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What's Next for DeFi on the Blockchain? ⛓
Blockchain technology has created a whole new world for payments with crypto and DeFi – enabling financial inclusion, innovation and privacy for people in economies plagued with inflation.
The crash of LUNA has led to developments in the industry, such as the growth in Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs).
If you’re keen to learn more about what it means for the future of DeFi on the Blockchain, tune in to our upcoming AMA which will include speakers from Solar, Web3Auth and more.
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Latest News | This Week in Web3
What happened in AMA Culture & Community
Did you manage to join our Twitter Space AMA on Growth, Culture & Community Management with DataLake, Solar and CMGxDAO?
Our fave takeaway:
A Good CM is able to effectively communicate and alleviate concerns – despite *not* having all the answers.” 💎
If you didn’t get to join us, fret not. You can replay the recording or read our super concise summary covering these questions:
  • (1) What are some tips about building a community, to get people to come back? Any projects that inspired you?
  • (2) What is the most challenging for a Web3 Community Manager & Moderator?
  • (3) What are the key skills of a Community Manager or Brand Influencer in a Web3 company?
  • (4) What can people do to get hired as a Web3 Growth, Culture & Community Manager?
✨ Latest Jobs
Sazmining is hiring a React / Node Full Stack Engineer
CoinPoker is hiring a Senior Smart Contract Dev
Smashverse is hiring a GameFi/P2E Marketing & Growth Lead
Chainflip Labs GmbH is hiring a Quantitative Trader/MEV Seeker
Yield App is hiring a Senior Software Developer is hiring a Project Manager
Girl with Secrets is hiring a Web Scholarship
Sekai is hiring a Writer
Alaeris is hiring a Sr. Blockchain Engineer
Kollider is hiring a Senior Frontend Engineer
Lovelace World is hiring a Rust/Solana Developer
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CryptoJobs | This Week in Web3
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