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How to position your product

You’ve put the work into understanding your customer’s problem and built a solution that addresses it. Now it’s time to make sure that they realize your product will help them solve that problem. Read through these resources to find out how to position your product so that your customers see your product as you want them to see it.

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Product positioning for Product Managers. A key responsibility for Product Managers is to define how they position their products in the market. Pricing, user experience, features, performance, branding, customer service and partnerships influence how target customers perceive the value of one product relative to alternatives in established markets. Stephen Pittman explains why an understanding of how your product positioning is critical.
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How to come up with a winning product positioning. If you don’t position your new product correctly, then consumers won’t know why they need it or what to do with it. This is exactly what makes positioning an essential part of any product. Lilit Drampian explains positioning in marketing with the help of a clear product positioning definition, why product positioning matters, the key steps of the product positioning process, and 5 product positioning strategies..
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Industry groups are pushing back against proposals to require software bill of materials and vulnerability disclosures from DHS vendors. Portions of the proposed National Defense Authorizations Act (NDAA) would require companies providing software products to the Department of Homeland Security to account for all the code that goes into their product and certify that their products are free from known defects or vulnerabilities.

Executive order giving EU citizens right to challenge U.S. surveillance underpins pending deal to allow businesses to transfer European data across the Atlantic. This is a key step to implementing the EU-U. S. data privacy framework, which clears up regulatory issues for companies transmitting data between Europe and the United States.

Meta’s flagship metaverse app is too buggy, and employees are barely using it, says the executive in charge. The executive also said that “Everyone in this organization should make it their mission to fall in love with Horizon Worlds.” This could be a sign that if the people who are working on a product don’t believe in it, it may not be a viable product.

Apple's new crash detection feature for the iPhone 14 and Apple Watch calls 911 when people ride roller coasters. This story shows why it’s important to ensure your product offers an effective solution to your customers' problems by avoiding false positives wherever possible.

How to market and position your SaaS products. Promoting SaaS products carries unique challenges. Your target buyers are extremely sophisticated professionals at the helm of major enterprises who need more time to consider an inherently complex product. Even if they have the final say over what their department purchases, long sales cycles coupled with this complexity calls for product positioning that can speak louder and clearer than the competition. Read the LAIRE Team’s recommendations for brand positioning and SaaS marketing.
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Top 5 reasons your product positioning falls on deaf ears. Think about a time when you met someone new in a social or business situation and you instantly hit it off. The reason you hit it off so quickly is that it didn’t take long to figure out you were both on the same page with whatever you were talking about. If you create your product positioning in a way that does the same thing, your marketing and sales efforts will yield noticeably better results. John Mansour describes five reasons your products aren’t instantly hitting it off with your target customers.
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Product positioning: 5 straightforward tips for improving your strategy.  At a glance, product positioning is determining how you want your product to be seen and used by your target demographics. But as Justin Fowler explains, if you want your business to be successful, you’ll need to do more than just outline a description of your product and explain how you see your target audience using it. You’ll need to conduct thorough research, think strategically, and come up with an approach that differentiates you from your competition.
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