Digest #71: Saving 50GB of Disk Space with One Character 😳

#71: Saving 50GB of Disk Space with One Character

Building applications with Step Functions
In this tutorial series, you'll learn how to build a step functions workflow for a simple real-life scenario in 3 different ways: using the step functions editor in the AWS Console, using CDK or with SAM for Infrastructure as Code.
"Implement DevSecOps to secure your CI/CD pipeline" - This post will cover the standard CI/CD stages (Plan/Design, Develop, Build, Test, Deploy, Monitor and Alert) and how to secure them - Read more ยป
"Ultimate Terraform project structure" - All of the tips shared in this tutorial have been battle-tested in real-case scenarios and in production environments. With them, you will be able to tame most scenarios. Use them as an inspiration to create solutions that will suit your needs - Read more ยป
"Why developers hold the key to cloud security" - Developer-first security is the future in the cloud. Because the responsibility for cloud security rests with developers and DevOps teams, not IT security - Read more ยป
"Semantic releases with CI/CD" - Semantic-release is a versioning tool capable of computing semantic version numbers by reading commit messages. It can also generate release notes and publish packages to GitHub and NPM - Read more ยป
"EKS best practices you should know" - In this article, you'll explore some of the EKS best practices and learn how you can validate custom resources against these best practices - Read more ยป
"Securing cloud infrastructure with Teleport and AWS Identity Federation" - IT should be able to delegate access based on the principles of least privilege. In scenarios where elevated privileges are required, they should be able to provide just-in-time privilege escalation - Read more ยป
"What is a database transaction?" - A database transaction is a sequence of multiple operations performed on a database, and all served as a single logical unit of work โ€” taking place wholly or not at all - Read more ยป
Steampipe is the universal interface to APIs. Use SQL to query cloud infrastructure, SaaS, code, logs, and more. With Steampipe you can query, check and visualize cloud data - Read more ยป
HAProxy configuration and lua scripts implementing a challenge-response page where visitors solve a captcha and/or proof-of-work (cpu intensive) task. Intended to stop bots, spam, ddos, etc - Read more ยป
Aviator is a suite of tools to avoid broken builds, manage stacked PRs, simplify cumbersome merge processes and suppress flaky tests. Put your mundane, frustrating workflows on autopilot - Read more ยป
Data Version Control or DVC is a command line tool and VS Code Extension to help you develop reproducible machine learning projects - Read more ยป
"Netlify vulnerable to XSS, SSRF attacks via cache poisoning" - Read more ยป
"node_modules: How one character saved 50 GB of disk space" - Read more ยป
"Why Mercedes-Benz runs on 900 Kubernetes clusters" - Read more ยป
"Cloudflare Radar Domain Rankings (An alternative to Alexa)" - Read more ยป
The aim of the book is to fight ignorance and dramatic worldview with well-researched facts and global statistics. This book starts off with a quick 13 question quiz to test how you see the world in general. The author then proceeds to explain the world and banish misconceptions using different instincts.

If you want to understand the world or improve your rational thinking, this could be one of the books to start with.
Pinky will walk you through step-by-step how to manage Terraform resources the GitOps way, from provisioning to enforcement. Bring GitOps to infrastructure and application resources for hybrid automation, state enforcement, drift detection and more.
Software Engineer @Docker
AWS, Go, Docker

๐ŸŒŽ Remote, Europe
Senior Engineering Manager @Webflow
AWS, Kubernetes, Python

๐ŸŒŽ Remote, Americas
DevOps Engineering Manager @HackerRank
AWS, Docker, Kubernetes

๐ŸŒŽ Remote, India
Hand-picked DevOps opportunities to work from home, remotely, freelance, full-time, part-time, contract and internships - Read more ยป
Git Commit Show is the leading online tech conference where senior engineers, researchers, scientists and professors meet while being at home. It is the leading online tech conference where senior engineers, researchers, scientists and professors meet while being at home - Register now
Are you cloud native? Do you love Kubernetes? Have you gotten rid of the monolith and adopted microservices ? Is your pet dog named Helm, your pet cat Prometheus or your goldfish Envoy? If any of this applies to you, then this conference is for you! - Register now
eBPF Summit is a virtual event, targeted at DevOps, SecOps, platform architects, security engineers, and developers. Register to save the date and stay updated on event information - Register now
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