival standpoint. You need to find the REAL military-grade paracord, in other words, the real McCoys.

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The Military-Grade Real McCoys

MIL-C-5040 is the official US military term that means military-grade. That, my friend, is the real McCoy. In order to be certified military-grade MIL-C-5040, all paracords must go through exhaustive rigid testing to meet the strict military requirements. And the paracords have to be made of fibrous nylon.

MIL-STYLE is the recognized term that correctly identifies products that EXCEED the MIL-C-5040 military-grade standards. Products under this category have extra features that go beyond just meeting the military-grade certified requirements. In other words, surpassing even the real McCoy.

So those are the 2 terms you need to remember: MIL-C-5040 and MIL-STYLE. You can truly call products with these two standards as "mil-spec".

After checking where to buy paracord from multiple manufacturers, there was one manufacturer that really caught our eye. Their products were extraordinary and were at MIL-STYLE level, which exceeded MIL-C-5040 military-grade certification. And they had rock solid strength. The manufacturer was trusted and used by outdoor enthusiasts, veterans, active military, special forces, and even U.S. Embassies, all around the world. The company's name was TITAN Survival.

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TITAN Survival

The founder and CEO, Jarod, was military himself. He got tired of the BS when buying sub-standard and inconsistent paracord claiming to be “mil-spec” and pretending to be military-grade. So he started his own company with the goal of manufacturing his own authentic paracord that would be truly certified military-grade for the more discriminating client - where strength, durability, and reliability are a critical requirement. Among the best camping gear websites and considered one of the best camping brands, TITAN Survival stands tall. It has several of the best camping multi tools you can find. It is one of the best outdoor brands there is and its products are purchased by more than 40,000 people worldwide. And as far as paracords, there simply isn't a more trusted paracord manufacturer anywhere. That is the brand you should remember.

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The Type Of Paracords You Should Get

There are different levels of military-grade, each level is guaranteed and certified to meet the stated workload. For survival and outdoor usages, you want at least a paracord type of III (550 lbs). Military-grade 550 lbs paracord was the type used in the war and goes through 14 rigorous scientific tests in order to be certified. 550 paracord must have between 7 and 9 nylon strands in its core, and either 32 or 36 nylon strands in its mantle. It is heavily used by NASA, military, law enforcement, and emergency response personnel.

You can also opt for a paracord type of IV (750 lbs) which is even stronger with 11 inner nylon core strands, and either 32, 36, or 41 nylon strands in the sheath. Of course, paracord has to be thicker to handle greater workloads. You can see all the military levels in the below matrix, along with TITAN's two excellent proprietary products that are patented, SurvivorCord® and SurvivorCord® XT.

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The Levels Of Paracords You Should Know













- 95 lbs (43 kg)





- 100 lbs (45 kg)





- 400 lbs (181 kg)


4 - 7

32 or 36


- 225 lbs (102 kg)



32 or 36


- 550 lbs (249 kg)


7 - 9

32 or 36


- 750 lbs (340 kg)



32, 36, 44


- 620 lbs (281 kg)




SurvivorCord XT

- 1,026 lbs (465 kg)




Compliments of TITAN Survival


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The Compelling Offerings Of TITAN Survival

What makes TITAN unique among paracord manufacturers is their proprietary and patented SurvivorCord® and SurvivorCord® XT products, which have three extra survival strands inside them, critical assets that are much more useful than standard paracord and can save your life in a survival situation. These two products are the very best survival paracords you can buy. You get so much value out of them for the money.

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SurvivorCord® - (Patented)

SurvivorCord® is patented and is the original survival cord that takes the normal military-grade 550 lbs paracord and kicks it up a notch by increasing the tensile strength to 620 lbs. It is MIL-STYLE level, exceeding MIL-C-5040 military-grade certification. It has roughly 7 core strands in the middle plus an extra 3 extra potentially lifesaving survival strands, for a total of 10 strands in the core.

  • 25 lbs Mono-Filament Fishing Line
  • 30 AWG Brass Multi-Purpose Utility Wire
  • Proprietary Waterproof Waxed Jute Tinder

By this time, you probably are wondering about the story of MacGyver at the start of this article, and what paracord he was using. He was using TITAN Survival's proprietary and patented SurvivorCord®, which had the 3 above special strands inside its core.

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SurvivorCord® XT - (Patented)

SurvivorCord® XT is patented and is the high-end version of their original survival cord and takes the normal military-grade 750 lbs paracord and bumps up the tensile strength to 1,026 lbs. And of course, it is also MIL-STYLE level, exceeding MIL-C-5040 military-grade certification. It has 11 core strands in the middle plus 3 extra potentially lifesaving survival strands, for a total of 14 strands in the core.

  • 25 lbs Braided Fishing Line
  • 110 lbs Multi-Purpose Kevlar Strand
  • Proprietary Waterproof Waxed Jute Tinder

Regarding the normal core strands in both SurvivorCord® and SurvivorCord® XT, they can be used for everything from sewing up clothes to tying small pieces of equipment together. There are many more paracord uses that can benefit you greatly.

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Extra Thoughts

Those extra survival strands are really special. Simply place a hook on the fishing line and you are set to catch some needed protein from the waters. The waterproof waxed jute tinder performs extremely well even under wet conditions. It catches fire very easily and because of the wax, it acts a little like a candle and stays lit up longer than what normal tinder would be. You can use as little as 2 inches of this to start a small fire. The brass wire is an extremely handy tool that can be used on many things including electrical applications. The kevlar utility strand is thin but is extremely strong. Alone, it can hold up to 110 lbs. You can easily carry a rock filled bucket weighing 60 lbs or more with it. Even yanking the bucket wouldn't break it. Incredible strength for such a thin strand. This stuff is so useful. Practical preppers would love it. Every survivalist should seriously consider adding TITAN Survival's paracords to their preppers list of supplies. You won't find these anywhere else because they are proprietary and patented.

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Don't Forget Their Other Excellent Survival Products

TITAN Survival also sells a range of other survival products including:

Looking for the best survival lighter? Look no further, they have two of the best lighters we have seen.

All of their products come with a lifetime guarantee. Also they offer FREE shipping on all US orders. If you are unsatisfied in any way, they will completely give you a full refund on your purchase. But you won't be disappointed, trust us.

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Still In Doubt? Just look At Their Raving Customer Reviews

The customer satisfaction is off the charts. Everybody is talking about great products, great customer service, and the like. Check out the awesome reviews.

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Regarding Titan Survival

From Green Berets, to Marine snipers, and survival experts ...if they trust TITAN Survival with their lives, you know you can too.

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What Else? Is Your Preparation Missing Anything?

Check out below additional things you might need.

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P.S.- Do you have a gun? How about checking out our other article on how military-grade sunglasses can protect your eyes from even bullets. Check out the below article.

Military Grade Sunglasses, the 10 Best & Most Durable 2021

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If there is an extinction event upon us, where are you going to go? Get a bunker. See below from Vivos.

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