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Monday, September 12, 2022

- Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) bein' weird

Is that hope we feel about the war in Ukraine? It’s been six months since Russia invaded, and the war is finally beginning to feel a little less one-sided. 

  • On Saturday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said Ukrainian forces have liberated 700 square miles since launching a counteroffensive earlier this month. Strategists claim this week that Ukrainian troops “have inflicted a major operational defeat” as they have recaptured dozens of cities, including almost all of the Kharkiv region
  • The reasons for Ukraine’s recent military success are plentiful. Western aid (let’s take a moment to pat ourselves on the back), including artillery-rocket systems and anti-radiation missiles, as well as German anti-aircraft guns, have been vital. Another key has been the strong front that Zelensky and his government have shown throughout the conflict, particularly the early decision by Zelensky and his team not to flee the country. Also, the Ukrainian army has benefitted from the decentralization of authority, as its army is willing to let lower-level commanders make decisions on the fly.
  • Ukrainians have described many instances of Russian troops running away from their posts as the counteroffensive has heated up. Zelensky said in a speech, “In the end, it is a good choice for them to run away. There is and will be no place for the occupiers in Ukraine.” It may be true, but it may just be the result of carefully planned p.r. Ukraine has banned journalists from the front lines and is only allowing heavily vetted images to be posted on social media by its soldiers.

But what will Putin do next? So far, he has refused to implement a draft or to even refer to this as a war. How do you pivot in a war that doesn’t exist?

Does this war seem to be turning? It’s hard to decipher the information from the misinformation, but it sure seems that Ukraine is getting a little closer to owning its own Ferris wheel.

Exciting News! The Wilderness is back for season 3. This time Jon Favreau talked to grassroots organizers, strategists, and voters across the country who hold the future of democracy in their hands. Throughout the season Jon digs deeper into what it will take for Democrats to reach these voters in battleground regions for the midterms, who turned out to help last election, but aren’t sure if they’ll do it again.

The first episode of The Wilderness is out NOW! Listen on Amazon Music, or wherever you get your podcasts


Former president and current golfer Donald Trump felt compelled to fly to Washington, DC, on Sunday for unexplained reasons—but everyone has a theory. Was it related to his legal woes, or did he just want to play on a different golf course? He ain’t saying, but we do know that it rained in DC on Sunday and Monday and golf would have been difficult. That, coupled with Trump not being invited to the Queen’s funeral (even after simping hard for her on Truth Social), has made a terrible time for Trump that much worse.

Unsurprisingly, Trump is fighting his legal battles with every tactic his big, beautiful brain can think of, including opposing the DOJ’s bid to resume investigating those classified files he’d been using as closet insulation. Trump and his lawyers claim that since the DOJ is appealing the appointment of a special master to review the seized documents, they can’t be allowed to move forward to what he refers to as a “preordained conclusion.” Trump’s team and the DOJ have each submitted two candidates for special master and Trump’s team has, wow, who’d’ve guessed, opposed both of the DOJ’s picks. They claim their reasons are specific but refuse to elaborate, and will until someone makes them. But wait, did the documents really become declassified the day he stole them? Does Trump now have the magical power of declassification? His lawyers are offering only that “the government has not proven these records remain classified.” Trump’s lawyers also hinted that they are preparing for a jury trial. No word yet on where in hell they are gonna get 12 people who have not yet made up their minds about the Donald.


Sorry, Yalies, Princeton wins again! The latest National University Rankings from U.S. News & World Report have dropped, and there are many familiar names. Princeton slides in at #1. M.I.T. gets the silver, followed by Harvard, Yale, and Stanford in a three-way tie. The annual rankings weigh factors including graduation rates, social mobility, financial resources per student, and faculty resources. Also considered is graduate indebtedness, a category of note to any high-school seniors gaping at the $60,000—or higher—price tags at the top schools. But it’s a small price to pay for our future presidents to get blackout drunk after rowing practice. However, Education Secretary Miguel Cardona threw shade on the rankings, calling “any system of ranking colleges that values wealth, reputation, and exclusivity more than economic mobility and return on investment…‘a joke.’” U.S. News’s methods and underlying data have recently been called into question, especially since it 86ed Columbia University from the rankings over suspect information. Columbia has since admitted to relying on “outdated and/or incorrect methodologies” when supplying U.S. News & World Report with its 2021 data. For those of you who didn’t go to Columbia, that means they were lying.

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Cautious optimism on the climate crisis? The planet gets some help from new legislation, advancements in renewable energy, and rich people finally getting involved.

Joe Biden's once-atrocious approval rating among young voters has increased since he became Dark Brandon.

Doctor gets stuck in traffic so he ditches his car and runs three kilometers to the hospital to perform crucial surgery. I hope they let him catch his breath before performing the surgery.

Child Poverty down 59 percent since 1993, thanks to an expanded safety net

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