Kotlin Weekly - Kotlin Weekly #312


ISSUE #312

24th of July 2022


Kotlin Developer Survey
Our colleagues at JetBrains are keeping the Kotlin Developer Survey open for one more week. If you haven't fulfilled it yet, do it! You have a real chance of providing feedback to JetBrains and influence the future of Kotlin.


Migrating to the new coroutines 1.6 test APIs
Marton Braun has written an article showcasing how we can migrate to the new coroutines 1.6 test APIs.

Creating multiplatform Conflict Free Replicated Data Types in Kotlin Multiplatform
Arjan van Wieringen has finished his blog post on creating Conflict-Free Replicated Datatypes in Kotlin Multiplatform and made a workable example in Kotlin Compose for Web.

My Experience After Using Kotlin Multiplatform in Production Apps for a Year
Harshith Shetty has published some interesting statistics after using Kotlin Multiplatform in their production apps.

Collection processing in Kotlin: Using indices
In this new excerpt from the book Functional Kotlin, learn what indices are and how to work with them.

Web Framework Benchmarks
Another round of TechEmpower Web Frameworks Benchmark was released. There are a bunch of frameworks written in or supporting Kotlin.

Switching from SpringBoot to Ktor — a first impression
Matthias Schenk wrote an article about his impression and experience using ktor for the first time, and switching to it from SpringBoot.


movableContentOf and movableContentWithReceiverOf
Jorge Castillo wrote an article on movableContentOf and movableContentWithReceiverOf, explaining the differences between them and what each of them does.


REST API With Spring WebFlux and Kotlin
Piotr from Cpdersee published a free course on how to create a REST API with Spring WebFlux, Kotlin, PostgreSQL, and Docke.


Asseert DSL is a simple lightweight DSL library for Junit 5 assertions built on top of Junit 5 and kotlin-test

Detekt release v1.21.0
Detekt has released the version v1.21.0. Check out in this announcement the full set of features and fixes coming with it.

Android multimodule dependency graph generates dependency graph for project modules in Android multimodule project.


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