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BDD β€” How it can go wrong

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ISSUE 137  September 18th 2022




Welcome to the 137th issue!

Today, I have something special to share with you.

I was featured as one of the #IconsOfQuality by BrowserStack!

For this occasion, I shared some advice for testers who are at the beginning of their journey.

You can read more about it here.

Thanks, BrowserStack, for this opportunity and congrats to everyone else who got featured.

Happy testing! πŸ™‚

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A Direction Sign for Beginners and Everyone to Start and Grow in Software Testing

If you're new to software testing and you wonder what it's all about and how to get started, have a look at Ravisuriya Eshwara's comprehensive overview.

However, you may also want to know that Not Everyone Can Test, as Rahul Parwal explains.  Permalink


BDD β€” How it can go wrong

Behaviour-Driven Development is a popular practice among testers. But it's often misused. Markella Efthymiou describes a few antipatterns to avoid.  Permalink


Do you see yourself sticking with QA or pivoting to something else?

Some of you may wonder whether you should continue your career in testing or move to another role. Well, here are some opinions from the Reddit community. Also, the discussion continues in this thread.  Permalink


Not another theoretical quality assistance article, please!

Do you know what Quality Assistance is and what role software testers play in it? Jean-Christophe Jamet wrote a great overview with examples.  Permalink


Testability: More About it from the Programming Literature

In order to understand testability, Ravisuriya Eshwara looked into various sources. Here's a very interesting recap of what he found out.  Permalink


Testing Finance Platform At Scale With Shadow Testing

Have you heard of the shadow testing technique? Panik Tesniyom describes in detail how they used it to complement their regular regression testing for complex financial systems.

Furthermore, you might be interested in learning from Matias Diego about A/B Testing: What it is and how it can help your QA team.  Permalink




Handling of Javascript Async code in Test Automation

JavaScript has become a popular choice for many test automation frameworks. Sanjeev Kumar explains how to work with the await/async code in automation using Cypress as an example.  Permalink


Key things you should remember in design of the Rest API Automation tests solution

Kostiantyn Teltov shows how to set up a test automation framework for API testing from scratch. It's full of code examples and practical advice.

Furthermore, Mohammad Faisal Khatri wrote a decent article explaining the Builder Pattern in test automation that may come in handy.  Permalink


My first code review… how did it go?

Code reviews are not only helpful in finding issues but also a great opportunity to learn new things. Here's Maciej Rojek's impression after his first review.

You might also want to listen to Ryan Craven's advice on starting with Test Automation β€” A marathon, not a sprint.  Permalink


Ultimate List of Programming Projects for Testers to Include in Their Repo

This is a great guide by Hales Rymel that includes lots of helpful resources, tools and pieces of advice on the most common types of testing that you may want to explore.

Note: If you can't access the full article, simply open it in a private tab.  Permalink


Visual regression testing 101

Visual testing is a useful technique used for spotting UI regressions. Dimitri Ivashchuk gives a good introduction by explaining the basics and the potential use cases.  Permalink




API Testing with PactumJS

Mohd Jeeshan shows a lot of code examples of using the open-source tool PactumJS for API testing across all levels of the test pyramid.  Permalink


Hidden Gems of Playwright

Do you think you know Playwright well? Andrey Enin may surprise you with some of these less-know, helpful features.  Permalink


What to consider when choosing an automation tool?

Sajitha Pathirana gives some good advice on what to look at when analysing the next tool for automation.

Note: If you can't access the full article, simply open it in a private tab.  Permalink




List of books I would recommend software testers read

The book author herself, Nicola Lindgren, recommends several books that helped her software testing career.  Permalink




Smoke Tests and Mirrors β€” The Magic in Test Automation

Benjamin Bischoff recorded an interesting 48-min presentation on the principles of test automation referring to magic tricks.  Permalink




Just a smoke test... πŸ˜‚



Thanks for reading!

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