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Kyrsten Sinema’s betrayal of democracy

We're exposing Kyrsten Sinema's corruption. Will you make a contribution to fund our investigative journalism to expose big money in politics? When Big Pharma set out to kill President Joe
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Starving Afghans Use Crypto to Sidestep U.S. Sanctions, Failing Banks, and the Taliban

NGOs looking to provide emergency aid to Afghanistan despite failing banks and US sanctions are turning to cryptocurrency. MOST READ Congressional Democrats Join Republicans to Undermine Biden
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There is no more important story in U.S. politics today

Republicans are readying an even more extreme series of attacks on voting rights during this year's state legislative sessions. We're writing to you today to ask for your support in our efforts
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Former Ambassador to Haiti Said of President: “Put Him Aside”

Four months later, Jovenel Moïse was assassinated and replaced with a US-backed prime minister, fueling suspicion of American involvement. MOST READ I Spent 20 Years Covering America's Secretive
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Minnesota Rep. Betty McCollum Is Facing a Serious Primary Challenge From the Left

Rep. Ilhan Omar says Amane Badhasso, who just raised $300000, “truly is one of the most impressive people I have ever met.” MOST READ The Bronx Fire Was Not Only a Tragedy, but Also a Housing Injustice
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Judge Rules Against Pipeline Company Trying to Keep “Counterinsurgency” Records Secret

In a legal fight over public records, press advocates say that Dakota Access pipeline company Energy Transfer engaged in “abusive litigation tactics.” MOST READ Judge Rules Against Pipeline Company
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Capitol Rioter Admits False Statements to FBI, but Prosecutors Haven’t Charged Him With a Felony

The Justice Department frequently charges Muslims with felonies for making false statements to federal agents. MOST READ Despite Omicron Risk, TSA Still Requires Travelers to Remove Masks at Airport
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Arizona Urges the Supreme Court to Send Barry Jones Back to Death Row

The case has far-reaching implications: Should new evidence be ignored by the federal courts even when it exposes a wrongful conviction? MOST READ “Innocence Isn't Enough”: Arizona Urges the
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The dark underbelly of militarism, surveillance, and repression

You won't read about these stories anywhere else. That's why I'm asking for your $5 donation to The Intercept Don't let anyone tell you that Congress is hopelessly gridlocked: A huge
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All donations matched. Will you donate $5?

Every year-end donation will be matched 100 percent, but if we're going to make it, we're counting on readers like you to chip in whatever you can. Let's keep this short and sweet. We have
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We’re so close. Will you donate $5?

We have less than 24 hours left to reach our year-end fundraising goal of $700000. Today is New Year's Eve. We're almost out of time to reach our year-end fundraising goal of $700000. It's
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A billionaire mercenary using the legal system to try to silence our journalism

Erik Prince's lawsuit against The Intercept is aimed at intimidating us. We stand by our reporting, and we're fighting back in court. Let's be clear: Erik Prince's lawsuit against The
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Your $5 donation to The Intercept, matched

As the crisis grows, people in power will pull out all the stops to redirect the brewing discontent. In 2022, our need to unmask the lies and distractions will be more pressing than ever before. How
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I wish we had good news

There's never been a more urgent need for in-depth investigative journalism, and if you donate today, your donation will be matched 100 percent. I wish I could tell you that American democracy was
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If you donate $5 right now, we’ll stop sending these emails and get back to our journalism

We don't love filling up your inbox, but The Intercept's journalism really does depend on your support. Here's my humble request: If you donate today, we'll stop sending you these
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The 10 Worst Americans of 2021

At Christmas we traditionally reflect upon our blessings and forgive those who have trespassed against us. Let's not this year. MOST READ How the Pursuit of Unknown Viruses Risks Triggering the
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Erik Prince is suing The Intercept

Blackwater's founder is using the legal system to try to silence the free press and keep his activities out of the public eye. Did you see this message? I've spent years reporting on Erik
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Trumpists seize Congress — through elections

Democrats could be looking at a decade or more in the wilderness. And with Donald Trump playing kingmaker in GOP primaries, we'll see a flood of wingnut nominees who make Georgia Rep. Marjorie
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We’re being sued by mercenary billionaire Erik Prince

Blackwater's founder is using the legal system to try to silence the free press and keep his activities out of the public eye. Erik Prince, the billionaire mercenary who founded the private
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Joe Manchin for President

Lyndon B. Johnson, a giant of American politics, recognized a political opportunity and reoriented. Manchin would rather be the man riding the bomb to the ground. MOST READ America's Frontline