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The stethoscope was invented in 1816 by French physician René-Théophile-Hyacinthe Laennec and motivated by a desire to accurately (and modestly) diagnose heart problems in women. The stethoscope transmitted sound to the doctor’s ear more effectively than by putting an ear against the chest and allowed the doctor to listen without touching his ear to the woman’s body.

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September 24, 2022

Did You Know?

The stethoscope was invented in 1816 by French physician René-Théophile-Hyacinthe Laennec and motivated by a desire to accurately (and modestly) diagnose heart problems in women. The stethoscope transmitted sound to the doctor’s ear more effectively than by putting an ear against the chest and allowed the doctor to listen without touching his ear to the woman’s body.

TODAY'S TOP STORY The Best Laptops of 2022

Phones and tablets are great, but laptops are the original portable computers. A laptop can serve you well at a desk, too, transforming into a desktop PC when you dock it with an external monitor and peripherals. Here are the best laptops you can buy right now. Read More »

What Is a Controller Dead Zone, and Should You Change It?

When browsing through your controller settings, you may have seen a setting where you can adjust the “dead zone” of the controller. Dead zone adjustment can be crucial to getting the best experience using a controller if you know what it does. Read More »

STUFF WE LIKE Release Some Neck Tension With the DaVinci Tool
Release Some Neck Tension With the DaVinci Tool
Body Back

Long days sitting at a computer, whether at the office or at home, is bound to make your neck and shoulders tense. You don’t need a full massage to relieve some of that neck tension; instead, you can use the DaVinci Tool.

All you need to do with this simple bit of plastic is place it on the ground and lay on it. The tool focuses on pressure points to help relieve neck tension. It’s that simple!

What Is the iPhone 14’s Photonic Engine?

Apple debuted with the iPhone 14 an impressive-sounding new photography feature called Photonic Engine. Here’s what it does and how it’ll impact your iPhone experience. Read More »

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT The Smart Display We Love Is 45% Off Through Sunday

Crutchfield’s big Summer Clearance Sale is almost over, but there’s still a bit of time to save. Through this Sunday, you can get one of our favorite smart displays of the year for a really cheap price — the second generation Google Nest Hub, knocked down to just $54.99 ($45 off). Read More »

The Best Headphones of 2022

Everyone loves headphones for listening to music, movies, and phone calls. But with hundreds of options on the market, which one do you pick? Whether you need active noise cancellation (ANC), a wireless pair, or are just on a budget, we have the headphones for you. Read More »

How Safety Check on iPhone Protects People in Abusive Relationships

In a bid to combat “technology-enabled abuse, stalking or harassment,” Apple has introduced dedicated safety features for managing access to data like location and shared subscriptions. These can be of great help to those suffering abuse and who are worried their devices may be used against them. Read More »

How to Unsend or Edit an iMessage on iPhone, iPad and Mac

Made an iMessage gaffe? Within a short window of time, you can unsend or edit messages sent to other Apple users from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. It’s virtually the same process on every platform, which we’ll walk you through. Read More »

Smart Lights Are the Easiest Holiday Decorations

The changing of seasons and their accompanying holidays can put you in an endless cycle of putting up and taking down decorations. Simplify your holiday decorating with smart lights that can stay up year-long and impress your neighbors. Read More »

Microsoft 365 Fundamentals Guide Is FREE for a Limited Time ($24.99 Value)

More than one million companies worldwide rely on Microsoft 365 to help them get stuff done, and now you can master everything it has to offer. This Microsoft 365 Fundamentals Guide will teach you how to use Microsoft's most popular apps in a way that harnesses collaboration and boosts productivity for even greater results. Download your free copy now to get started. This offer ends on Thursday, September 29, 2022.

16 NASA Inventions We Use Every Day

You’d probably be shocked at just how many items we use every day started life in a NASA lab. Sometimes you’re trying to get astronauts home safely, and in the process, you invent something that belongs in every home or toolkit. Read More »

Nothing Teases Its Next Pair of Earbuds

Hardware maker Nothing has gained plenty of press attention due to its products, including a smartphone and a pair of affordable ANC earbuds, as well as CEO Carl Pei’s marketing antics. The company will launch the Ear (Stick) earbuds, and in good old Nothing fashion, it all starts with a teaser. Read More »

Google Wallet vs. Google Pay: What’s the Difference?

Google is notorious for confusingly named products, and that might be most apparent with Google Wallet and Google Pay. These two apps have taken a convoluted path to get where they are today. So which one should you be using? Read More »

Why Do Your T-Shirts Get Tiny Holes in Them?

We all love the thrill of an exciting shopping spree. But several months later, you might notice little holes appear in your shirts, and they’re all in the exact same spot! Read More »

The Best AI Image Generators You Can Use Right Now

AI image generators like DALL-E 2 and Midjourney have suddenly burst into mainstream consciousness. More of these tools seem to be popping up all the time, but they aren’t always available to the public. Here are the ones you can use right now—today. Read More »


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10 Games You Won’t Believe Your M1 or M2 Mac Can Run

Even the humble base-model M1 Macbook Air packs more punch than the previous generation of consoles, yet it may still come as a surprise to realize that the M1 and M2 Apple computers can play some intense games. Read More »




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Tom Collins »
Martinis »
Rusty Nails »
Gin and Tonic »

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