Cops Didn’t Stop the Uvalde School Shooting

And they won’t stop the next.


Cops Didn’t Stop the Uvalde School Shooting

Akela Lacy

And they won’t stop the next.



Carolyn Bourdeaux’s Primary Loss Breaks Off a Third Member of the Gottheimer Gang

Ryan Grim

The so-called Unbreakable Nine gained notoriety for dooming Biden’s agenda in the House. Now Democratic voters are picking them off.



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White Supremacy and the Second Amendment

Jeremy Scahill

Gun rights in this country were forged on the idea that white people had the right to take Native people’s land by the barrel of the gun, Jeremy Scahill shows in this video from 2018.



USDA Whistleblower Reveals Fraudulent Wolf Kills

Spencer Roberts

A recovery program for endangered Mexican gray wolves is being “sabotaged” by ranchers who claim the canines are killing cattle — and the federal employees who sign off on reports.



A Carbon Dioxide Delivery Driver’s Long Journey to Expose Airgas

David Dayen

Whistleblower Cyrus Coron says the company put his safety — and integrity — at risk.



Life in America’s Culture of Ultraviolence

Jon Schwarz

“I hated having the power to kill someone,” my father once told me about carrying a gun. But many, many Americans seem to love it.



Abortion Opponent Henry Cuellar Was Buoyed by Democratic Leaders to a Narrow Lead in Texas Runoff

Akela Lacy

The Texas Democrat was neck and neck with challenger Jessica Cisneros Tuesday night, thanks to support from Democratic leaders and millions in outside spending.



Sen. Chris Murphy: Billions in Gun Violence Intervention Could Pass the Senate Under Reconciliation

Ryan Grim

“Reconciliation clearly can be used for anti-gun violence programming,” Murphy said. “And Senator Manchin … cares deeply about the issue of gun violence.”



International Political Actors Condemn Mounting Violence in Colombia’s Presidential Election

Sara Sirota

Gustavo Petro and Francia Márquez Mina’s left-wing ticket could upend Colombia’s conservative status quo. But both leaders face repeated death threats.



Big Fossil’s Disaster Capitalist Response to Russia-Ukraine

Amy Westervelt

The industry moved quickly to capture the narrative, going from disinformation blitz to policy wins within a matter of weeks.



Silicon Valley Billionaire Storms Into Texas to Bail Out Abortion Foe Henry Cuellar

Ryan Grim

The Mainstream Democrats PAC, founded by LinkedIn’s Reid Hoffman, has gone all in to protect the Texas Democrat in his runoff against Jessica Cisneros.



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