Most Elections Don’t Actually Tell Us Much of Anything About America

The message from most elections is “Americans Still Disengaged From What the Political Class Spends Its Life Yammering About.”


Will a Judge Force Cancer-Stricken Black Elder Mutulu Shakur to Die Behind Bars?

Natasha Lennard

A judge told Mutulu Shakur two years ago that his cancer wasn’t bad enough yet and to come back when he was on his deathbed. Now he is.



Newly Released Documents Reveal International Funding Trail Preceding the Murder of Berta Cáceres

Jared Olson

Dutch bank FMO released millions to build the Agua Zarca dam through an offshore account. Records show a recipient listed as one company — and the transfers landing with another.



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Despite What Pundits Claim, Most Elections Don’t Tell Us Much of Anything About America

Jon Schwarz

The message from most elections is “Americans Still Disengaged From What the Political Class Spends Its Life Yammering About.”



Rep. Cori Bush Boosts Biden’s Efforts to Fight Climate Change With Executive Authority

Austin Ahlman

Bush’s push would give the White House $100 million in clean energy funding to use through the Defense Production Act.



Pentagon Must Do More to Mitigate Civilian Harm, Says House Armed Services Committee Chair

Nick Turse

Proposed requirements are a major improvement, but experts say they still fall short.



Intel Report Warned Abraham Accords Would Fuel Violence

Ken Klippenstein

President Joe Biden is now pushing for a version of the Abraham Accords on steroids, leaving Palestinians behind.



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