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This week's issue features a blog post announcing the release of Ignite 8.0: "Maverick" and an article about troubleshooting ProGuard issues on Android.

Be sure to check out this issue's featured Top Pick: a major update to Ignite 8.0 (code named "Maverick") has just been released! The world’s best React Native starter kit just got incredibly better, via months of active contributions! In this blog post, Infinite Red's Founder/CTO Jamon Holmgren provides an overview of its many enhancements and features.

Back in June 2022, we published a React Native Radio podcast episode all about ProGuard,  a Java byte shrinker/optimizer for your Android apps. In this issue, another Top Pick delves into how to avoid some ProGuard issues on Android that you may encounter.

I hope you enjoy this issue of the React Native Newsletter! 

Jon Major Condon
Jon Major, Editor-in-chief

This week's top picks

Troubleshooting ProGuard Issues on Android
React Native Projects in Appflow
Distribute type definitions in the 'React Native' package
Announcing Ignite 8.0: "Maverick"

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RNR 246 - Mercari: from Native to React Native in 18 months

This week: We're joined by Naoya Makino from the popular marketplace app, Mercari. He joins us to talk about what it was like to rebuild the company's native mobile app in React Native – all in 18 months!

RNR 247 - Revisiting common complaints about React Native 5 years later - Interview with Hodeem

In this episode the crew, joined by our friend Hodeem Miller, revisits some older common complaints about React Native to see if those critiques are still true today....
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