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Last month I enjoyed sharing the journey I've been on with BLAG at the Typism Summit. You can catch up with this and 25 other informative and inspiring talks via the 'bundle' offer which includes a host of other goodies provided by the speakers.

This month I'll be in London, and on 24 August I'm doing a couple of Ghostsigns-related events, a walk in South London, and a walk and book signing in Stoke Newington. We'll also have an informal 'Sign Social' in the evening.

Latest Online Articles

Here are the latest articles at online. Submissions for future pieces are always welcome.

And one from the archive...

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Ask the Audience

I've received a few emails asking about the best YouTube (and Vimeo) videos for people interested in learning some basic sign painting skills.

Do you have any that you'd recommend? My idea is to collate these into a playlist and/or online article that I can point enquirers to.

(I already collect videos, mostly about sign painters and sign painting projects, on the Better Letters Vimeo.)


Please share informative and inspiring material for future issues by replying to this email, And if there are questions you'd like answered, then I'm here to help investigate.

French Inspiration; Saving Signs; Guerrilla Public Service; Dammar Embossing.

Using Masks for Glass Gilding

Chris Lovelady has produced a detailed step-by-step at SignCraft showing how he uses masks to increase the efficiency of his glass gilding work.

Dammar Embossing

The A.S. Handover blog has an ongoing series showing how specific techniques are done, including this one from Archie Salandin on the process of Dammar Embossing. (Archie's work on recreating a London ghost sign is detailed in a feature in BLAG 01.)

Guerrilla Public Service

Richard Ankrom's 'Guerrilla Public Service' project involved correcting a piece of motorway (freeway) signage, using a variety of techniques to ensure it matched the overall sign system in use.

More French Inspiration

If you were inspired by the late nineteenth century books referenced by Bruno Durand, then you'll also like this one from 1914.

Save Our Signs

If you can't make it in person to the Invisible exhibit in Lleida, then Eye Magazine has a write-up and video showing the process of rescuing Spanish shopfronts.

Colour Matching Pantone References

When we were writing the Sign Painting book, one of the things we had to edit out was a chart giving RAL equivalents to Pantone colour references, for example like this.

1 Shot has an approach using formulas to make Pantone colours from their paints, while Alpha 6 gives Pantone equivalents for each of their range.

Are there any other approaches out there that you use or would recommend?

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Ghost Sign(s) Corner

Two old painted signs on wood.
Sign painting history under threat in Chicago.

These two well-preserved Chicago ghost signs are being saved by a team of the city's sign painters. You can donate here to support their work.

The Ward's 'soft bun' bread sign bears the signature of (Jack) Briggs Outdoor Adv. Co. Briggs later founded the Beverly Sign company, one of the city's biggest and most influential sign firms. My Ghostsigns blog has a bit more the company, including sketches and gilding samples from the American Sign Museum.

PS. There's also a fundraiser underway to save the 'Roberts for Eckovision' sign in Balham, South London.

Events Roundup

Sorosis Club mural soon to be painted alongside many others at the Northwest MuralFest in The Dalles.

The Northwest MuralFest in The Dalles, Oregon, is almost here, and the organisers have started publishing some of the pieces that will be produced. This and a host of other sign painting and lettering-related events and exhibitions are listed on the online events page.

If you missed out on the 26 talks, including mine, at the Typism Summit, then they are now available within a bundle of other lettering goodies on this page.

Typology of Signs

Illustration of building and signs giving names of each type of sign
Marketing from The Curran Company in Denver. 

And, finally, thank you to Mark Oatis for sending this piece from marketing used by The Curran Company in Denver, informatively showing their various sign products.

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