Tesla race to finish robot 🤖, the rise of Stable Diffusion 👨‍💻, Nvidia next-gen GPUs 💻

Tesla has set the Optimus humanoid robot project as a priority. 

Daily Update 2022-09-21

How Notion, Lemonade, and BambooHR simplified their security and compliance (Sponsor)

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“Our team spent between 500-600 hours preparing for an SOC 2 audit. That’s a lot of time taken away from delivering product. I expect Drata will reduce this by 60-80%. It’s liberating.” - Jonathan Jaffe, CISO, Lemonade

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Big Tech & Startups

Nvidia GTC 2022: RTX 4090, DLSS 3, and everything else announced (6 minute read)

Nvidia made announcements about new products in the world of robotics, self-driving cars, and gaming and advancements in the fields of medicine and science at its recent GPU Technology Conference. This article looks at the major announcements in detail. It includes tech specs for the new RTX 40-series cards, which will be available in October.
Tesla is borrowing Autopilot team for Optimus humanoid robot project (2 minute read)

Tesla has set the Optimus humanoid robot project as a priority. The company has assigned the Autopilot team to the Tesla Bot project, despite missing several timelines for delivering Full Self-Driving. Some customers have filed a class action lawsuit against Tesla over its claims about Autopilot and FSD. Tesla is expected to unveil its first working prototype of the Optimus robot at the company's AI Day 2 event at the end of this month.

Science & Futuristic Technology

Disentangling the Facts From the Hype of Quantum Computing (4 minute read)

The field of quantum computing has seen a lot of hype over the last few years. Companies have started to shift their timelines back, and the industry may be moving into a phase of the hype cycle called the 'trough of disillusionment'. Humans are still a long way from achieving quantum practicality, but progress towards that goal is accelerating. The industry needs to continue its evolution of qubit counts and quality improvements. It will likely be over a decade before anything of compelling value will be realized.
Stable Diffusion is only 30 days old (7 minute read)

Stable Diffusion has only been out for around a month, but there have already been many applications created with it. This Twitter thread presents a huge list of applications built with Stable Diffusion. It includes many image and video demonstrations of the technology.

Programming, Design & Data Science

Stable Diffusion is now available as a Keras implementation (2 minute read)

Stable Diffusion is now available as a Keras implementation. The implementation is fast and it works on M1 MacBook Pro GPUs. It can do TPU and multi-GPU inference out of the box. The implementation can be used to create AI art apps that run on devices.
Jett (GitHub Repo)

Jett is a lightweight micro-framework for building Go HTTP services. It enables subrouting and the flexible addition of middleware at any level. Jett comes packaged with middleware and a development server equipped for graceful shutdown.
AI-based UI testing improves stability and eliminates false test failures (Sponsor)

How can AI improve your testing? Developers use Testim so they can spend less time creating, editing, and updating UI tests - and more time innovating in their apps. It’s flexible, it’s scalable, and it’s used by the best engineering teams (Microsoft, JFrog, and NetApp to name a few).

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YouTube’s ‘dislike’ and ‘not interested’ buttons barely work, study finds (3 minute read)

Mozilla researchers have found that YouTube's 'not interested', 'dislike', 'stop recommending channel', and 'remove from watch history' buttons are largely ineffective at preventing similar content from being recommended. The 'stop recommending channel' button was found to be the most effective. A YouTube spokesperson has confirmed the behavior was intentional as the platform doesn't try to block all content related to a topic, opinion, or speaker. They criticized the study, saying that it didn't take into account how YouTube's systems work.
The Asymmetry of Open Source (26 minute read)

Volunteer open source development has given us the majority of all open source projects. Open source work is generally funded through companies or through the project itself. Developers with incomes reliant on their open source projects have more pressures to survive and will have different priorities to serendipitous open sourcers. This article discusses how reliant developers source income for their projects and where money comes from when software is free.

Quick Links

Jetpack Pilot Leaps Incredible Gaps Between Platforms, Like Mario (2 minute read)

This article links to a video of Gravity Industries founder Richard Browning demonstrating his jetpack at this year's International Technology Show in Chicago.
Wasmtime Reaches 1.0: Fast, Safe, and Production Ready! (10 minute read)

Wasmtime is a standalone WebAssembly runtime that can be used for microservices and serverless platforms, plugin systems, databases, portable clients, and more.
Generative AI: A Creative New World (6 minute read)

Generative AI is on the way to becoming better than humans at creating some things.
China Shares Plans for Space Tourism Trips From 2025 (2 minute read)

China could start commercial space tourism rocket launches by 2025.
Slack’s new Canvas feature puts a document editor in your chat window (4 minute read)

Canvas creates documents that are part low-code website with all the features inside Slack.
There is no “software supply chain” (3 minute read)

Many people develop and maintain software as a hobby, and they should be able to make their own decisions about how their projects are developed.

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