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Today's hack
70% conversion rate (B2B case study)

Segment had a huge problem. Their software was hard to install.
They analyzed their data and found something interesting.
After signing up, people from big corporations like Nike, etc. just quit, they didn't install anything.
Segment was converting 0% of the most valuable clients.

One trick helped them to achieve 70% conversion rate for one section of those people.

Here's what they did:

1. Right after signing up they asked, “Would you like help getting started?” Yes or no?

2. When they press “yes,” there was a screen that said, “Thank you, we’re going to reach out to you.”

Result: The people who selected “Yes, I want help” converted at a 70% rate.

What does that mean?
The more people you convert into “Yes, I want help” the more customers you'll have.

How to achieve that?
1. What if they provided personal help right in the app right after someone answers, “Yes, I want help?”
2. What if, for people from big corporations, they provided personal help by default right after signing up right inside the app without any additional questions?


Charlie Patel ;)

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