☀️ YC's First IRL Event - Meet Brex, Pave, Pulley and more

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☀️ YC Jobs IRL: Meet Brex, Pave, Pulley & more @ Park Lab Gardens (SF) on 6/16, 4PM
San Francisco is starting to warm up, and YC is looking to host our first in-person event (safely) in the Dogpatch. Grab a bite (on us), meet YC founders and find out about new startups hiring in the Bay Area.

Apply to join us, and come with an appetite and an interest in startups.


📺 Setbacks And The Startup Gut Punch
Dalton and Michael discuss the many setbacks startup founders can face over the lifetime of starting and running a business, and the best approaches to managing them. They touch on the setback cycle, how to roll with the punches with investors and fundraising, the reality of survivorship bias, and more.


🚀 The Launchpad

The latest YC company launches
Makati, Philippines
Courier aggregator for ecommerce channels

Austin, Texas
Group rideshare platform
Ultimate Tournament
Wilmington, Delaware
Skill-based online arcade where you play and compete for real money

San Francisco, California
Next-gen OKR & Performance Management tool for hyper-growth startups
Los Angeles, California
A wallet that makes crypto effortless

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Growth funding for online businesses in the Middle East
Galway, Ireland
Develops peptide gel based biotherapeutics for painful disorders

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Meaningful spending insights with auto-investing for MENA
🔥 Top Posts on Hacker News

💼 Jobs at YC Startups

Browse more open roles at workatastartup.com
Ledger Investing (YC W17)
Marketplace for insurance securitization
HiringSoftware Engineers
Remote • $120k - $250k • 0.00% - 0.10%
DirectShifts (YC S19)
Helping healthcare workers find their next career opportunity
Hiring: Full Stack Engineer
Remote • 1+ years
Queenly (YC W21)
Leading marketplace for formalwear
Hiring: Head of Operations
San Francisco • $80k - $100k • 0.25% - 0.50%
Dashworks (YC W20)
Your team's intelligent start page
Hiring: Sr. Product Engineer
SF / Remote • 3+ years


🌎 The YC Community

Highlights from our founders

📈 The Bar

The latest raises and rounds from YC companies
Zip (YC S20)
$43M Series B • San Francisco, California
Zip lines up $43M at a $1.2B valuation for its growing ‘concierge for procurement’

Nowports (YC W19)
$150M Series C • Monterrey, Mexico
Nowports streamlines LatAm’s shipping to deliver a $1.1B valuation
Tranch (YC S22)
£3.5 Pre-Seed and Debt • London, United Kingdom
London-based BNPL startup Tranch nabs £3.5 million to bring payment flexibility to businesses

AstroForge (YC W22)
$2.5M Seed • Huntington Beach, California
Astroforge raises $13M seed round for asteroid mining ambitions
Torch (YC W18)
$40M Series C • San Francisco, California
Torch Secures $40 Million in Series C Funding to Expand People Development Product Capabilities

Jovian (YC S21)
$1.5M Seed • Bengaluru, India
Machine learning edtech startup Jovian bags $1.5 million in funding
clicOH (YC W21)
$25M Series A • Córdoba, Argentina
clicOH’s shipping technology provides Amazon-like logistics to e-commerce companies in LatAm

Actiondesk (YC S19)
$3.9M Seed • San Francisco, California
Actiondesk is a spreadsheet tool that works with live data
OlaClick (YC W21)
$4.4M Seed • São Lima, Peru
Meta and Google’s Gradient back LatAm startup OlaClick

Cabal (YC S21)
$8M Seed • San Francisco, California
This Startup Has A New App To Make Sure VCs Are Being Helpful
Luminate Medical (YC S21)
$5M Seed & Grant Funding • Galway, Ireland
Irish Startup Luminate Developing A Product That Prevents Hair Loss During Chemotherapy Raises $5 Million

Strong Compute (YC W22)
$7.8M Seed • Sydney, Australia
Strong Compute raises $7.8M seed round to speed up ML training pipelines
8vdX (YC W22)
$3M Seed • Norwalk, Connecticut
8vdX Bags Funding From Y Combinator For Its Venture Debt Marketplace For Startups

Mintlify (YC W22)
$2.8M Seed • San Francisco, Caliofrnia
Mintlify taps AI to automatically generate documentation from code
PowerUS (YC S20)
$10M Series A • Berlin, Germany
The whole team at PowerUs is extremely excited to announce our $10m Series A

HitPay (YC S21)
$15.75M Series A • Singapore
HitPay is a one-stop solution for SMEs
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